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  1. Hey @Minaith the dials are generic, (we’ll faction generic but no reason you couldn’t use them for any faction) there are the little ship I’d pictures that just slot in the space that shows through to the front.
  2. Hey guys, just a note regarding the Gravitic deflection It says you can refill a die for each tractored ship in the ATTACK ARC It’s in the attackers firing arc, so if you’re tractored, you get the reroll. This is seems to be the upgrade for lower initiative ships, whereas ensnared is for the higher initiative.
  3. Thoughts on a dial cover showcase? I’ve seen a lot of nicely repainted dial covers. And would also love to see the inspiration
  4. Thanks for all your hard work @Sandrem could you also also please have a quick look at the points for DRK1 probe droid? it should be 5 points but is still the previous 6 points. Thanks again
  5. @Chudley they’re available on twitch for a while, they still have the vods from last year on there.
  6. Awesome, Thanks @Cuz05 It really is a beautiful green, so I can only imagine that it looks better in person ive also found when taking photos of you use an app like the free Adobe Lightroom you can set your own custom white balance to help give a true representation of the colours.
  7. Beautiful work @Cuz05. Excellent clean lines. I also love the extra little detail of the green one with both white and very light grey panels if you don’t mind me asking, which green did you use?
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