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  1. Touch of Fate, once per session add 2 Boost to a skill check. Warde's Foresight adds to every combat check. There is Battle Meditation as well.
  2. Check out the Sathari from the Chronicles of the Gatekeeper. Playable species featured in that campaign. It fits the bill if you are looking for an exotic looking hunter with high agility. Also, Chiss are like space Drow.
  3. Yeah, it encourages munchkin play a little much. I understand 5 of the 18 careers don't have access to signature abilities yet, but in the meantime there are still plenty of ways to advance your character. Skills, signature abilities, and the cost of buying a new specialization tree are determined by your starting career. The game is so open otherwise I don't think a little structure hurts things.
  4. You can add a starship battle after most chapters as the players leave or enter a new system. A good rule to force battles is to use the homebrew rule for hyperdrive charging based on ship silhouette in rounds. Throwing adventures up in random space station trading hubs can be a fun hook. I had my players take a job from Heavy Gan to steal some tasteless Hut art from a smuggler, though the smuggler was also engaged in arms deals with the Empire on behalf of the huts. So I got my group to create 3 enemies all at once!
  5. You just described the bottom talent in Armorer. You can commit Force die to give your armor the Cortosis quality at the cost of some strain each round. This applies to ALL of your soak, Brawn + Armor. Armorer is an amazing Specialization, everything in the tree is useful. That's the only drawback, your friends will be picking and choosing and you'll still be in your first tree while they might be starting a third.
  6. Guardians have Armor Master through Armorer in Keeping the Peace. Armorer also offers Guardians a chance to build an effective Brawn based character. And the new lightsaber construction rules in Endless Vigil can also benefit Brawn characters that want to use Double Sabers. I keep buying all the Source and Destiny books and I have not been disappointed. I have used content from all of them in the game I run for my friends.
  7. That grey box on 258 is only describing exterior clamps to tow ships through hyperspace. It says nothing about docking with the other ship using anything like an air lock. The Imperial Gozanti in cannon has actual tubes that have docking clamps on the ends that connect to the cockpits of TIE-fighters along with structure and interior port holes to allow pilots to scramble down through the tubes. It is a bit more significant than a few exterior clamps and tow cables! The Boarding tube in Dangerous Covenants takes 3 hard points, for example, but it includes hull-cutting tools. I'll keep checking through my friend's book though. I think a custom GM attachment is the solution if Players want quick access to their snub-fighters without going out an air-lock and floating, climbing, spacewalking, mag-grappling to the fighter. TIE-pilots can go down those docking tubes quickly in the middle of battle without worrying about the ship's momentum shaking them off into space.
  8. Your mod attempted can be misunderstood and is ignoring the rules completely, which is good, because two retrofitted hangar bays would grant you full modded space for up to 10 Miy'til fighters or half a squadron of Gunboats. The imperial gozanti is using 4 docking clamps and not a hangar bay. And docking clamps cost zero hardpoints, removing weapons does not give you hardpoints either. ;-) Besides that is the gozanti indeed a fine ship even when you do not add half a dozen bonus hardpoints to it. ;-) If the GM wants to create Docking Clamps that could work too. I would definitely make each one take up a hard point on the ship, and for that, removing 4 guns off of a Gozanti seems like a fair compromise. Even docking clamps have to take up some internal structure. That way it could carry a max of 4 ships, whether they had silhouette 2 or 3. Unless they exist in a book and I am missing it? The Imperial Gozanti does not have those 4 side laser batteries anyway, it has docking clamps and the top and bottom turrets. It is less of an assault ship and more of a transport.
  9. Maybe for individual skills. GMs can always design their own pieces of gear.
  10. The Gozanti fits the bill for your players, but it is slow. If you want it to be more than a cargo ship or fighter-transport, modify it into the Imperial Gozanti: +1 speed, +1 Handling Increase the rear shields by 1 and remove 1 hard point +25% price Remove the 4 port and starboard laser batteries, (gaining 4 hard points) and replace them with a total of 2 Retrofitted Hangar Bays. Upgrade the Dorsal and Ventral turrets into stronger lasers. The Imperial Gozanti seems to have fewer but stronger weapons. This is assuming you give your players a chance to steal it. Might be impossible to purchase it through normal channels. *edit: I meant +1 handling, got them backwards. The Imperial Gozanti has a much stronger Engine and that should be reflected in the handling.
  11. As for published adventures I would love for about 6 complete ones in deep world cities like Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant. They could include some extra playable races and gear in adventure books, like how playable Sathari are featured in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper.
  12. You should just ignore the Vigil-class. There's some problems with the design!
  13. In the game I run I decide what is canon. (Star Destroyers are crewed by Gungan forced-labor, I just decided that right now.)
  14. Gladiator-class Star Destroyer. Smaller and faster than a Victory, with lots of ordnance launchers. You'll have to make up the stats. For comparison: They are 500 meters long. Victory-class is 900 meters. CR-90 Correlian Corvettes are 150.
  15. My game has a Zeltron in it. The Inquisitor hounding the group! Also made a TIE-Advanced.