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  1. As of today's Bespin release, you might want to consider the possibilities of the new deployment/ command cards you might encounter or use. For Imperials, E Isb units are worthwhile to consider. Or Cross Training, for 1 point, is interesting to attach to a rTrooper squad. A white die defense option is useful, but opening up the Spy command cards for use is really nice to have in a trooper list. This is at least what's on my mind at the moment, as I have a regional tomorrow and next weekend. Honestly, this is just a starting point of things I am considering for possible Imperial list adjustments. We shall see...
  2. He will have a Skirmish deployment card. Otherwise the pictured Command Card that has his name on would make no sense. Double-sided cards perhaps?
  3. I have not played with nor against Nexu that much.For the sake of clarity, what example(s) could you provide of a pounce-block? This game has a lot of situational occurrences that, when they do pop up, I would like to know I (and my opponent) am playing correctly and by the rules.
  4. Just got one of these... http://www.amazon.com/TruLok-NP-40-Life-Counter-Green/dp/B008GGD66U/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1454547471&sr=8-10&keywords=trulok
  5. I am undecided on the use of HKs but have had limited experience with them to really say one way or the other. They take finesse and shielding to be useful for their cost. As I too have been thinking about how to use them, I would like to throw out some thoughts: -If LOS isn't a big issue for you, consider 8pt HK over 11pt. You can add 1 or 2 marksmen command cards (1pt card) in your deck and it's still usable for other figure's ranged attacks with other deployment cards. So you end up with 3pts to use for more deployment. -HKs for a Merc build can use the Explosive Weaponry attachment. If you have Gideon/ C3PO, focus those HKs, use Priority Target for Elites if needed (or Marksman), Snipe Blast away. I have had some success with using this. Worth playing around with at least. Just some thoughts...
  6. So this is the response I received from Paul Winchester for clarification on the wording of the text when I sent a query last week: "You are correct that the remotes follow all normal rules for retrieving tokens so it cannot be voluntarily dropped or passed. When a figure carrying a remote is defeated, that remote is dropped, but nothing causes that remote to change. It remains as it was and continues to score points for that player until an opponent's figure picks it up and reprogrammed it."
  7. It says 1 face down blue token on up to 2 additional deployment cards. Not 3 tokens total. Though the wording could mean " up to and including" 2 additional, thus being 1 red and 2 blue tokens total. Hey, I'm there with you on the wording of the cards sometimes. I would just play it 1 red and 2 blue. Problem solved. Or email them for a clarification if you want. The wording on "Reprogrammed" [A] for TRAINING GROUND reads a bit vague as well but I received a clarification for that from FFG. I can post it here later, if people are interested, when I get a chance...
  8. You must place at least two tokens on your deployment cards. one red and one blue. You can have up to three tokens on your deployment cards. One red and two blue. Your opponent does the same. You have those options as part of the "Deception Game" to build your strategy against your opponent and give you some adaptability with your opponent's build vs yours. If they defeat the last figure in a marked group, either: A) if it's the red token- 10 VP to them B) if it's a blue token- you get to draw a command card from your deck.
  9. I have been looking at IG-88 with Explosive Armaments as an option. For 1 point, I think it improves his usefulness, when combined with his built-in +2 accuracy and 2 dice roll option. It's no 3 dice roll but for one point it slowly improves Scum options. I just really wish you could temporarily alliance 2 Imperial to a Scum list. I don't have a pick out of your lists but I do think C-3PO/ Gideon or one of them with Wookies(possibly Biv?) would be a better option than Diala to bring to Scum. I mean, if I was spending the credits. Also, what sort of command card picks do you have in mind for your lists?
  10. If I was to use the upgrade EXPLOSIVE ARMAMENTS with IG-88, could I use the command card HUNTER PROTOCOL to trigger the double surge +1 dmg/Blast 2 effect TWICE in one attack? In this situation I roll TWO yellow dice during my attack and end up with 4 surge symbols on my roll ( rare but possible). EXPLOSIVE ARMAMENTS- Each figure in this group gains: ~~(2 surge symbols)- +1dmg/ Blast 2dmg HUNTER PROTOCOL- Use while attacking. You may trigger the same ~(1 surge symbol) ability up to twice. I guess overall I am unsure of the differences, if any, of a single/double surge symbol in regards to the wording of the card. Any thoughts and/or answers to this?
  11. I would use the heavy troopers for blast, dice damage and their defense bonus. Two movement opens up more options for benefiting from both their attack and defense abilities during their activation. Obviously, I would use this in conjunction with officer/Kayn/etc support abilities to maximize their effectiveness. For some reason, I thought this card would get around the E-web TRIPOD restriction. Yeah, guess not... Overall, I am just looking at the bigger picture in regards to trooper build options. For 2 points,I would consider using an upgrade that is useable over and over, opposed to a one time Command card that you may not draw at all.
  12. For 2 points, giving heavy troopers or e-web extra movement is nice.
  13. Logistics aside, couldn't they just print up a small batch of cards in house, package it as a skirmish "booster pack" and see how it sells?
  14. Twin Shadows was being sold at Gen Con, so technically it has been released. According to Organised Play, once an expansion is released, it is legal for gaming use. Following that criteria, they should be allowed to answer your question in regards to Cunning and Weaken.
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