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  1. The Enemy Within Revisited Ep 42 - The Mutant Chickens of Wittgendorf - is Live! The party investigate strange goings on in the blighted village of Wittgendorf, where mutations are rife and when it comes to livestock, 2,3,4 or even 15 heads are better than one. http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-42-the-mutant-chickens-of-wittgendorf
  2. Interesting to hear that cos obviously it gets a tonne of flack about being awful. With the benefit of hindsight were there any parts you think were broken and/or could and should be changed or jettisoned? I would also like to keep as close the original where possible but not at the expense of derailing my campaign if both myself and my players hate it.
  3. Arise thread arise and live again! I shall soon be facing this same issue when my group move from Power Behind the Throne onto xxxxxx well that's the point of my post and the big question ...onto what? Do I just ditch SRIK altogether and jump straight to Empire in Flames or do I rehash SRIK like the originator of this thread advocates or replace it with something and if so what would be good replacements? I've recently seen this? https://awesomeliesblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/03/nights-dark-terror/ Has anyone played Nights Dark Terror and what pitfalls if any would one encounter using the WFRP conversion of the classic module in place of SRIK? All suggestions much appreciated. GM Noely
  4. The Enemy Within Revisited Ep 41 - Bridge Over the River Troll Hargrin the Troll Slayer finally tracks down a River Troll but will he find peace in a glorious death or face the disappointment of a continued existence having to endure endless monologues from Bran the Amber Wizard? http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-41-bridge-over-the-river-troll
  5. The Enemy Within Revisited Ep 40 - I Love the Smell of Troll Vomit in the Morning - is Live! The Wizard's musings and Sigmar's sausage all point to Wittgenstein, meanwhile the Troll Slayer picks up the rancid scent of a River Troll and likes it. http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-40-i-love-the-smell-of-troll-vomit-in-the-morning
  6. The Enemy Within Revisited - Ep 39 Losing an Ogre and Finding a Troll - is Live! Still mourning the loss of Smof the Ogre, the party (and Hargrin especially) become distracted from matters at hand by the scent of a River Troll. http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-039-losing-an-ogre-and-finding-a-troll
  7. The Enemy Within Revisited - Ep 38 A Beard in the Hand - is Live! Another trip to Kemperbad and another encounter with the Cult of the Purple Hand sees Gustav's beard sabotaged. Gustav has one thing in common with Dwarfs. Mess with his woman at a push but mess with his beard at your peril. http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-38-a-beard-in-the-hand
  8. The Enemy Within Revisited - Ep 37 The Massacre at Unterbaum - is Live! The party return to Unterbaum but the previously idyllic peace has been shattered and Bran is now homeless and with only our party to rely on he's royally screwed. WFRP3, Actual Play http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-37-the-massacre-at-unterbaum
  9. The Enemy Within Revisited Ep 36 - The Mad Apothecary & the Three Eyed Dilettante - is Live! The Apothecary's brush with Skaven pushes him to the edge of insanity while one member of the party keeps a watchful eye (or three) on mutant events. WFRP, Actual Play http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-36-the-mad-apothecary-the-three-eyed-dilettante
  10. The Enemy Within Revisited Ep 35 - A Bone to Pick - is Live! Fresh from the Skaven attack the group have a bone to pick with some undead skeletons and a soundly sleeping Falco. http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-35-a-bone-to-pick
  11. The Enemy Within Revisited Ep 34 - Leeroy Jenkins & The Skavenblight Standoff - is Live! The party are asked to bury an apparitions bones but while attempting to do so are confronted by Skaven who are seeking to kill them and bury their bones. Should they parley with these ratcreatures or fight? Enter Leeroy Jenkins. http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-34-leeroy-jenkins-the-skavenblight-standoff
  12. P.S. I like your title Ceodryn. Is that your French way of saying Success?
  13. No Ceodryn. It should not be cumulative and you should not activate both lines in the event of 3 successes. Sure it will be more lethal (which you may think is kinda nice) but don't forget that that Wargor can also activate both their successes as can the Ogre and the demon that the GM pits you against next session. You won't be so keen on making combats more lethal anymore
  14. The Enemy Within Revisited Ep 33 - Wizard Dances With Wolves - is Live! Buckets more white-water fun as the party continue to struggle with the rapids and they suddenly have visitors when a hungry pack of wolves come looking for food. WFRP, Actual Play http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-33-wizard-dances-with-wolves
  15. The Enemy Within Revisited Ep 32 - Up the Creek Without a Paddle - is Live! The Barren Hills was always gonna be tough but no-one said anything about going up s**t creek without a paddle. http://www.theorderofchaosgamers.com/podcast-home/tewr-ep-32-up-the-creek-without-a-paddle
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