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  1. I'm aware of that fact, however, since my players are longtime D&D players I have to have some way of making them think twice before killing everything and everyone that they deem heretical or just annoying since there are no alignments in DH. Basically, for them that means that they can do anything as long as they don't get cought, and trust me they are smart players so they know how to avoid. This way I make sure if they decide to play chaotic evil/neutral characters, they WILL either go insane or get a bullet to the head for their mutations.
  2. My players (rank 5) can withstand a single maxed cadian hellgun hit (1d10+4E, Pen: 7; S/3/-). I am at that point in the game where my problems is that I can either slightly wound the players with those pesky autoguns (if I roll good), or straight out kill them with some fancy weapons such as the hellgun even on a bad roll. So I really have to work my ass off to make it seem to my players as if they are fighting tooth and nail survive. Sometimes I even cheat on the rolls to make it more plausible. Last session I threw down a spirit to try and possess the party should they intrude upon his shrine (a small filler I planned and nothing major). To my suprise the psyker failed (YES) and proceeded to absolutely murder the party, so he retroactively spent a fate point (his last!) not to kill them. But, since he spent it retroactively (with my permission), that didn't mean the spirit couldn't proceed to possess the tech priest, who to my delight, also failed the WP check. Needless to say, he too spent his last fate point to avoid possess. All in all, two players burned their FPs and one had to spend (I have a 4-6 players on my sessions) his for a reroll before they ran away from the shrine. So I gave them 5 Corruption points for running away and leaving a spirit unchecked and dangerous to any other people (NPCs) when they come across it .
  3. A small update: My players have started to accumulate some IP and CP (to the point where they started to roll against traumas and mutations respectively) because I decided to pump up the points I give them straight out, rather than wait for them to fail a Fear check. They are currently rank 5 with around 10-14 IP and 5-10 CP and I just started with them the Tattered Fates adventure. Oh the madness and horror.
  4. Concenrning the intercepting messages part: in the novel Legion of the Damned, there is mention of an Inquisitior travelling aboard a ship filled with astropaths that he uses to intercept messages of other astropaths. That way he intercepted a message intended for a space marine base and dispatched his own acolyte.
  5. Greetings all! I have a quick question about the Fearful Aura psyker power. So my psyker has the ability to roll really ******* well (with his WP bonus of 5) while always managing to manifest the smallest of the warp perils, if any at all. So my question is, with the best maximum roll, what is the limit on the Fear rating a psyker can achieve with overbleed? I assume it is fear rating 4?
  6. I have the same problem as you have. My acolytes have full carapace armour and decent TB, which gives them a minimum of 9 AP across the party. When faced with opponents that use natural attacks gives them AP of 15 at least. Add to the fact that they are so well armed and lucky with their rules (especially the assassin and the psyker), they can devastate most opponents within 2 rounds. That's why I figure the best way to deal with them is to hit them hard and fast with assault rifles i.e. In one fight I attacked my party of 4 acolytes with 9 mutants. The mutants lowered my psyker down to -5 critical wounds in one round and delt minimal damage to the rest of the party.. The assassin proceeded to kill two mutants the next round (within 2 m of each other) and the psyker healed himself to full wounds. Needless to say, 4 more mutants died the next round while the survivors fled. For the next battle I think I'm gonna toss some gun servitors at them and later have them enter a booby trapped room that will send a couple of their limbs flying. That way I'll teach them the value of a savings account for emergencies..
  7. I thank you for your input as tt has been quite helpful. Since the party is now rank 7 I'm gonna start slapping them with IP and CP on a more regular basis (innocent ppl being killed, larger warp evens etc.) just to compensate the earlier ranks but nothing too big for them to notice.
  8. Hello! Fresh DH GM here. I've started game mastering Dark Heresy for my usual group with whom I play other RPGs (Fallout, DnD, GURPS), but this is the only one in which I am the GM since I know the most about the setting (Cain, Blood Raven, Gaunt's Ghosts and other omnibi). So I've been leading all the premade campaigns (PTU and Illumination with a few modifications here and there) and I plan on leading all the others out there until I familiarize myself with all the nooks and crannies of DH (or at least as much as possible) to make my own adventure. So the biggest problem I think I'm having so far is with the Insanity points. My players are currently rank 6 and have no insanity to their characters. While they do have some corruption which they got for some unimperial things, they have passed every fear check so far (and there have been quite a few of them) and if I read the rules correctly, only if the character fails a fear check is he going to receive some insanity. My questions are as follow: I want to see if I'm missing something, and if not, what are other instances where you give your players insanity? Should I just slap some IP to go along with every time they get CP?
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