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  1. Thanks for all your hard work @Sandrem could you also also please have a quick look at the points for DRK1 probe droid? it should be 5 points but is still the previous 6 points. Thanks again
  2. @Chudley they’re available on twitch for a while, they still have the vods from last year on there.
  3. Awesome, Thanks @Cuz05 It really is a beautiful green, so I can only imagine that it looks better in person ive also found when taking photos of you use an app like the free Adobe Lightroom you can set your own custom white balance to help give a true representation of the colours.
  4. Beautiful work @Cuz05. Excellent clean lines. I also love the extra little detail of the green one with both white and very light grey panels if you don’t mind me asking, which green did you use?
  5. @Kieransi, just wanted to point out you obviously had a premonition about second edition with TN-3465 😁
  6. I do like the idea of haveibg 000 and BT in there, either give me a calculate or get a hit to crit modifier. The only annoying thing about fearless is that it is front arc only. At 91 points it’s a nice budget version. My my preference is the debris gambit, perceptive copilot, Han gunner and marauder title, 99 points, which can make him that extra bit more tanky. Can also throw on the proton bomb for extra damage. I have a feeling that this will be the most common build as it is VERY strong.
  7. There are a plethora of painted templates from CPC on the XWingTMG reddit forums. Would siggest you you have a look there and see if you see anything you like.
  8. Could also make the Astro have to be unique. Its essentially a soft nerf to k4 on jumps.
  9. Long storm from short, yeah he can have a great ability but it's a small based ship, with a front firing arc at PS4. Would dash ash be good if he was the above and didn't have the canon? no the Better way to take him is with a bid and have him copy the pilot skill of the highest ship. Throw on auto thrusters and and fire control system. Bit it now you're looking at 30 points.
  10. which also now opens up the possibility for the T-65 "Fix"
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