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  1. You, Sir, are awesome! Thank you very much!
  2. Hey, I can't quite figure out what is the exact rule for the initial speed setting. In the training Scenario it says every ship should start at speed 2. I figured this translates to the regular 180 points games as well. Is this correct? Or can each player choose the speed at which the ships enter the game for normal games? Kind regards, AdmiralBowTIE
  3. Hm, thx for the input. I honestly have no idea how stressful the local meta is since I usually just play with friends. My friends at least tend to not have much stressing things in their lists. What do you guys think how are the chances of getting wrecked by stressy stuff?
  4. Hey there, I am thinking about fielding a Fat Han list for my first tournament. After thinking about for a while I came up with a decent setup but later figured out, that the Paul Heaver set up from worlds is very similar but would probably be stronger: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/188549/fathanwithtalas However, a friend of mine came up with this: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/191390/tripleevadefathan I think the second variant might be stronger. I feel the predator reroll from the first variant is a little counter synergetic with Han's pilot ability since you can't reroll a die more than once. Moreover, tanking hits with R2D2 starts working once you have no more shields and may cost you a bad crit damage. The second variant can take 3 guaranteed evades each turn. You can use evade action, push the limit focus and take another evade with Jan Ors and finally use C3P0 to get a third evade. If you are not shot at by too many foes you can even keep the focus and still get 2 evades. The drawback obviously would be the stress. What do you guys think is better? Am I missing something? Kind regards, Admiral BowTIE
  5. I already thought about building such a system. I imagined it would be nice to be able to plan your squads and register to a tournament with it including payment of starting fees from one place. Also, a lot of work tournament organizers have to do could be done by the system. You can automate pretty much everything so you only would have to put the results of the matches in. It could even display them nicely on a website. NO more need for paper! Whoever, this would be a big project I would not be able to do in my spare time. Question is, who would be willing to pay for something like this? I could think about a percentage of the registration fee for example. Or for the organizer to pay per organized event. Or premium accounts for the players where they can see statistics per card/list/event whatever? What you think?
  6. Hm. Battlescribe looks interesting but does not seem to work for me. I can't select any ships, the dropdowns are empty after adding the data file.
  7. Hey there, it seems there are some solutions for android but none for iOS yet. I would really love to have the possibility to plan my squads offline with my iPhone. I would even pay for the app! Anybody willing to make one? Kind regards, Admiral BowTIE
  8. I would be interested in seeing the pictures, however I do not wanna create an account there. Can you upload them on a regular image host?
  9. Hey, I just got the Tantive and am very excited to play it today. However, while thinking about what I would put into it I wondered who exactly the gunnery team works. The card says "Once per round, when attacking with a secondary weapon, you may spend 1 energy to change 1 of your blank results to a Hit result.". However, when equipping the team on the fore section, does it only affect the fore section or can it also be used in the aft section? Where does the energy come from? The fore section can't store energy as far as I understood. Can I take the energy from the aft section when attacking with a secondary weapon from the fore section to use the Gunnery team? Kind regards, Admiral BowTIE
  10. I really like the idea of making the asteroids sticky! I have no liquid latex though, but I will try to add some of my anti slide mat to them to make them stay in place. Great idea, haven't thought of that before.
  11. Thanks to all of you for the nice feedback. Considering the many suggestions I should have asked here before making a video to try out multiple solutions and pick the best one. Ah, well, at least we have a place here where we could gather other ideas now. :-)
  12. Well, when executing maneuvers it often happens that I bump other ships and move them accidentally. With this anti slide modification they do not move as far. Moreover, when putting down the ships on their final destination they often move a little when you let them go. The modification minimises this effect. I just would like to have everything correctly executed because sometimes a few millimetres decide whether you are allowed to shoot or not.
  13. Hey, today I made my first X-Wing related video. I am very clumsy when performing movements, so I have been looking for a low cost solution to give the bases some more traction to minimize the impact of my clumsiness. Finally I reached a feasible solution which is also pretty low cost hence I decided it may be worth sharing Check out the video tutorial here: Kind regards, Admiral BowTIE
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