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  1. @Decessor the hilarious part is that only their astropath knows that they are the ones bringing an inquisitor. I am also going on the idea that due to the lawlessness of the Kronos they are keeping it quiet so they don't wind up with a bunch of RT's fighting over whose gunna get it. The inquisition is on the case just staying below radar . Also, Thank you for the responses .
  2. Well I'm going with a stolen gene seed from a Primearch and an attempt ( though somewhat failing) to set up an outpost that can make Chaos Marines. I agree bigger is better. I think that There will probably be a squad or 2 of true Chaos Marines but I was kind of wondering if I should throw in some mutant 1/2 Chaos Marine hybrids. Thinking along the lines of the failed experimental Chaos Marines. :0
  3. so.... I kind of gave my players a bit of space marine help for their epic battle to end chaos on the planet (Choir) that they are slowly but sure TRYING to settle. Now they want to just throw in the space Marines and roll on. I have in place enough to tell them that that's not how that works. (lol) I am working on making a EPIC battle for them while the Space Marines are occupied with Chaos Marines..... but I want to make it a good story to boot. Suggestions? Thanks folks
  4. "Get to the bottom"? What is this "bottom" you refer to? There are always more layers, so much so that even if you think you got the mastermind, they were being played by someone else, even if they didn't know it. Always. 100%. I am also using Tzeentch and think of it to myself as an infinitly deep pool and telling you to swim to the bottom
  5. I went from the "remember how many people have to relay this message" route. Astropaths pass messages further and further in but its not like they don't get the message too. Most of the astropaths that my PC's can use ( as they are far out into the expanse) wind up being other rogue trader's astropaths.... Obviously that slows down the players from passing info and the NPC's aren't always great about answering vague questions lol.
  6. First admitting to being kind of a jerk about this one... I generally lightly "remind them" that mooks are just that... mooks. They are easily dispatched especially by the enemies that a decently high level RT command crew need to be worth their time. Also, Father, I "encourage" team work by keeping profit factor low when they don't necessarily focus on it. They want individual items, fine.... roll on your crappy acquisition test lol.
  7. First thing that comes to mind is the old west. Everyone put down their pistols to eat. It was a standard and one that TBH I enforce in all situations.... who wants to get randomly killed at dinner? Who wears carapace armor to the table? One false slip and BLAM... the bolter goes off and some mook has no head lol. Now... having said that.... how bad do they want the planetary defense? enough to say its worth the risk? My bet is on yes.
  8. so... I have gotten my players leveled up enough and set up to try to settle a colony on Choir ( with some administratum convincing lol). They have encountered a dangerous flora ( emits nitric acid that slowly wears out armor, dropships and eventually skin), and a fauna that is akin to the worms from Tremors ( as a quick description). Looking for some ideas on how to "challenge" them on getting resources throughout the Kronos to encourage growth.... I have some ideas but would love more as long as their not too railroading. Thanks, Scammer
  9. I have my players at a pretty decent level now (mostly 5's with a couple barely 6's) and i find it way easier to run a laptop with a tablet floating for reference mats. I also print up extra reference mats that i see getting used a ton to make the passing of the tablet less often. I do have a couple players that bring a tablet and it helps but I still find the laptop to be easier and at the heart of it. I usually run a Word program with hit points, armor movement ( quick ref.) for the baddies and I absolutely require the players to be 100% on the ball with their character( I tell them I have 100's of people they have 1...)
  10. First and foremost I personally don't even really allow players to roll to acquire actual ships. I force them to salvage. As far as I am concerned the ships themselves are absolutely unique so a recent encounter with a space hulk made all my players eyes light up lol. As far as maintenance i really don't "charge them" unless the damage is severe but with the attempt to rework the space hulk the parts will be costing a pretty penny.
  11. I would also like to add to the intense amount of Heresy there happens to be in the rebuilding of aercheotech. Obviously (as stated on other forums) it would depend on who was around but I can't think of an Inquisitor allowing this to happen in anyway shape or form lol
  12. ^ If it's truly even possibly to do damage that way lol
  13. You realize that the lances ignore armor completely right???
  14. Way I see it unless you have extra ships firing each round it is like TB... now the second hit on it is "shorted out".... Fairly simple all in all
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