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  1. Ishi, while I do appreciate your enthusiasm. I would also appreciate the message of this thread to not be confrontational or disrespectful.
  2. Hello! I wish you all good luck and fun times, I wish I was there. I am a descendant of Japanese heritage, and have enjoyed the culture and lore of Legend of the Five Rings over the years. There is a phrase in Japanese culture that is said to wish the recipient a great many years or prosperity and fortune. A phrase that should only mean goodwill and fortune. I would like to share the good will with you all, that you might share it's meaning and blessing with others.'Banzai' a simple two syllable phrase that can mean alot. I won't force or tell anyone they must reply, but I ask this thread will only be filled with good feelings and intentions, as I am trying to only do the same. I am not seeking strife or harm. I just would like to share a piece of my heritage, my culture. If you would like to share the same with others here, and those who have traveled, and are traveling to worlds, who I hope will have safe journies home, and fun times. Please at the end of this return the call with 'Banzai' UTZ!
  3. So it is more acceptable for me to be offended. At least that is how I interpreted that. If I understand correctly this is because banzai was said during war at one point in time. For that some people view it a negative connotation. Is it not time to move past discomfort? Surely, understanding and enlightenment would truly be a better path for the world?
  4. Please tell me who IS offended by the word "banzai". I really would like to know who is. I have only heard of people who might be. The last War Japan participated in was over 70 years ago. Shouldn't it be time to move past the fact that, it happenED. As much as L5R is a game of war it can be a game about eras of peace, moving past old wounds. Also please answer this question I stated prior: "That is troubling and offensive to ME. Is it acceptable for ME to be offended because in America I am a minority?"
  5. So you'll accept me, but my culture is unacceptable to you? You'd rather sweep my culture under the rug instead of letting knowledge of it spread and allow people to be elightened to facets of another culture. That is troubling and offensive to ME. Is it acceptable for ME to be offended because in America I am a minority?
  6. As a Japanese descendant born in America. I am highly disappointed by this choice. This was a chance to spread the proper knowledge of my ancestor's history. I was excited to return to L5R and share my feelings of my heritage with new faces. Yes, uninformed people may feel uncomfortable about something, until they are edjucated and learn the truth. Regardless feeling uncomfortable is a fact of life. With this information I WILL not be buying L5R and will be boycotting all other FFG products including X-Wing and Legions. As much as it saddens me to not purchase or play those games I will not stand by a portion of my heritage getting swept under the rug, because it is misunderstood. In closing to the Samurai of Rokugan. UTZ!
  7. So who is going to start the Missile Boat thread?
  8. Payback is a name that Dengar occasionally went by.
  9. I don't think the mouse would be very happy about that... Then the mouse can buy them a faster boat. That would give more development time, and still get it here faster. If I remember correctly, didn't Mickey end up peeling potatoes in Steamboat Willie.
  10. With the recent acquisition of Legend of the Five Rings, I think it is safe to say we will get Samurai spaceships. Maybe even ones that fire spear throwing Ewoks?
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