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  1. Assuming you're asking about whether or not to add the new player cards to your pool all at once or little by little, there's not really a wrong answer. Some people get overwhelmed having too many options all at once, so they like to add the packs one at a time so they have a chance to get to know what each one does before adding more in. Other people do this because it emulates how it felt to be playing the game at the time those packs first came out. I like to add the cards one full cycle at a time. The Deluxe and its associated Adventure Packs are all designed at once and then split across multiple releases, so you can think of them as a sort of "cohesive whole" that all goes together. I like doing it this way since there are often synergies across the cycle that only come to fruition by the end of the cycle, and it lets me play with the whole thing longer. Still others just toss together all of the player cards they own so that they have the maximum number of options while deckbuilding. There's not really a wrong answer here, it's going to depend on your personal play habits.
  2. Newbie help

    Lots of us old veterans played the game in the order of release, and we're all still here so you know it's a solid way to go. Things aren't always in print, though, so playing in order isn't always practical. And if you're not committed to being "all-in", then the earliest expansions aren't really representative of the best this game has to offer (don't get me wrong though, they're still good). I'm working on a blog series to investigate how the game would play if you took a non-chronological approach to things. You might find it handy: EDIT: Somehow I missed that Wandalf referenced my blog above, too. Thanks for the mention Wandalf!
  3. Digital Card Game Announced!

    The rarity thing is very confusing. Almost everyone gets the wrong idea when they see it. I think it just signifies different layers of cost, with "rarer" cards costing more Valour. I kinda hope that they change the terms before launch.
  4. FAQ 1.9 Released

    Has anyone tried making a components request for errata'd cards? Might be worth a shot. I got some misprints replaced this way once.
  5. Card boxes like arkham

    I would actually love to get boxes that hold each specific deluxe + cycle + Nightmare. Might be a good place to introduce a "campaign mode" with boons + burdens for each cycle too.
  6. Barad-dur timing

    Another instance of a card whose intent is clear, but which doesn't really jive with the rules as written.
  7. Topmost Chamber

    It may well be a passive ability that goes off as soon as its conditions are met. I don't think that generally changes the timing I laid out above though, does it?
  8. Topmost Chamber

    Okay, so let me see if I have this straight: Calculate that you have quested successfully. 1a. Forced, then Responses to questing successfully. Place progress tokens on the Active Location. Active Location leaves play, if appropriate. Place progress tokens on the Quest. Advance the quest. 5a. When revealed abilities on the next quest card. 5b. Flip the next quest card. 5c. When revealed abilities on the other side of the next quest card. Forced, then Responses to clearing the Quest. Forced, then Responses to clearing the Active Location (or it leaving play). And throughout, Passive abilities are constantly re-checking. Do I have it right? (I can't believe how complicated this is).
  9. I think the 2 from the Saga box should bring the total up to 6. Reference: Still a pretty disappointing realization, though.
  10. Oath of Eorl

    Tagalong question: do you get to attack before or after Archery damage?
  11. Nope, the alt art Heroes are only included if you get the pack at the event, not if you buy them afterwards, sadly.
  12. Topmost Chamber

    I don't see any reason not to treat the two quests the same way. Cirith Ungol isn't really broken by placing the remaining progress on the next stage, is it?
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot that some Treachery cards put Heroes into your deck sometimes.
  14. From the Core Rules: "Note that hero cards that are defeated are placed in their owner’s discard pile. When resolving effects that move cards from a player’s discard pile to his hand or deck, hero cards in the discard pile are ignored, as hero cards cannot move to a player’s hand or deck." So sadly, no.
  15. They're at 11am on Tuesdays and 4pm on Thursdays, CST. The only place I know that they have announced that is in the other Twitch streams, and probably on Twitter too.