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  1. I wish someone had rescued Rogue One from that director.
  2. If you have foreign language cards that don't use the abbreviation, it works, except for the errata. Anyway, FFG, I am an Imperial Player that dabbles into Scum (By which I mean both other factions) whenever there is an upgrade card in the pack that I can use. If you don't want me buying any IG-2000s, then sure, errata it. Will save me some money. Same if you make Bomblet Generator Scum and Rebel only. Like your ridiculous decision with the Imperial developed Arc Caster.
  3. Villains of the Empire Punisher Alternate paint job. 2 copies of a new Generic Pilot, and new Pilot skill 5 and 8 named pilots 2 new titles. One that lowers cost and adds survivability, the other that provides action economy (free focus or TL during attack phase) and functions like TIE/D. New system upgrade (adds focus tokens whenever you acquire a target lock?) Firespray-31 Complete re-imagining of Firespray-31 back to their original non-bounty hunter role: system security. Alternate paint job: Imperial Grayscale or Imperial Blue/Black Replete with blockier cockpit, solar panel themed side wings. (same idea as rectangular radar dish on falcon, slightly different) Imperial Security specialist themed pilot cards with slightly different stats and actions from the original, native Boost. (Outer Rim Smuggler has different stats) Different hull to shield ratio, such as 7 hull and 3 shield. Same dial. Priced comparatively to Scum ships, PS 2 or 3 at 26-27 points. No cannon, bomb, or missile slots, but one more crew slot and a title to add similar ability to TIE SF where you can fire with 4 attack dice from front arc, or make an extra shot into your auxiliary arc. New Imperial only upgrade and pilot cards for YV-666, IG-2000 Aggressor, and Jumpmaster 5000.
  4. I take a pin vice (a small tool that holds a drill bit) and a piece of brass rod. I drill out a hole in the bottom of the ship where the mount used to be. Then I use some pliers to cut off the bottom of one of the clear stand pieces (2 come with every ship) to use as the new peg mount, drill a hole through the top of it and use the brass rod to pin it to the ship with a little super glue. The rod makes it stronger than the original. Pin Vice and Rods. You can buy a cheap tool and then purchase a pack of the rods in the size you need. I purchased the P3 kit years ago, and I still use it. Fixes just about anything, even DnD figures that won't stay glued. I level down the area and scratch it for a better gluing surface with a small Gerber pocket knife I bought from the Walmart gun case. It's served me well for a decade without dulling even after using it on metal Warhammer models. About the only way to get some metal minis stuck together but you wear out the drill bit faster. You may end up using a smaller drill bit for the pin vice than it comes with. So you'll have to buy thinner rods too. None of this is very expensive.
  5. The problem is gaining a target lock against the enemy that you end up pointing at. Unguided Rockets fixes that particular problem for Bombers, at the cost of using up their action to focus or working focus tokens into your squadron. The Punishers were slightly overpriced to begin with, not really the best platform for Unguided Rockets. If you are going to put a 3 dice ship on the table, the bomber does it 5 points cheaper with better agility.
  6. effing FFG couldn't even make Unguided Rockets Imperial only. Only 3 ships exist that can take it and all 3 are Imperial, but they decided to leave it open for the other factions and future releases. Meanwhile the Scum and Rebel ships get Arc Casters (an Imperial invention) and Pulsed Ray shields... Defenders don't even get a new Cannon after the nerf to the x7 evade. Jeebus.
  7. Some titles that are Punisher analogues of the TIE Defender titles perhaps. Punisher/IT - You must have at least 2 empty upgrade slots. When performing a green maneuver, recover 1 shield. -3 points Punisher/P - After you perform a primary weapon attack, you may gain a focus token and then perform an attack with a secondary weapon. 0 Points or Punisher/P - When you declare the target of your attack, you may acquire a target lock on the defender. When you receive a blue target lock token, assign a focus token to this ship. 0 Points
  8. A Punisher title that discounts the cost of Torpedo, Missile, and Bomb upgrades by up to 2 points to a minimum cost of 1 is what it would take. As for the new cards: Cutlass Squadron Pilot (21) Collision Detector (0) Unguided Rockets (2) Lightweight Frame (2) 4 of those is durable, but seems less viable than 5 Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16) Unguided Rockets (2) Lightweight Frame (2) It's likely an imperial player will have 4 Bombers already, between being an early wave ship and the rerelease with veterans. I don't expect anyone to have more than 2 Punishers though. Only one Unguided Rockets in each TIE/AG expansion. I'm planning on getting 2, not running a full list of 4. Running some Bombers along with them could make for a fun list.
  9. If your dice pools are good, you can recover strain on nearly every combat check. Another end-of-encounter talent is Balance, found in a couple universal trees. At the end of an encounter you roll your force rating and recover strain for each white pip.
  10. Hey, I would upgrade the difficulty of medicine checks if the players were attempting to quickly perform them while being pursued or in a bad environment.
  11. Touch of Fate, once per session add 2 Boost to a skill check. Warde's Foresight adds to every combat check. There is Battle Meditation as well.
  12. Check out the Sathari from the Chronicles of the Gatekeeper. Playable species featured in that campaign. It fits the bill if you are looking for an exotic looking hunter with high agility. Also, Chiss are like space Drow.
  13. Yeah, it encourages munchkin play a little much. I understand 5 of the 18 careers don't have access to signature abilities yet, but in the meantime there are still plenty of ways to advance your character. Skills, signature abilities, and the cost of buying a new specialization tree are determined by your starting career. The game is so open otherwise I don't think a little structure hurts things.
  14. You can add a starship battle after most chapters as the players leave or enter a new system. A good rule to force battles is to use the homebrew rule for hyperdrive charging based on ship silhouette in rounds. Throwing adventures up in random space station trading hubs can be a fun hook. I had my players take a job from Heavy Gan to steal some tasteless Hut art from a smuggler, though the smuggler was also engaged in arms deals with the Empire on behalf of the huts. So I got my group to create 3 enemies all at once!
  15. You just described the bottom talent in Armorer. You can commit Force die to give your armor the Cortosis quality at the cost of some strain each round. This applies to ALL of your soak, Brawn + Armor. Armorer is an amazing Specialization, everything in the tree is useful. That's the only drawback, your friends will be picking and choosing and you'll still be in your first tree while they might be starting a third.