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  1. I would like to see them do what the did for the Star Wars LCG where the card packs had a specific set of cards and then they could make each one faction specific and for the time being focus on Rebels, Imperials and Scum. For Rebels they could do packs like Battle of Yavin: Rebellion, Phoenix Fleet, Battle of Scarif: Rebellion, and Battle of Endor: Rebellion, Each of these could give us more pilots and upgrades from each of these major engagements. For Imperials they could name packs Battle of Yavin: Imperial, Battle of Scarif: Imperial, Battle of Endor: Imperial, 7th Fleet Aces, Inquisitorious, Executor Aces, expanding pilots from all over the Imperial Fleet. For Scum they could Focus on certain Syndicates and Pirate groups like the Black Suns, Pike Syndicate, and Hutt Cartels. All these could have a certain number of cards and cardboard for maybe like 10 bucks since it doesn't include a model and would make it easier to spread out all the different major upgrades out to all the factions.
  2. I would like to see a larger squadron pack containing the Colossus Aces. Each of them has its own pilot so no generics would be available for them, but it would be awesome to have some sort of title giving all the aces some sort of group ability like the some of the elite talents coming out for the Resistance, First Order, Republic and Separatists.
  3. Did anyone else notice Kaz taking a shot a TIE with a blaster and it blowing up??? I know this is a kids show but come on Disney!!!
  4. Hey guys, moving to Staten Island this summer and seeing if there are any stores or places to play in or around Staten Island, thanks for the help!!
  5. Hey guys, moving to Staten Island this summer and seeing if there are any stores or places to play in or around Staten Island, thanks for the help!!
  6. Gold Squadron: Coming from rebels you have 2 more pilots are Gold Two who is currently unnamed and Tyson who flew along with Dutch and Ezra to protect Mon Mothma in her escape from Coruscant. Although Gold Two didn't really do much in the Rebels episode, she should still be represented since she did fly with the squadron, and Tyson should have some sort of defensive ability to help out his friends since he did sacrifice himself to protect the Ghost from the TIE Defender.
  7. So I know I posted this stuff earlier but I want go into more detail with it starting with Star Wars Rebels: Hera: ok as we all know Hera is a go to for piloting anything and already has two ships with the Attack Shuttle and Ghost, but she would also fit in well in the A-Wing and X-Wing. The A-Wing we all know has one of the best dials in the game and paired with Hera's ability I don't believe it would be crazy over powered just making it more maneuverable and she is known as Phoenix Leader amongst all those pilots and would add a I5 pilot to their line up which is much needed right now. With the X-Wing again she would add maneuverability to the ship with her ability but not much else, but again, I mostly just want her flying one cause its canon and I am a thematic player when it comes to my lists. Sabine: The only other ship she needs to be in right now is an A-Wing and again would give the ship some more maneuverability but not the high Initiative level that they need but she could be a little thorn in the enemies side if not taken out early enough. Ezra: He really needs a ship that he was mostly in control of and Maul's Nightbrother which I think the only way it will come in to the game is if they recreate Epic play because it is just too **** big for Second Edition or extended format. Another ship Ezra could be in is the Y-Wing since he flew with Dutch Vander to protect Mon Mothma.
  8. So I believe FFG should focus on using material from the RPG's to fill in a lot of the gaps along with all the new material from the comics, books, tv shows and movies. One thing I would really like to see is a Rebels TV show based expansion that would be similar to the conversion kits where it would be primarily cards and cardboard but with new pilots for all ships that have shown up in the show. Couple ideas for this would be Phoenix Squadron X-Wings and Y-Wings shown during the Attack Run on Lothal which would add Hera, Mart Mattin, Cleat, Duke, and Secon Daree. I know most of the A-Wing Pilots of Phoenix Squadron didn't have names, but FFG could easily talk with Disney and come up with a few to create some new A-Wing pilots, but this would also be a good opportunity to bring in Hobbie since he is no longer currently an X-Wing Pilot, and you could add Hera, Sabine, Ahsoka and Wedge to that line up as well. then always throw in a B-Wing card for Hera just cause she was the original test pilot for the craft. and then add Ezra and one or two more Gold Squadron pilots to the Y-Wing due to the episode where the Ghost assists Mon Mothma escape imperial custody. I am hoping the new Cassian Andor show bring us new pilots and crew members for the rebellion when that show airs. there are still a lot of pilots I would like to see from certain books I would like to see, one group I would love to see in game is the rest of Corona since we already have Thane Kyrell, but I would also love if Disney somehow made the Rogue and Wraith Squadron crews canon cause that adds a lot of flavor to the rebellion.
