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  1. Gointg to piggyback on this post. Anything in the East Valley? I'm in the chandler area.
  2. I like the Jedi Starfighter. Clone Wars I'm lukewarm on. I think were most people have an issue is comes from faction issues. I have zero desire to see Trade Federation ships. Off hand I can only think of a couple of scum clone war ships.
  3. Scum. It is all about the coin.
  4. Most large tourneys I have been to the entry is $10. To me that is the baseline. $25 to me should have better prize support than just the kit. Now hearing how late some of these tourneys have gone I can see upping the entry to pay the employees and keep the doors open. IMO adding some door prizes would have gone along way to help those who wondered about the money side.
  5. The X-wing isn't going to "fixed" in one release. Step one was the Intergrated Astromech. Step two is one of the unspoiled cards in Heroes (I think). Then another peice will come in Rouge One release. Yes it said that it's ground but there are alot of flight suits in the teaser.
  6. The only thing I could see is if they ever released prequel stuff. Then you could say Republic and Rebellion or Rebellion and Resistance but not Republic. That said I don't think it will happen
  7. They do have the resistance logo on the pilot cards fro new Han and new Chewie. So that might help a bit.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/chavez.justin/videos/10206291471509243/
  9. If Omega Leader has a ship targeted and it shots Omega Leader with HLC does it change its crits to hits still?
  10. Sounds good. Basically I'm being lazy and outsourcing the list building. Also it saves me from the why did you build me a crap list. I can just say it is what was suggested. I have One of each core and expansion minus the two huge Imperial ships.
  11. Going to be going to a friends house this weekend. Have about 6 guys coming over. Going to introduce them to X-Wing. They have varied experience with miniature games. What lists would you have pre-built for new guys.
  12. A couple of things. Do you plan on playing casual or competitive? Do you play at stores or houses? Is the community great or so so? For the most part I would say buy the ships you like. If you play in a casual environment then proxy the upgrades you don't have. If your community is good then you can borrow upgrades to be legal for tournament play.
  13. Before Rebels and some books being removed from cannon I would have said Wedge hands down.
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