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  1. I think that's already kinda built into the system. I know you can spend a destiny point to say you have an item you might need. There may also be a talent or two with that ability.
  2. How do they compare with the rules I believe are in the Desperate Allies book? I know that there were some expanded social rules in one of the supplements.
  3. Donovan thanks for jumping in as I remember you making a lot of good posts. I may have been to vague but what I’m looking for is finding out what sort of house modifications to rules have proved to be really helpful. I realize that there will not be one idea on that but those of you who have been playing the last few years will probably have some ideas like the ones I mentioned above.
  4. So its been several years since I have run a Star Wars game but my group might be picking it back up again. When I ran it last, only some of the sourcebooks were out and Genesys was a ways off. Even though I have not been playing it, I have a serious collection addiction and own all the books that have been put out since. While we had a great time playing SW last time, I do remember there were some areas that would be kinda wonky, particularly space combat, and eventually the characters were high xp and specialized enough that it seemed like the probability curves melted a bit. So what I am wondering is, in the years since we've played, have there been any house fixes to issues pretty much accepted by the community? For example I've seen GMPhil's Snap Roll maneuver and it seems widely accepted enough that it basically made into the Genesys book, and was planning on using that. I also see that there are some differences in the Genesys system that might be improvements that can be incorporated into SW. For example, PCs are capped at 5 characteristic where in SW it was 6. I hope those of you who have been immersed in the system the last few years can point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  5. Yeah I had to preorder from Mini Market last week.
  6. Like I said, I'm kinda iffy about it. I dig the Genesys version of Gain the Advantage though.
  7. Yeah I'm thinking I'm going to leave the attack difficulties silhouette based. For sure in Star Wars anyway.
  8. I edited to clarify. Essentially if something is 2 smaller silhouette it adds 2 difficulty to hit but that is it. Where previously it could go up to 5 difficulty from the size difference alone.
  9. I don't have it in front of me right now but Brace for Impact is a maneuver that on the next attack removes up to your silhouette in damage in exchange for the equal amount of SS. If you succeed at the new GtA it upgrades your attacks twice and upgrades the difficulty of all attacks against you twice. Hopefully I remembered that right. Not sure what to think about the difficulty change from silhouette to range based for attacks. Although the silhouette difference rules still apply so its still harder for a capitol ship to hit a fighter than a equally sized ship.
  10. Yeah Phil's snap roll basically got turned into the barrel roll talent in Genesys.
  11. So kind surprised no one's brought it up yet, but now that Genesys is out we can see what is essentially a revised vehicle rules system in it. There's some new maneuvers in there and they beefed up the Gain the Advantage action a little. At first glance seems like it wouldn't be too hard to port over to Star Wars but wanted others thoughts.
  12. So I am really curious about the new hyperspace and transponder rules. Any info on those?
  13. So Im not sure which of you writers did the Astromech rule section, but I was curious. Are the new actions only available to a socketed droid, or could a droid on a bigger ship do them without the socket? Also how would the NPC droid rules work in that scenario?
  14. I'm personally excited about the new rules and info section. Particularly for hyperspace. Also the dozen ship mods.
  15. I dont think our current disruptors could do ion damage on a vehicle. Crit 2 vicious 5 on the roll... Spend multiple advantage on a crit and the minimum level on the crit chart does cover it pretty well. Well if you were up against an AT-ST you'd still have to roll 21 uncancelled sucesses to get the crit.
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