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  1. I always thought "Solo" would have benefited from leaning into the "Dukes of Hazard without the casual racism" vibe of some of the trailers. Imagine the occasional freeze frame with some folksy Woody Harrelson* narration "Now about this time ol' Han and Chewie had a little trouble coming their way..." But hey, we got Ron Howard and he ain't bad.** *I would have killed Beckett and kept Val, but that's another tangent. **Speaking of narration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6XERmXsP-U
  2. So... What are the odds that darksaber-having Moff Gideon has it in his head that the Child is key to artificially awakening his own (Gideon's) Force-sensitivity (injecting midi-chlorians or other such spirit-techno-whatzit)?
  3. I remembered the line differently so I checked. The line is "I was raised in the Fighting Corp" (verified by Disney +'s CC) which has slightly different connotations than fighting pits.
  4. I have this character via the torture droid re-program: "Doctor" IT0-B411
  5. Agreed. Pretty much. The pattern hasn't been either/or but rather thoughtful reflection and judicious application.
  6. Given the episode's overall theme of "nature vs nurture" (explicitly covered in the return of IG-11 montage), I think the idea is that the Yodaling is slipping to the dark side (kinda.. sorta..) because his protector/role model/parent is a man of violence. I think we are heading for twin realizations of "I am not just protecting the child, I am raising him" and "what am I raising him to be?"
  7. A more succinct way of stating what I was kind of thinking.
  8. Apologies if this came up elsewhere... It seems like there is a correspondence between the announced SW projects and these games. "The Mandalorian" to "Edge of the Empire", the forthcoming Cassian Andor/K-2SO series to "Age of Rebellion" and "Kenobi" to "Force and Destiny". Either a coincidence, or a general sign of the organizational structure of non-filmic projects... Time will tell.
  9. I would be just fine if some crazy spacer was spinning yarns about them that everyone dismissed... and that's as far as it went. A fun Easter Egg and nothing more.
  10. Real WW2 history has a number of examples of Germans in government and the military who thought of themselves as loyal to Germany but not to Hitler (the degree to which they were loyal to the Nazi party and its odious principles varied), so... Yeah there ARE stories to tell. But that is a very complex situation to work in and I applaud individual gaming groups for wanting to tackle it. However I think it is outside the scope of a gaming source book for a high profile franchise that already keeps it's fascist villains' tendencies more superficial than explored. Not exactly what we are discussing but you will get the idea:
  11. While I can't comment on her showing up in this particular show one way or another... I see your point. I was thinking something similar when Lars Mikkelsen was voicing Thrawn.
  12. Pointless film. Ending spoiled in grade school. No tension or enjoyment.
  13. Regarding the notion of already knowing how Cassian dies...
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