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  1. I work there every single day, so walk through it day and night. Just keep alert and be aware of your surroundings and one should be alright.
  2. Personally, I think it's an interesting experience if you know what to expect. During the day you should be completely safe. Just don't wander there at night (even then, it's not super unsafe either) and don't wander with your iPhone or expensive stuff showing off.
  3. The Tenderloin is an area roughly north of Market Street, west of Mason Street/5th Street, East of Van Ness Ave, and south of Geary. Also avoid the 6th Street and Market to 6th and Howard area.
  4. LA is way cheaper than SF. ;-) And what is this thread? "Everyone Slam on SF"?
  5. Gamescape SF league night, at 333 Divisadero Street, is tonight from 7-10pm. Feel free to swing by to check it out and say hi! Yes, avoid Tenderloin and anything Market Street down to Howard street between 5th and 7th Streets in South of Market. Anywhere east of 5th street is pretty nice. Financial District, SOMA, Pacific Heights, Nob Hill, Lower Haight are all good areas to stay.
  6. Yeah, in my mind, I was going to do a bunch of "?" where you roll for items you get, and if you're ahead, it'll mostly be bombs, and if you're behind, it's mostly missiles/torps. I was going to modify the effects of ordnance and such so it's more about slowing people down or stunning them rather than damage. The only thing left for me to figure out is how the different ships react to these "?" items. Like beefy B-Wings with slow movement probably can shake off effects master than super fast interceptors... I think the key, based on reading your advice, is to limit players and for my version of this, limit the ships you can choose to "drive". This way I can balance out the abilities better.
  7. Very cool! I'm trying to come up with my set of rules too, so this will be super helpful! Was thinking of using ordnance as the weapons, so bombs are like banana peels and missiles like turtle shells.
  8. I want to say THANK YOU to the original poster for this well written and brave post.
  9. I don't really care about the rant between the two players, but "100% correct"? Here's the original post: At a recent store championship a player entered with only a print out of his upgrades. No actual cards. The TO allowed it, but I'm not sure he can allow it. Not 100% correct: 1. Jeff had actual cards 2. TO did NOT allow players to play without actual cards. See #1.
  10. I think this was me. For the record, I had the cards. I've never actually been asked to produce the cards -- in probably well over 100 tournament games -- but I always have them at tournaments. I always have a visual representation on my (YA)SB printout that, IMO, is actually easier to track than cards. (For example, I have a Proton Torpedo token, and Droid tokens for IA, and so on. And I always explain what they are to my opponent.) I always have the ships ID-tagged, and the number written boldly and highlighted on the printout. I bring an extra printout for my opponent to read and reference. I missed my opponent's Proton Rockets, for instance, because the cards were all in a binder sleeve. That's not at all his fault; it's mine. I'm just pointing out that I find the visual jumble of cards in a binder page to be more confusing than a (YA)SB printout ... usually. In this case, having never used Opportunist until last week, I just got it wrong. (Mea culpa, and in fairness it was because of the printout ... because of the formatting the last line of text was shockingly easy to miss.) But my opponent looked it up, and also missed it. I don't even know if the one time I did it wrong it even mattered, aside from giving me an extra stress. We caught it too late to fix, or even (in my case) to remember if it was even to my benefit, and I apologized several times and felt badly about it. Since he didn't express any of this to me, even while I was apologizing, but instead went to the TO after the fact, and then came here ... well, I have to admit that I'm kinda feeling less bad about it. (I feel worse about last week, because I believe I did it then, also.) I would never cheat at X-Wing. I just screwed up one line on one card. One more point of clarification for Jeff. The OP was NOT the player involved. He did not ask for this to be posted and it was a friend of his that heard about it and wanted to get clarification and posted here.
  11. As the TO for that said tournament, I have to step in to correct the statement and facts. 1. The player involved HAD the cards and could produce it if requested, but it was NEVER requested by the original poster to the TO during the match. 2. Cards are NECESSARY for Store championship level or higher competition, and if the player requests his/her opponent to produce it, as TO I would enforce that. As TO, I allow players to use their printed lists if both players of that match agrees to it AND that any player can challenge the other to produce and examine the cards. 3. The misinterpretation of Opportunist was completely unintentional (the player involved is very well known in the community and no one would ever accuse him of intentionally cheating on anything), and the issue at hand was that both players did not catch that the "You cannot use this ability if you have any stress tokens." because it was printed on the OTHER side of the page. It was not that the printout was inaccurate. 4. If the players demanded a way to rectify the match while it was going on, I would have asked them to try to back out the times it was used and penalized the player who unintentionally misinterpreted the rules based on when it was misused, to my best abilities, e.g. remove HP or even a ship from the board at that point. BUT this was NOT officially requested during the game nor after the match. I believe this thread has been blown out of proportion by other posters (not the original poster) with incomplete facts. I'm sorry for what happened to the original poster, and hopefully in the future players will be encouraged to challenge their opponent on components or rules immediately with the TO and ask for rectification during the match.
  12. No worries! I got to play a few times with James and the gang.
  13. Ahh, you're Rakaydos, love how crazy that list is and how well you did with it! Congrats!
  14. Does anyone know if a tournament uses FFG tournament software, what is the easiest way to export the file to upload to List Juggler?
  15. I'm also glad that the titles keep the Defenders unique and not make it "easy" to fly. They either go FAST FAST FAST or hit HARD HARD HARD. I love that part. yeah, though the level 6 pilots are still what, 1-3 points more expensive? that could affect whether you can fit 2 of them in a list or not. Plus, usually you're tempted to take an EPT (assuming they have one), making them more expensive. There's actually a place for the Onyx, which is interesting, because most of the time the mid-tier generics have no place. And yes, having a defender PS-killed by a Bandit Z95 is just ridiculous... Oh yes, Vessery needs to be protected like a treasure AND you need escorts (or other aces) that will punish the opponent for going after Vessery. X7 definitely makes him live forever, but the T/D, if flown more defensively, will just wreck house.
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