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  1. There are a couple was to take this. The Good Cop method is an easy one. Don't have the character in an interrogation cell, instead have them meet their interrogator in a park or some thing. Have the interrogator offer them some food and drink as they walk. Don't drug it and don't be annoyed when the Pcs say no. Let them use skill checks on the interrogator and pass. The interrogator are offering food in good faith. Then engage them in small talk. "How is your day?", "Is everything alright in your room?" After a few minutes ask something like "So what were you doing when you were caught?" Ask for the Pc's point of view and don't demand facts. At the end of the interrogation session, have the Pcs led to secure, but comfortable rooms. The other way is to imply something horrible could happen ether to them or another person. This could be worse that describing something graphic as the PLAYER's own mind will fill in the blanks. I recommend only using this on a group that is OK with it. How do I set a spoiler box so I hide these from casual readers?
  2. I am looking to find peoples opinions on various signature abilities and how the affect the three pillars of play: combat, exploration, and social.
  3. Thank you everyone for your input. I have talked to the player and resolved the issue.
  4. Thank you for the help. I will have a talk with my player.
  5. Thank you for the help. My issue is not the use of morality (They had 30 conflict at the end of the session) or Rule Zero(The suicide was veto'd). I am looking for information that I may have missed on Influence acting as an absolute Mental Domination. Did I miss some ruling somewhere? Sorry if that was not clear. I want to know before the party turns on its self.
  6. Long story short. I have a miniboss and a player rocks up, rolls Influence, passes the roll, and says, "Your suicidal. Kill your self." I veto that immediately, unless they can show me a source. They point to the control upgrade, "believe a lie." Read the talent long hand. My question is: did I miss a section that says the power removes Npc control from the GM or states the player has absolute control over said npc? They are citing Force Unleashed 2, and Joruus C'baoth.
  7. I have been playing and this question keeps coming up. When a vehicle weapon is used ageist a player with ether of the talents, is the damage reduction from the talent apply before or after converting from Vehicle to Personal? If the damage is returned with a improved version of the talent, is it Vehicle or Personal scale damage?
  8. Thank you. Now to find the best pilot for the job.
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