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  1. So I'm attending GenCon for the firs time this year, and was looking to see if there was going to be an X-Wing tournament since FFG hosted one last year. I'm not seeing anything official from FFG in regards to a tournament. Does anyone know if there is going to be a tournament (FFG or otherwise) run and if so where can I find the details?
  2. Still out of stock. I'm not seeing them on the upcoming list anymore. I managed to get a handful of imperial ones from a Canadian retailer at the $10 price tag which surprised me. Unfortunately not having any such luck with scum or rebels.
  3. So from what I can tell is we are waiting on a "reprint" but they haven't been put on the reprint list yet. I could of sworn that when I looked last week, it was "updated" as being reprinted. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ Weird. They should fix that. This is one of those times where I look at FFG and wonder how they still haven't gotten their supply chain down pat yet. Ever since I started playing their games since Edge of Empire launched I've noticed they have VERY spotty launch dates and now they can't seem to keep up with demand for x-wing. There are several x-wing models awaiting reprint. I case anyone from FFG sees this, please, throw some money (or at least thought) at a better supplier. It's the Star Wars license. I think you guys can afford it. This continuing shortage of stock is simply rediculous.
  4. So I've been looking around every couple weeks online and I've noticed that major retailers (Amazon and Miniatures Market) have been out of the Manuever Dial Upgrade kits for some time. I bought several of them for my rebels and scum collection. Imperials kits were out of stock everywhere I looked when I bought the other kits, and still are unless you were willing to pay a significant mark up. Any words on when the kits will be back in stock?
  5. The app is working again. It launches similar to how the beta does (opens a new tab, then window for me in chrome). Thank you very much for the prompt response and fix! Side note: I may continue to use the beta version however. My group used the beta version and we rather enjoy the caption and fixed symbols additions. It really helps for when you have those abilities or talents that add automatic *insert symbol here*. Also the caption is going to be helpful in encounters that have several groups of enemies / ally NPCs.
  6. Hi there, This app no longer works for me in google hangouts. My four players who are in my campaign are also having the same error. We got following error message in a separate window when the hangout starts. 401. That’s an error. Error: invalid_client no registered origin Request Detailshl=en scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/plus.mehttps://www.googleapis.com/auth/hangout.participants https://www.googleapis.com/auth/hangout.av origin=https://7f5hg276rl7inlina3bkl14qdjg5t36g-a-hangout-opensocial.googleusercontent.com response_type=token redirect_uri=postmessage client_id=1028986225138-9qrkt4mqm7oqqcnlnuh542oipto5qkm4.apps.googleusercontent.com That’s all we know. Update: The beta version still seems to work for some reason. It launches a separate window in chrome as opposed to a new tab. Not sure why the beta version still works, but I'll take it! The reddit thread I found the solution on has a user saying that Google is moving to do away with third party apps, so this is something you might want to be aware of. https://www.reddit.com/r/swrpg/comments/47tj2q/hangouts_eote_dice_roller_problems/
  7. So my friend and I were playing a game of x-wing yesterday and he decided to barrel roll his tie fighter and place it on the opposite end and behind where he was. Rules as written I don't see how you cannot do this, but from thematic / flying perspective, it seems wrong as it's moving the ship backwards instead of forward.
  8. I believe the ECM-598 Medical Backpack is not working correctly when equipped as my dice pool on the character sheet isn't modified. Per the description on Pg. 48 of Enter the Unknown, "In addition, it grants (single boost die symbol here) to all Medicine checks made while using the ECM-598 and, thanks to the tutorials and information on the datapad, individuals using this decrease the difficulty of any Medicine checks they make to heal Critical Injuries by 1 to a minimum of Easy(single difficulty die here)". Shouldn't the medical skill dice pool have a boost die added?
  9. Thank you all for the enthusiastic response! I will endeavor to get the first one out once it is completed. I am currently working 2 jobs and attending school full time at the moment, so please forgive my delayed responses. I am currently working on the mission Blockade on Chandrila. I purchased the Strongholds of Resistance sourcebook, and am drawing on/expanding a few assets/potential side quests pointed out there. Below is a brief summary so far of what I have written. I have a group of players going through the motions of the first Act and will adjust this module and will adjust it as I go. ​ Prologue: Moff Kohl Seerdon, appointed personally by Emperor Palpatine as Governor, has shown nothing but cruelty to the people of his home world. He has stepped up his tactics to root out all rebel activity on Chandrila. Many civilians have been caught in the crackdown and public opinion of the alliance has plunged. In light of this, the top three governors of Chandrila have been forced to issue a joint statement announcing the alliance as a terrorist organization, and ordering the arrest of known sympathizers. General Rieekan tasks the PCs with establishing contact with the governors, earning their faith/trust, and convincing them to rejoin the alliance. Upon this, the alliance can begin military action to drive the Empire out of the system. Act I - Desperate Diplomacy The party makes contact with a rebel recruitment cell on planet, and begins to formulate a plan to infiltrate the mansion and contact governor Centi in Hanna City. When the party gains her trust, she reveals a very dangerous secret that can benefit the alliance. An Imperial Intelligence Agent is potentially detected/neutralized. The countdown 'timer' to the blockade begins. Act II - Hearts & Minds The party makes contact with the Governors Dehsea of Emita and Millae of Nayli, with help from Centi. The governors each require significant convincing. One makes a harsh demand of the PCs, but if satisfied, will pledge unconditional support to the alliance. The other while skeptical, decides to give the party a chance to prove themselves. A traitor is discovered, but time is about to run out. Imperial forces begin mobilizing. The governors turn to the only alliance members present and able to help...the PCs. Act III - Operation Chandrila Shield The party must inform alliance command of the need for immediate military aid and help rally the Chandrilan military for a swift defensive and counter attack. Moff Seerdon blockades Chandrila cutting off all shipments of any kind. Automated wall builders begin cutting off hover train routes. Chandrila's orbital defense platforms, navy, and army forces engage imperial combatants. The party helps the Chandrilan army protect and evacuate wounded civilians and high ranking government officials. Working with air support from Rogue Squadron Chandrila is saved. Epilogue The PCs meet with Governor Centi and General Rieekan in the aftermath. General Rieekan congratulates the PCs on a job well done and awards them appropriately. Depending on Mass Combat dice rolls certain rewards/penalties may be given. Governor Centi provides the party with an additional reward of their choice and gratitude regardless of this.
