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  1. Yeah, it's pretty sad how greedy, backward, and foolish GW is forcing FFG to be. All we can do is act like gw fans for over a decade and vote with our feet.
  2. It's mostly dumb from a business sense, mostly because they're so late to the game and their competition is free... http://www.blackmoor.org.uk/40K.html
  3. I wasn't thinking D&D, as that product has a very expensive license and is in direct competition with FFG, but there are large number of open license and open source systems that could be included to increase the sales base of the app. (Fate, for instance) I am taking Griddy's advice and refraining from ascerbic commentary on charging 8 bucks per app for each 40krpg 1e game. Please reconsider this, the games are all virtually identical and aging. Customers might pay 20 for everything if you bundle it all together. Not to mention the bundled app gives greater flexibility building characters and advertises the whole line.
  4. Is there any directive that prevents the app from supporting third party systems/sheets? That is an honest question, because I would buy five copies for my group if I could run FFG content with a different system.
  5. I honestly don't have the time to improve other peoples' taste on the internet. I don't think anyone does. But I do know that FFG listens to its community more than GW. And I hope a couple voices that say "hey, your product decisions drove me away, please reconsider next time" every couple months might ultimately improve what could be an amazing product. Tl;dr, I don't care about you, grimdash. I speak for the love of the game.
  6. Why would I post about DH2? It's just going to encourage Tim. I want him to acknowledge to himself that DH2 was a misstep that can be learned from. Hopefully, they will start development on DH3 from scratch without 30 year old linear percentile dice resolution and half a book dedicated to combat in an investigation game. Can you add support for third party game systems like Fate or HERO to the app until DH3 comes out.
  7. Thank you for your input. It will be treated with the attention it deserves.Thank you for quoting me, allowing others to read my words multiple times. I hope this better allows readers to evaluate the laughable concept of giving more money to GW/FFG. Two companies that are grossly gouging fans for access to intellectual property.The only thing I would pay $7.52 for is an app that manages character sheets AND does all the math and rolling for this Byzantine system. I would pay $7.52 to be insulated from the poor design decisions, even if that means play is basically all my friends sitting around the table with tablets. Just make an app that lets me never have to use the books or game system. I'd buy that.
  8. G's Heresy Hooks from the Ad Mech Rogue Trader game I ran a couple years ago: Mo' Necrons, Mo' Problems - A group of techpriests, with funding from a group of life extension-obsessed nobles on Malfi, have started a colony on a tomb world. On purpose. There, they have been submitting colonists to brutal xenos experimentation at the hands of the mad Phaeron of the world. The magos of the colony has finally arranged for the construction of a small dyson sphere with massively misappropriated Ad Mech resources. In exchange, his xeno patrons will rebirth him in living metal. Tip: The Necrons should be like jaws. You don't see them until they are ripping you apart. Mr. Fix-It - A layman technomat on a trading station deduces the secret of Orky tech one night in drunken bar argument. She begins fixing things by bringing psyker everywhere on repair rituals. The psykers, like Orks, are usually apt at repairing things by will alone. Her discovery starts a small technological revolution in the neighboring systems as people stumble on the secret and start using psykers to fix everything. Tip: The Adeptus Mechanicus has their own Inquisition. They are much better at keeping secrets than the Emperor's Inquisition. Neurolancer - A member of the Admech contacts you about acquiring a series of technologies and artifacts from Forgeworlds all over the sector. The drop off point is on a rogue trader pleasure world. Suddenly, people are dying everywhere. An inquisition team gets eviscerated final destination style by a series of automated devices. The contact was never in the admech, but a disciple of the Iron Men, is reassembling a strong AI intelligence on a cloud network linked together by astropath servitor modems. Using something called "The Tome of Electric Sheep", he knows he can control the intelligence he is conjuring with three simple rules... Tip: "The warpstorm above the spaceport was the color of a picscreen turned to a dead channel." Dances With Terrordons - The crew is contacted by an Eldar corsair with a promise of huge sum for a job requiring discretion. Feral Humans and Exodite Eldar are living in a ceasefire that has settled into a peace on a narrow warp route in the Expanse. The local craftworld has been poking into business on the planet and the exodites want to be left alone. Can the rogue trader house generate a distraction fit to redirect the plans of a farseer? Tip: The corsair doesn't trust the human trader and has made a similar offer to a DE Kabal, saying whoever is successful shall receive the prize. The archon will seek any advantage imaginable, including sending mandrakes after the Explorers in the bath.
  9. Give $7.52? To GW? Bwahahaha! ...No. Give out free codes in your over-priced, poorly-constructed, copy-paste books, you vultures.
  10. Weapon training groups as talents and not skills remains one of the smaller problems in this system. Among others are 3+ rolls for every attack, WS and BS as characteristics, linear dice, and far too many combat rules for a game "about investigation." *shrug* It's the medicine we all swallow to play in the setting.
  11. Errant Knight has the right of it. Lure of the Expanse is a horrible adventure, something you shouldn't waste a group's time with. It's not cursed, just bad enough that it ruins your game. At best, steal the idea and let the fiction of your personal game dictate the set pieces the players meet. Rogue Trader games with a GM plot are always horrible. You should let the players run their own business and react to them. Rogue Trader needs adventure supplements like a fish needs a bicycle. Simply put, ffg tricked you into buying something you didn't need. All you can do is make the most of it.
  12. I have never been so in love with a setting that was mired in such terrible systems by the feedback loop between the developers and the fan base. That goes for tabletop and the RPG.
  13. You've been telling people to shut up. That is as close as one with no authority can come to silencing others in a public forum. My point was that the threads which deal with the Second Edition being an utter disappointment are by far the most popular ones on the Second Edition boards. If you think that these people are a vocal minority, ignore them, they'll exhaust themselves. If you think that they're a sizable parity of the community and you just want them to stop talking, then I don't find your position very helpful for the directionof the community. My final word on this for the time being is that FFG has made it apparent they listen to complaints and sales numbers. How unreasonable is it to complain loudly and often, in that context?
  14. And there is no reason for you to continue to silence others. Pretend everything is fine in the short, relatively unpopular threads where people are not proclaiming that DH2e is not worth their money.
  15. A lot of diehard fans were really disappointed, man. Let them mourn what could have been.
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