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  1. I'd rather have Jango Fett along with some jump-pack droids. Be nice to have a hero with some major mobility. Even if he died 20 minutes into the Clone Wars, he still participated and was a big part of the film, lol. Nice that the B1 upgrades gives you a unit card. Converting the spare heavy weapons from the starter and 1 or 2 B1 expansions should give you enough spare Droids to make a free squad.
  2. It's worse than that since Luke kissing Leia is cannon. lol.
  3. No more Firespray + Vader teamups. Those were my first games and probably the reason I got into this. When that Firespray expansion got released it was a big deal, by bro and I rushed home and fought Falcon vs Firespray games all night. I'm not very excited for a second edition that takes away the Slave-1 from Imperials and gives it to Ezra teams on the Rebel-ish side. In my head canon, Vader and Boba Fett were best pals that would fist-bump whenever they shot down an X-wing.
  4. Try something like: Control: (15 points) Commit 1 Force Die to grant Linked+1, or Autofire, to your weapon. Mastery: (15 points) Gain the Hawkback Swoop and Sarlac Sweep talents
  5. Well the Tracers are just afterthoughts anyway. I'm mostly an Imperial player that just happens to have lots of scum because I wanted the upgrade cards and then decided to keep buying more... **** ffg, lol.
  6. If you want the cards for 5 Kihraxz, you need to buy 3 G4H, no thanks! I'll stick to 4 X: Cartel Marauder — Kihraxz Fighter 20 XX-23 S-Thread Tracers 1 Feedback Array 2 Pulsed Ray Shield 2 Vectored Thrusters 2 Hull Upgrade 3 Vaksai 0 Ship Total: 25 Your opponent will be covfefe all over the place.
  7. Dalan Oberos should be available for Imperial players. He was hired by an Imperial Governor to hunt down force users and rebels in Chronicles.
  8. DALAN OBEROS! Scourge of my Players in Force and Destiny!
  9. Some bombs are dropped when you reveal your maneuver: Seismic Charges, Ion Bombs, Thermal Detonators, Proton Bombs. They will detonate at the end of the Activation phase and effect all ships within Range 1 of the token. Dropping these bombs does not require an action, it is simply when you reveal your maneuver, so you can do it while stressed. The other bombs require an action to drop: Proximity Mines, Cluster Mines, Conner Net. They detonate when a ship's base or maneuver template overlaps them, and they only effect the ship that caused them to detonate. Keep in mind that movement is not the only way to overlap. Barrel Roll, Boost, being Tractor Beamed, or just having it dropped directly on your ship will all detonate. This requires an action to drop, so you may not do it if you are stressed. Now there are a few special abilities that change the way a ship can drop bombs. The Salvaged Astromech Genius will let a scum ship drop a "Reveal your maneuver" bomb after you move, probably catching yourself in the blast. Time Bomber Pilot Deathfire's special ability is to perform a free action to drop a bomb when you reveal your maneuver. The Advanced Sensors system upgrade will let you perform an action before you reveal your maneuver, so you could drop a bomb with an action, or perform a Barrel Roll or Boost to slightly change your position, before using a "reveal your maneuver" bomb. Regardless of how you drop a bomb, a ship may only drop one bomb per round.
  10. Lieutenant Kestal (22) Rage (1) Autoblaster Turret (2) Unguided Rockets (2) Lightweight Frame (2) IG-2000 (0) "Double Edge" (19) Rage (1) Autoblaster Turret (2) Unguided Rockets (2) Lightweight Frame (2) IG-2000 (0) Sienar Specialist (17) Autoblaster Turret (2) Unguided Rockets (2) Lightweight Frame (2) IG-2000 (0) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16) Fleet Officer (3) Inspiring Recruit (1) Lightweight Frame (2) TIE Shuttle (0) Total: 100 Kek! Double Edge's ability doesn't require you to fire at the target you missed, you can take shots at long range with your Unguided Rockets, and if you miss, fire at an enemy on your flank with the turret. Just get into the middle of the enemy's formation and mess them up. Rage doesn't really help the Unguided Rockets, but you should be too angry to notice.
  11. Yoda's species was included in Nexus of Power. He's a shriveled up Gungan.
  12. Because of the reasons posted immediately above and repeated here, lol. It precludes the possibility of them ever adding an Imperial version of ships, and it breaks precedent, no title is restricted to a faction, they are only restricted to particular ships. How would things be different if the Y-wing titles were Scum only?
  13. They should just leave it as it is. Would make the Pilot Skill 5 TIE Aggressors less useless.
  14. Onyx Squadron Escort is so disappointing. Nobody wants mid skill ships without EPTs. So many builds in that article were "Make a 33 point sink that dies in 5 damage!" Also, Juke? They didn't playtest it with Juke, did they? RTFC. Double Edge with Lightweight Frame, Unguided Rockets, and a cheap turret like Autoblaster is the way to go. Outfit the generics like that and you have baby U-boats. They also missed the obvious synergy of Kestal with Synced Turret and Deadeye. Or Blaster Turret and Intensity.
  15. It would be best if they figure out something other than Scum only. I'm still hoping some of the other Bounty Hunter ships become usable for Imperials like the Firespray-31. All they need to do is faq it to say This does not work with the TIE Aggressor. Nothing else needed. But even without an errata, there's only going to be 2 different Unique Pilot abilities.
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