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  1. Just remember: They likely have hundreds of games of experience with their decks too....so saddle up.
  2. em...it's alive? Finally? At least on the web page...
  3. I would like to see posts as this one removed when they are found.
  4. I just thought of something interesting - is FFG going to provide translated Archon cards when people go to "high level" events for this game? I assume as it's a unique deck game that each deck is only printed once for ALL languages not once PER language.
  5. Thanks for the ad... too bad you don't tell us what the episode is about...just looking like click bait...keep fishing.
  6. I actually overheard players talking about using a deck they had in their car at the release event... "We could go out and switch with the decks we know, they'd never know. It's not like they scanned the decks to know who has which deck." and THAT is just one reason of exactly WHY we need the app to work properly and fully
  7. This is ability damage: Valdr is not, he is adding 2 to the damage he normally does. Not apart from the damage he normally does.
  8. Bolfry

    Living Rulebook

    People have been playing since Gencon or before...just not in the mass numbers they are now....
  9. Well I'm not going hunting for all the rulings and clarifications. The tourney document states CLEARLY that in any competitive setting that the ONLY rules that matter are in the Rulebook or FAQ.... so FFG step up and update the offical sources please? Edit: And yes this is important to casual play as well. There are enough complaints here of people not having a good play experience due to imbalances and unclear interactions...not just the lack of chains. Please update the official rules/FAQ/Docs soon!
  10. From the Tourney rules: "Tournaments are played using the rules provided in the KeyForge Rulebook and most recent FAQ, both of which may be downloaded from the KeyForge website at any time. Additional rules for playing games in a tournament are detailed in this document." Who writes the rulebook and FAQ? FFG. Who is responsible to make sure we have the rules for play and tourneys? FFG. Nuf said.
  11. Seems the point of the post was missed. Comparision between kickstarter and traditional purchase was acknowledged in my post. What the post was talking about was setting proper customer expectations and controling the Hype v. Reality at release factor. Many people were sold on this game as being balanced so everyone at a local casual level could have a good play experience. Some people are having bad experiences because some they must play with locally will only acknowledge "official" adjustments to their game play. (And i doubt chains will be used in online play at all.) This balancing factor was promised as part of this game. I do not have such play issues bit would like to see this idea..which is the game..get to what we were all sold on. They have been collecting data for all this time during playtesting and pre release events. They have over 300k decks registered and could be collecting data on those. If they are not yet ready saying when they think they may might be a good idea.
  12. First off, it's not either of those. It's stating how I feel based on trending. This isn't the first game I (and I assume others here) have bought into based on sales hype that didn't get delivered as it was stated. And scaling back statements of scope before sale doesn't cut it. By scaling back before sale or at sale you have let down your consumer base. (I saw the hype but the scale back wasn't nearly as easy to find so I wasn't aware that it HAD been scaled back until a couple of weeks ago.) Better to say less and deliver more than say more and deliver less. Another recent game that comes to mind on this trend is BattleTech from Hairbrained schemes....so much was promised AND PAID FOR via kickstarted and NOT delivered. To say people are "whining for the sake of whining or just trolling" when they are justified in feeling this why is myopic and insensitive. If you bought a car brand new 2019 and it came without a radio, a/c, power steering (etc on non-essential components) that is now considered standard wouldn't you be disappointed? I think most would. (Oh and I know we didn't pay for this game before it was released. That illustration was brought up in order to show that this is not an isolated incident of building hype and then delivering less than expected.)
  13. WELL... we either follow the rules or we don't. If it's not in the FAQ or rules then frankly it shouldn't stand....otherwise we will need to take all the "clarifications" from the Facebook page too. The rules as laid out are pretty specific - it's in the rules/FAQ or it's not the rule for official events. It isn't that much harder than what has already been done to get these clarifications into what the rules say makes it official....we had an update the day after the official release so we know it can be done.
  14. Guess I'm just getting tired of companies selling me a thing that isn't done yet. I sure wouldn't buy a car that isn't fully assembled and working.
  15. Well, being a realist, it isn't until it is. This was part of what sold me on the game, I've been sold on other games that didn't deliver. No announcements about when - this should have been ready at launch, no? I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, my wallet is on hold.
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