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  1. It should be possible to win with that card pool, but as others have mentioned here these quests fall more on the difficult side of the spectrum. Be prepared to do some serious deck optimization!
  2. Oh, it's definitely on the easy side. But it's still a fun romp with some evocative mechanics in it. Might be just a personal preference but I'm always down for a game of it.
  3. I love Treachery in Rhudaur, Encounter at Amon Din, Breaking of the Fellowship, and Nightmare Into Ithilien. Wizard's Quest and Woodland Realm are both fun to replay, too, if you can get past the fact that they work a little better in competitive mode. Take heart! I have a blog series dedicated to doing exactly that in Nightmare mode; once your card pool is big enough this is no longer a pipe dream. https://darklingdoor.wordpress.com/thematic-nightmare/
  4. Do you have a decklist? We might be able to make some suggestions based on that. Pelennor Fields is definitely a tough quest, especially in solo.
  5. And my app! Video games and board games have different strengths. I have long been excited about FFG's attempts to get the best of both worlds with this hybrid model!
  6. I have been so busy lately, but I hope I can find the time to do this month's league! Mount Gram and Carn Dum with the same deck is too good of a challenge to pass up!
  7. Maybe he or his staff could have an ability that interacts with Orc Enemies? Seems a bit cheesy but I think it's mechanically interesting.
  8. FFG (or is it Asmodee? uncertain) seems to consistently underestimate demand for this particular game. I don't understand why.
  9. Oh interesting, I was looking here: http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Scenarios/The-Uruk-hai
  10. The asymmetry between "Guarded" and "Guarded (X)" drives me crazy.
  11. Lugdush and Mauhur do appear in the Nightmare version of The Uruk-hai. I remember being really happy to see them when I opened the pack! It looks like Beorn doesn't have the Nightmare version of that quest catalogued yet.
  12. I did for my blog: https://darklingdoor.wordpress.com/thematic-nightmare/ What did you want to know?
  13. You skip the whole quest phase, which includes sending characters on the quest and staging (revealing encounter cards). You still get to travel (theoretically, at least, if there were any locations in play) because that's the next phase. Bombadil's house is like the calm before the storm!
  14. Has to be Escape from Mount Gram! That's sure to be a weird one when you can't custom-build for it, right?
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