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  1. Hi Leavon, Yes you are right, the resin printers themselves are 'pretty cheap' these days, given the quality they produce, especially for figurines they are very interesting! .. But indeed, better be cautious than sorry, the fumes discussion is also applicable when printing ABS filament, a Hepa-filter or separate room is mandatory for these. This said, I saw some pretty good results with PLA on a prusa MK2/3 with a 0.25 nozzle. 🙂 Please do keep me informed! Cheers, Denis
  2. Hey Leavon, Any chance you'd model the NPC's (Eagle King, Queen-Mab, Dungeon Guard, Dark Knight, Lord of Darkness, Rat's Nest, Spectral Lord, .. ) as mini's some day in the future? Just asking, because I thought I read that in the first posts of this thread, and I for one, am very interested on these, to join your marvelous terrain-art you made. Cheers, and thanks for what you created until now! (Denis V.)
  3. Hi TalisRob ! Would you mind contacting me back please? Xained@gmail.com It's about a 'remix'/derivate of your cool Character-tray/dice tray. I commented your thing on thingiverse too. Thanks!
  4. I think you are right, a professional mould would be best, and last longer too. (resin cast or plastic injection) I don't know if there would be thousands of people interested in the figurines, but maybe enough still? What about crow-funding ? (I have seem stupid projects getting thousands €!) .. if the community supports it, and you get a bit of 'view-time' from Talisman-Island (biggest fan site after all ) or others (players, Boardgamegeeks, ..), it might just work .. I'd definitely participate, specially if the work is as good as yours. If every player gives 1€ (or pound or $) your mould is payed for ! :-)
  5. What is this Leavon?!? .. trying to make us jealous with such pics, are you ??!! (and it works!) :-D GREAT, EXCELLENT, SUPERB work btw ! Big respect!
  6. -Update- I just got the Cataclysm expansion, and I noticed some Card-boxes need adaptation now: Purchase deck, Quest deck, .. the rest of the boxes looks fine. Also it confirms my other project: the Ultimate box, it's now certain to be of correct dimensions, as it can contain everything (official) that came out for v4. (And there is absolutely no more room for any 'home-brew' addition .. sorry guys!) The adapted card-boxes are up to date now.
  7. Hi, I'm glad you managed it! .. I know, it's a bit 'demanding', but in my opinion, with a bit of time and effort, anyone motivated enough, can get a 'nice' result .. and just the fact that they (approx.) match the game design, it's like they become part of it, in play .. I think a professional version would be nicer still ! .. but no editor cares to make them, that's why I started making them myself. For Rune-stones, of course I can have a go at it. But as I don't use them, or even posses them, I don't have their sizes, quantity, and so on .. so it would be guessing .. :-S .. If you have all the info, you can let me know, and I'll see what I can come up with. ;-)
  8. I didn't really notice the (bigger) boxes are tipping easier when less filled. but some, like i.e. 'terrain-box' are small and high, so they might tip easily indeed. On the other side, those boxes are laid flat, at the side of the board (together with alignment, lycan, ..) They are used a lot less than the 'active boxes' placed on the board itself, in respective region.
  9. Hi Arthan11 .. sorry I missed your comment apparently .. Links restored. I think it's a good idea to have a program that 'generate' boxes. Not only for Talisman (as it's the end now) but also for other decks of other games too. For the textures, I got them frorm Jon New (Harbourmaster of TalismanIsland website). As I'm not 'owning' these textures, but merely am allowed to use them, I'd prefer you'd ask Jon for them. Cheers! :-)
  10. For the ones interested, I made the box this weekend.. Here are some pics: All the pieces .. fresh from the saw .. right before sanding First Drawer: Times four .. Knobs placed (they do remind me the fate-tokens .. that's part of the reason why I chose these ..) The slot is made for the top-window .. Painted the case, and made the bezel for the hole on top .. And here it is finished (well.. sort of) .. don't mind the tape .. And filled it up with the game ... I'm so proud of the result [i'm no woodworker] .. I won't put the 'labels' on it (Talisman logo) as it's too neat as is in plain black. I might add some handles (treasure-chest style) on the sides. Here is the Sketchup file, for those who want to reproduce .. ;-) Bye!
  11. Finished The Cardbox puzzle .. should fit into one drawer .. Made the Cutmap / list to start building in real life .. soon .. Loads of work in perspective .. and I ain't no wood-worker ..:-)
  12. -Update- Here are the Denizen box and the Remnant Box files. (NetherRealms box was adapted too.) As I don't have the extension yet, I can't judge if some boxes need adaptation (Purchase, adventure, ..) .. Files will be adapted when I get the cataclysm. Cheers
  13. lol .. weeell, yes indeed, the chance is, let's say 'probable' .. rules, boards and figurines won't be a big problem, but if more card-decks were to be added .. it is screwed, you are right there. So, I'll make some more room .. a slightly wider drawer can hold many more card-decks. I'll take that in account, thanks for the input!
  14. I made the remaining card-boxes last weekend, here are some pics .. Glued Cutted. Folded. Done. Omen Box. .. waiting for the next extension :-D ..
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