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  1. Yes, absolutely - this is not meant to be a whining thread like the others. It's a link to a strategy article. The article I posted was actually very useful for me to understand practical decision making in terms of IDs. I thought it would be nice to share it. I am not bothering to read the 50+ pages of whining a teeth gnashing, and I regret some people brought it into this thread.
  2. You can joke, but this stuff is real now my friends... The card gamers have been through all this. Maybe we should stop whining and start listening. I think it's also worth pointing out that many of the card gamers had an initial negative reaction to IDs, but none of the companies backed down. IDs are integral to tournament play in pretty much all swiss format tabletop games. Looks like we better get used to it.
  3. Here's an interesting, detailed article on using intentional draws to your advantage: http://thecharizardlounge.com/2015/01/07/a-practical-guide-to-intentional-draws-at-pokemon-city-championships/ The basic math is all in there, but the most interesting part of the article is "Playing From a Position of Power", which discusses more advanced strategies on how to use IDs to manipulate the seed order and matchups in the final cut. The article is on a Pokemon blog, but it's all relevant for X-wing now, apparently...
  4. This is a really good point. I was too harsh earlier...
  5. I was totally shocked and depressed listening to this. I have never experienced X-wing players with this kind of attitude or appraoch to "winning". The host said everyone in SoCal plays like that. Is this true? A lot of fun that must be. Luckily we don't have any MtG players crossing over in our area.
  6. Has there been an official ruling on the Palpatine issue yet? My interpretation from reading the cards is that Vulf is correct, but I'd like to see a confirmation from FFG. It's tournament season and these are increasingly popular cards. Settling this should be a priority.
  7. So is Accuracy Corrector negated by Omega Leader TL? Thanks!
  8. If Omega Leader is hit by a TLT on a ship it has target locked, is it correct to interpret that the TLT is prevented from canceling its damage (canceling dice is formally a modification)...? Thus Omega Leader would receive the natural TLT damage along with the +1 damage? Same for Ion Cannons and other similar secondary weapons? (HLC crits may or may not be different because the modification happens earlier in order of operations. TLT and IC happen late.)
  9. No way. Imperial lists are dominating the store championships right now. They've won most of the big championships in hyper-competitive metas so far: Las Vegas, Atlanta, Phoenix, DC. Imps didn't win Raleigh/Durham, but they were half of the Top 4.
  10. I'm curious to know how you other imp ace pilots (i.e. phantoms, interceptors, vader) having been dealing with BTL stresshogs...? Do you try to maneuver around to get behind them? Do you rush them to get into R1? Do you bait and switch with a flanker? Do you slow roll through the stress to take them out ASAP? What's been working for you?
  11. In my area some stores have already received approval from FFG and have announced SC dates, while some stores haven't heard back from FFG yet. Last year in my area there was even one store that didn't receive approval and their SC kit until February or March - well after SC season was already underway. Kind of strange. But, yeah, as mentioned above, FFG probably won't post their list until mid-January some time.
  12. - The two top squads at the 2015 World Championship had X-wings in them, so "X" is definitely NOT out of the game. - You are arguing that upgrades that affect stress and obstacle interactions "dumb down" the game? This doesn't make sense to me. They add an extra level of strategy and sophistication that take the game far out of the beer and pretzels realm IMO. Many of the top players rely heavily on stress dealing and stress mitigation tactics. The new cards coming up will increase the number of strategies available. - Can you articulate what "major element" of the game is being removed by upgrades and pilot abilities that affect stress and obstacle interctions?
  13. Switching to the Overcast app fixed everything! I'm happy to be back on the S&V train! ...dumped the Apple Podcast app into trash folder...
  14. I also use iOS Podcasts. It works fine for wifi streaming, but I can't download this one particular podcast for some reason. I try it and it gives me an error message. Downloads used to work for S&V, and it continues to work just fine for all the other podcasts I listen to. So who knows...? Maybe I'll try Overcast as recommended above.
  15. I haven't been able to download the last few episodes. Will this problem ever get fixed? I've really enjoyed this show in the past so I'm kind of unhappy about giving it up. (WiFi's not an option because I listen to podcasts on my commute.)
  16. Heaver talks about the stresshog and his strategy in the post-game interview: http://teamcovenant.com/blog/video/paul-heaver-x-wing-interview-ffg-worlds-2015/ He said it is the best Rebel ship and should be included in every build. His strategy is to fly it in the back of his formation because he knows his opponents with prioritize it as a target. This implies a sort of Biggs effect, then...
  17. No but it can still help get new people into the game. My recommendation would follow VanorDM. Up the point limit every other week. I feel this will give people the chance to fly their list more than once or try new combos. I know that I learn a lot more flying something twice or after making changes than just one game or one evening. That will help people feel better about choosing new expansions to buy. 10 weeks seems like a pretty long time for a league. Have you played in a league that long before? For my schedule I'm pretty much following the Warmachine league example. They are 4 weeks and have a pretty fast (= expensive) point ramp up.
