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  1. Done it, it was Brutal. Just out of curiosity, what is the upper limit of Duel Wielding? My GM has me soft capped at 6. Theory says I can get about 24.
  2. One Crystal in one saber, and a different crystal for the second saber. True Baskalisk and Xitcto or what ever that small stay on target race is. The other option is go Grevous and get a set of cybernetics.
  3. Nexus of Power is one source book. Ghost of Dathomir has some Darkside stuff in it. Dawn of Rebellion has the Mallicor and Mual. I am sure someone will have a link to more sources I missed. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-force-and-destiny/products/ghosts-dathomir/ https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-force-and-destiny/products/nexus-power/ https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-age-of-rebellion/products/dawn-of-rebellion/
  4. Me as GM: "So Darth Vader and his battle fleet caught up to you, what do you do?" Droid Bounty Hunter PC 1: Pulls out a robe of Palpatine's (Stolen from a laundry shipment.)"I am going to bluff him." Me: "Who?" PC: "Vader." We calculate the check and all agree. PC rolls. Who wins, seven of the most vindictive Despair die to ever roll or one green boi? PC imitating Palatine: "Vader, you need to bring back the Super Star Destroyer, it's not ready." Me as Vader: "My master?" PC still imitating Palatine: "There is toast in the reactor." Me: "What?" PC: "Yeah, Some toast fell in the reactor, now bring back the SSD." Me: Looks at green boi, "Yes, my lord."
  5. You win. That beats mine. While dueling Darth Mual Me: "Don't worry, I got this. I'm on fire." PC 2-4: "wut?"
  6. If you have a line that you said or herd in a session and find funny, please post it here. Give as much or little context as you like.
  7. Gain, nothing. I am actually confused here. It seems to be a strong way to open a fight, but not to be used when already in engaged range. I have looked for the Dev ruling and can not find it. I am going to take this to rules help. This and a question about Saber Swarm. Sorry to bother you, have a nice day. Thank you for the help.
  8. Honestly, Saber Swarm will cripple you if you grab it early. If used With out a way to generate [Advantage] it is a risk and the loss of a maneuver. High skill/ attribute, Hawk Bat Swoop, and gear can mitigate this but, that is probably later game. If you want pure slice and dice ask your GM to rule if applies to a Lightsaber check or the weapons used in the check. If it is weapons, start duel wielding. If you can get the encumbrance of you Duelblade down to 1, you can duel wield those. You can also benefit from multiple saber crystal buffs.
  9. The issue is "engage" is not a reserved word, "Engaged" is.
  10. Thank you. Not quite what I was looking for, but really cool. Do you mind if I use this? There are forces using radiation in Star Wars. Battle Front II(2005) the Separatist have Radiation grenades on the Magna Guards. Then there are the times planets got nuked. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/RD-4_grenade_launcher https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Nuclear_bomb War Crimes, War Crimes everywhere.
  11. I don not understand what you mean. The "Saber Swarm active with 2+ force points dedicated to it" is losing me. Could you please clarify?
  12. Wait, I think missing something very basic here. 1. The Talent targets an enemy in Short range. 2. Then adds Force Rating to the roll. 3. Roll dice. 4. Allows [Force Plip] to be spent to add [Hit] or [Advantage] to the roll 5. Has a built in engagement/movement option to use [Force Plip] to move from Short to Engaged range, as an Incidental. 6. Then the Talent checks if the character moved to engage the enemy. 7. Calculate damage. Am I missing a step or am I using the wrong definition for engage? https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/engage Intransitive Verb definition 3 "to enter into conflict or battle" If this is the definition, can a character engage a character they are already fighting and Engaged with? I know Fantasy Flight has issues with grammar, and this Talent hinges on its grammar. I could not find the Dev clarification in the mega thread. I am probably overthinking this, but thank you for the help.
  13. The confusion comes from the last line of the talent. "If the character can not move to engage the target, the attack automatically misses." FaD Core, Talents Pg.144 move to engage vs move to Engaged and the use of reserved words. This ruling is not in an ettera document?
  14. I found rules for Fire, acid and corrosive atmosphere, but that not helpful in weaponizing Radiation.
  15. The penalty only applies if attacking with 2+ weapons, not holding.
  16. Making Radiation weapons/Armor/Talents/Powers and I need reference material.
  17. There is a lot to go over here. Depending on Legends or Canon what is stranded changes. Adagan vs Kyber and a lot of other stuff that will bog down the discussion. I will summerize. Lore:The Jedi had their own Crystal Mine. Most Jedi get there first crystal there. Most Jedi use their first crystal most of their careers. This leads to Illum crystals being most seen as common/average. Truth is a wide variety of planets produce crystals with different qualities. If players want crystals it is their prerogative to look. Black market gem trade, go to the source, ask the holacron. Mechanics: The Illum Crystal is the base template from all other crystal are derived.It has been reskinned at least once and if you want a basic crystal, just reskinit again. No. Saber Swarm sets a Linked rating, not add it. Example Force rating 3 on duel blade. You have Linked 1 from Duel blade and Linked 3 from Saber Swarm. You can use only one linked Quality. Does that work if you are already Engaged? I ask because you have to move to your target for it to work.
  18. Worn Training StaffDam | Skill |Crit |Encum|Hp |Special+1 | Melee |4 | 3 |2 |Knockdown Special Rules When this weapon's Knockdown quality is activated, the user may as a once per turn incidental, spend [advantage] to preform an attack targeting the same target with the following profile: Dam|Crit |Special+3 |2 | Concussive 1 This Weapon requires two hands to use. Lore This old training staff remembers the skills of those who mastered it and imparts some of that skill to the wielder. Rarety 5 Goal: Represent a combo attack. Throw an opponent then hit them before they hit the ground, hard. Also testing putting pseudo talents on a weapon.
  19. If going Ataru, try picking up Ebb/Flow and a Dantari Crystal. It will offset the strain cost. I like Juyo on offence and Niman or Shien on defense myself. Got a couple other combos I like to use.
  20. Fad Core only or all books? Conflict talents allowed? Are you factoring gear and/or Force powers? What are you wanting to avoid?
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