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  1. I just realized that something I have been expecting is missing: an errata to allow you to change Heroes for the Land of Shadow quests. As it stands we still have to keep the same Heroes we used during Treason of Saruman.
  2. I don't think you would wrap up V1 of your game by dropping a bombshell of an FAQ on it and then walking away. You only do something that has this much potential to be unpopular if you are planning to keep developing for it, and you felt it was necessary to keep your design space open.
  3. A cake hat! Made of cake!
  4. I was thinking something along those lines too. Did you have any particular thoughts in mind when you said this, out of curiosity? I just defeated Blood of Gondor with a Boromir deck, for instance, and I think it just got a lot harder.
  5. I think the key combo here was with Lure of Moria, which makes We Are Not Idle free resources past the third Dwarf. I agree with your statement that it loses early game utility now, though. I have to reevaluate it with the errata, but my gut tells me that it's usually going to end up on the cutting room floor. Or perhaps I'll never use it for its text except as a deck thinner. Not sure, I'll be interested to find out.
  6. Wow, this is great! A lot of these have been a long time coming. It does make my next half-written blog post somewhat awkward, but it also gives me a great topic for the next one...
  7. I'm not terribly optimistic, but I'll probably give it a shot. Modern adaptations of Tolkien tend to miss the things that I like most about his writings, while focusing on the things I'm not too keen on. But we shall see, I suppose.
  8. Just Hobbits is my preferred way to beat this quest, actually. Merry is quite capable of killing Nazgul in one round with the help of a Dagger of Westernesse and an ally or two. Plus, a little healing or another +1 defense isn't too hard to come by for Sam, depending on your card pool. Fellowship Frodo lets you use Frodo's Intuition to top it all off, giving you all the card draw you need to ensure you're able to pull it off reliably.
  9. Hobbit cloak+Sam is my favorite way to tank a Nazgul. Barliman Butterbur is great too, if you're playing all Hobbits.
  10. Y'all are making me want to bring Out of the Wild / The Door is Closed to the Attack on Dol Guldur Fellowship event.
  11. My advice: whatever deck you bring, make sure it does something to contribute towards putting progress on the quest. That doesn't mean that you have to bring a questing-focused deck, necessarily, but if there's only one deck at the table capable of holding its own during the quest phase you're not going to be able to keep up. If you're playing a combat deck, bring Legolas, Blades of Gondolin, Arod, Eowyn, or Hands Upon the Bow. If you like to play a support deck, bring Location control, Gildor's Counsel, Secret Paths, or Radagast's Cunning. Basically, think of the quest phase as being everybody's responsibility. I wrote a blog post about this quest shortly after GenCon, so if you're looking for quest spoilers and some initial impressions of the quest, you might find it interesting:
  12. Thanks for doing the stream! It was really fun to tune in throughout the day and see that you guys were still going at it. Well done, both of you. Makes me want to run some sort of marathon stream myself--although I don't know that I would have the stamina for it.
  13. DM: Roll a Perception check. Thalin's Player: [Rolls, everyone at the table groans] Oh no, a 1! DM: [A clatter of dice is heard] ... You have a backup character, right?
  14. Seems like a good start, but I see what you mean on the tri-sphere deck. Maybe it's just my love of Dunedain decks, but I'd double-down on the Dunedain archetype. Andrath Guardsman and Guardian of Arnor in particular seem missing, and I'd personally go 3-of with Heir of Valandil (because it's just so darn fun). What's interesting about this style of deckbuilding is that you end up getting pulled in so many different directions at once.
  15. The art on this one gives me the heebie jeebies: