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  1. Cheers, this is the answer(s) I was looking for, We've played a lot of other RPG's where teamwork and tactics are not really rewarded or penalised .. I need them to understand that in DW that this is HERESY and they will be branded cowards and executed if they do it! Hopefully it all works out ... or they all die horrible painful deaths ... regardless, I'll be having fun
  2. Salutations, Hopefully you fine upstanding servitors can enlighten me ? We've just picked up Deathwatch and the six of us are looking at selecting various chapters and specialties. My confusion arises around Squad mode and each chapter. How do I as GM stop the wasting of Cohesion by each player by using it to fuel Squad mode abilities .. which are essentially Solo mode as he has no chapter mates in the kill team? it's confusing the hell out of me. I realise that the Kill team Leader can, if he is Tactical Marine and has a talent, share his ability. But the others can just activate their own chapter ones and burn through cohesion. Thanks in advance V
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