  18. It kind of seems this way to me too, but would-be pilots at our FLGS repeatedly cite entry cost as a prohibition to getting into the game. I am targeting these folks. Also - we should be honest with ourselves that there is some cost issue for assembling truly competitive 100 point squads. If you want to get your strong cards like HLC, Engine Upgrade, Predator, C-3PO, Advanced Targeting Computer, R3-A2, etc. you have to buy a lot of expansions. A bare-bones 100pt squad a newb would run would probably get shredded in open, unrestricted league or tournament play. That's exactly what I don't want to happen. PLUS I actually think it will be really fun for us veterans to play within some interesting boundaries.
  19. Thanks for the helpful input everyone! So far I think my revisions will include: 1. Saying "Core Set OR Most Wanted Expansion", and that additional Core Sets or Most Wanted sets could serve as expansions. 2. Specifying "up to 4 expansions" so players aren't forced to buy more than 1 or 2 expansions if they really don't want to. 3. Remove the $5 buy in. (I was thinking of donating all the league prizes myself - I don't mind kicking in a few hundred bucks if the league helps build the local community).
  20. I'm trying to build up the X-wing community in my small college town. We have a pretty thriving game scene overall and there are a lot of X-curious players who watch us play at the FLGS and ask questions about the game, but they seem to be intimidated by the typical tournaments and the financial layout to get into the game. I am thinking about asking my FLGS about running a Slow Grow League, which they have done successfully in the past for Netrunner and Warmachine. I am reaching out to the X-Wing community to ask: 1) Do you have any advice on how to run a successful slow grow league? What have been your experiences? What works and what doesn't? 2) Do you have any thoughts or constructive criticism on the Slow Grow League Rules I cobbled together here: Schedule: Week 1 - 35pt – Core Set Only (allowed to borrow from store) Week 2 – 50pt – Core Set and 1 expansion Week 3 – 75pt – Core Set and 2 expansions Week 4 – 100pt – Core Set and 3 expansions Week 5 – 100pt – Core Set and 4 expansions Points: 2 points – Loss 3 points – Tie 5 points – Win 1 point – Each game played in store 1 point – Small ship repaint 2 points – Large ship repaint Rules: · $5 entry. · Players will receive free entry into league with purchase of new Core Set in Week 1. · League members receive a 10% discount on X-Wing purchases during the course of the league. · A game must be limited to 75 minutes if requested by at least one opponent. · During Weeks 2-4 players are limited to only using cards and ships from the expansion chosen that week, along with the specific expansions chosen in previous weeks. Squads lists may change from game to game, but squads are limited to cards and ships only from the expansions selected during the league. This is to prevent an unfair advantage for veteran players with larger collections. · Points will not be rewarded for back-to-back games with the same opponent. · Each week ends at 5pm on Sunday. · All games will follow current FFG tournament rules and errata. · A "repaint" means that >25% of the surface of the ship has been repainted, and is subject to the ruling of the store employee. Repainted ships don't have to be limited to the expansion chosen for league play. · Over the course of the league you must play at least four games in the store to be eligible for a prize. · All players will be encouraged to share their email address for inclusion on a league listserv to help organize games. · All players are expected to exhibit courteous, sportsmanslike behavior and to prioritize helping new players learn and enjoy the game. Fly casual! Prizes: Most Points: Custom Movement Templates Most Points from Painting: Custom Range Ruler Most Games in Store: FFG Play Mat
  21. If you just want to get started playing casual 100 pt games with your pals, this is what I'd suggest for starters: Core Set Firespray TIE Interceptor OR TIE Defender Millenium Falcon B-Wing This will give you set of small fighters and a couple awesome big ships for Rebel vs. Imperial dogfights. Without going into detail, this would also give you a great set of upgrade cards that will be useful if you will eventually want to play more competitively. I don't think you need 2 core sets to start out with. The money is better spent on a fun large base ship.
  22. Paul Heaver was busy becoming the Imperial Assault world champion! Go Paul! Doug Kinney couldn't make it to Nationals this year, as he said a few messages up (hothie). And, no, we didn't get a whole new set of names. If you follow the game many of the names would be familiar to you. Jeff Berling got second last year, when he definitely earned the Fly Casual Champion award for famously letting his opponent redo a forgotten cloak at a critical point in the final match. Super cool guy! Nobody deserves the victory more than him, IMO.
  23. The game is great, the new releases are great, and the imperial faction is a thing of eye-watering beauty, don't get me wrong. I think I'll be staying loyal ... Just discussing the alternative development strategies going on at ffg at the moment. I see what you're saying about lack of diversification, but on the other hand I kind of like how FFG is (generally) trying maintain a certain play style for each faction. Imps are the glass cannons - the funnest and most challenging ships in the game! I agree with your lack of enthusiasm for the 2-attack Adv. Protos. (except for Inquisitor who rolls 3). 2-attack ships have a hard time these days, although Jake is rocking the scene lately.
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