  10. I am making a Rogue Squadron commando adventure module for my group, but wanted to get a feel for demand on the forums. If there is a strong enough response I will post it here for everyone access and use. So what is in this module? As the title suggests, it will be for those who wish to play a commando/ground support role in some of the iconic missions from the original rogue squadron games. After evaluating the first game and looking at some of the source books we have access to, I have chosen the following missions to be strong contenders for a module Below is a short snippet of the mission summary. Defection at Corellia - The PCs are tasked with making contact with, and extracting the defecting imperial officer Crix Madine. Raid on the Jade Moon - Impressed by their skills during his rescue General Madine requests the PCs aid his main ground unit in raiding the imperial supply depot on this moon base. Prisons of Kessel - Crix Madine tasks the PCs with following him to storm the multiple prison yards to free rebel prisoners. Blockade on Chandrila - General Rieekan tasks the PCs with defending the citizens of Chadrila during the evacuation. Attack on Thyferra - General Rieekan tasks the PCs with defending the citizens, corporate sympathizers, and bacta supplies. I saw small potential for Search for the Nonnah. There is a portion where the crew and the stolen imperial equipment is rescued by a shuttle. However, aside from pulling the crew out, the glory of the mission goes to rogue squadron. So I decided not to use it. Friendly NPCs: General Rieekan General Madine Lt. Derek "Hobbie" Klivian Lt. Wes Janson Chandrilan defense forces Various rebels soliders Enemy NPCs: Moff Khol Seerdon Corellia Sector Moff ISB officer Imperial intelligence officer Various imperial army officers and troopers Various Stormtrooper officers and grunts. As I said, feedback and demand on if anyone would like to see this module is welcome.
  11. I would definitely like to see a "convert to PDF option". I've actually never used the XML reader on my computer, nor knew it even existed until today. I thought it was some weird office format. I was surprised as it's a microsoft program, that Word can't run it. Is there any work around current besides installing a third party program capable of converting XML documents to PDF? If not, what do you all use?
  12. I played it with my last group. They found it mostly enjoyable. The best part by far was the battle at Arda and use of the mass combat rules was very easy. While the detective work involved was fun, my group stumbled around in the dark a lot, which ended up with me messing around with them and introducing some plot devices for the future. My main complaint is that a lot of significant hurdles beyond their characters ability seemed to crop up at Arda and despite whether the mass combat roles were in their favor (which they were all but once), the ending was still the same. Granted it's essentially the battle of hoth in a desert canyon environment, where we know it's going to end poorly with high casualties, it actually resulted in one player getting killed at the end of the battle. I can't really go into much more detail without revealing spoilers, but I would definitely add it to my buy list if I were a GM looking to replicate the battle of hoth. The mass combat rules are definitely worth the buy as well.
  13. This was my problem for my last group. I gave out about 10-25 XP per week. At the end of our nearly year long session which ended due to me relocating, 4 of the 6 party members who were in the game since the start had about 500+ XP. We had a colonist wookie doctor who never failed a medical or melee combat check, short of a dark trooper being thrown at him. Another player had branched into a third specialization and was essentially the same way. The only thing that scared the party were light saber wielding force users because they could cut a party member down in two hits. There became very few challenges they couldn't overcome. Short of putting them into life threatening situations nearly every 3-4 weeks, there was little I could do to challenge the party. I'm trying to find a way to prevent this or see if there are any mechanics in the book, short of cutting XP, that can curve this. I'm about to start them on the Onslaught at Arda module tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out with them and testing out the squad / mass scale combat system included in the scenario. I appreciate the feedback from everyone so far. Thank you very much!
  14. One of the things I've found a bit odd with the story modules is their over rewarding of experience. Take the "Beyond the Rim" module. For example. All three chapters combined have a total 115 possible XP + as warranted by the GM. It states to award 15 XP per player per session to avoid frustrating players. If I was to dole out extra XP each session, that number would likely be around 140-150, as I'm typically generous with RP XP. Onslaught at Arda is much less with a mere 65 XP for all three chapters + duties/obligation fulfillment, which I would likely bump up to somewhere near 90. EOTE rulebook suggests 10-20 XP + bonuses per session while AOR suggests 10 XP + bonuses. With the Beyond the Rim module, my group JUST finished last week after playing for about 8-10 sessions, roughly meeting once a week. Since 300 XP is the how much it costs to buy an entire specialization it seems a bit odd to award what is essentially half of a specialization for a single module while another awards about a third. You can essentially max out a character by doing 2-3 story modules. I award roughly 10 XP + bonuses every other session. This way the players have more time to learn their characters' abilities before moving on to another. Can any other fellow GM's and Players, tell me what you give out/get for each session and where your characters have progressed to? Am I being a bit of a paranoid GM holding players back, or do I have some valid points?
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