  9. I was just going to say this!!! FFG could use it's Edge of the Empire Beyond the Rim adventure and add the Yiyar clan as it YT-2400 pilots so there is atleast 2 pilots and a new title call "Nightflyer" which was a salvage ship and could use a tractor beam like ability to move debris clouds around which would be interesting and nifty since we can now destroy astreiods with bombs. you could also add the Rotten Core into the game which is from the Mask of the Pirate Queen's adventure and is a ship out of the Veiled Sorority's Fleet. The Z-95 desperately needs something, the generics are great for little swarm groups, but it is very limited in options, one thing I would like to see is a configuration for it in the form of the "Heavy-95" which would add an astromech slot to the ship but give it a negative effect at the same time to make up for it. I also would like to see more YT-1300 pilots for scum again coming from Edge of the Empire, but this time coming from the beginner game in the form of the Krayt Dragon and you could then have up too 3 unique pilots with Trex, a trandoshan slaver, and then two of the heros from the game like Pash the human smuggler and Oskara the Twi'lek Bounty Hunter. Then I would also just like to see the Zann Consortium brought into the game since they are in the Edge of the Empire adventure Mask of the Pirate Queen where they only have the Starviper M-2 to start off and no official named pilots but it is a start. Again from the Mask of the Pirate Queen adventure is the Cutlass-9 Patrol fighter used by the Veiled Sorority as its niche starfighter, like the Consortium, it doesn't have any current named pilots but FFG can always come up with some from characters in their adventures. If you guys can't tell I love using ships and character from the RPG's cause I think they have a wealth of material that can be utilized in game and technically it is all canon as well. My list could be much longer but those are my key ideas.
  10. Rebels could use the comics for more content, they do have Sana Starros's Volt Cobra which is some sort of smaller Correllian YT Model Freighter. Then I believe they are going to redo the YT-2400 and add a Sato's Hammer Title card for Mat Marten and his crew. Plus there is always material from their RPG books and adventures.
  11. It would not be a mandatory thing, Armada does a title just like it for certain ships letting them suffer damage for other ships and abilities like that. FFG is already planning on putting limits anz restrictions on cards you can take to certain events so enjoyability of the game is gonna be effected in the future, this could make those times better than what they will be.
  12. Scum would be the biggest group to gain from the idea of faction cards. A lot of the pilots already have the Syndicate name on the pilot cards so why not make a generic title for each one giving them a boost if you have multiple of them or if they are a wingman to a unique pilot from that syndicate. The best example of this I can give right now is Kath Scarletts ability: While you perform a primary attack, if there is at least 1 friendly non-limited ship at range 0 of the defender, roll 1 additional attack die. Now if you modify this just a little bit and call it something like Binarye Pirate Gang and give it an ability like: If a friendly ship within range 0-1 of you with the Binarye Pirate Gang title has a target lock on the defender, you may reroll one blank result. This would separate part of Scum faction into its own little sub-faction and make list building become more thematic.
  13. This idea is perfect, I would love to see FFG produce squadron packs of just cardboard and ship and upgrade cards. I am a thematic player and would love to be able to play as Thane and the rest Corona squadron, or Hera and Phoenix squadron in both A-Wings and X-wings for the Rebellion. Then have Vader and his elite black squadron for the empire and since we have Inferno squadron in the game why not have a generic title giving them a small boost in power. Then with scum separating each of the actual pirate groups and bring out their capabilities for each syndicate like the have somewhat done with Kath's Marauder title. I enjoy mixing different pilots in each faction but there is something about flying pilots from the same faction that is so exhilarating. Another thing I would like to see is them bring in more of the RPG characters they created in some of their adventures.
  14. so after reading Poe Dameron issue 28, I have 3 more Resistance pilots and 4 droids we can add to the game, we got Furillo as the pilots and V8-R, they were the first X-Wing taken out during the Battle for Starkiller Base, then of course we have Ello Atsy with his droid XA-LX, aka EXALEX, I personally think Exlax would be better, haha. Then we have Pallaris Ven who I feel is related to Nawara Ven and maybe we will see the Rogues from the books come back since they also just did a Origins story for Rogue Squadron in the Star Wars comic line. Then we have her astromech BR-BA, and lastly we have Sara Bel-Sun and P4-99. I know we don't NEED every pilot in the game, but it really would be nice.
  15. So with this now I would hope they add in the Mothership for these guys so those of us that are thematic players can fly a full squad of these guys like they are meant to be flown, here is the ship I would like them to add: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Aurore-class_freighter
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