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  1. They do develop new technologies, but only Lord Magos and Fabricators are both smart enough to and and allowed to. Then, when they do invent something, they just hoard the knowledge anyways, unless they have something to prove.
  2. You could keep Stoic but talk to the DM to give your Rogue Trader Hard Bargain earlier for free or a discount since he's used to talking around the fact that he showed up late.
  3. Reactions come first. Unless force fields are also time machines which take you back in time to before the point in which they failed to block an attack.
  4. I beg you, please tell me FFG didn't make Witchblades into a regular uber force weapon that every psyker can use... It'd be allmost as much of a fluff-ra pe as Remembrance shield from DW. You're in luck. The current RT errata make that witchblade only attunable as a force weapon by eldar psykers. Everyone else just treats it as a weird power weapon. There is special rules for a witchblade that can be attuned to a human psyker in Lure of the Expanse.
  5. I would have the surgeon do a Forbidden Lore check if he's in the party, otherwise I would have a -20 to -30 modifier to finding a cybersurgeon who can operate on the xenos, the modifier depending on the type of xenos.
  6. RT p234: "a Round is approximately five seconds long" ​In terms of fighting, that is quite a bit. Professional sprinters run 100m in less than 2 Rounds. How is sprinting, one of the primary things the human body is meant to accomplish on a biological level, similar to fighting? Fighting is just variations of flailing around our forward most appendages. Also, core says that whole round for all characters is 5 seconds, and later somewhat contradicts itself saying "It’s important to remember that a Round is only a few seconds long, so the character’s Turn within that Round is but a few moments.", which I interpret as meaning the whole strategic round is 5 seconds but each character is given 3 second Turns, which accounts for initiative, higher initiative starting closer to the beginning of 5 seconds round, and lowest initiative Turn only starting after 2 seconds into the Round.
  7. What's the deal with felling? I don't get how a weapon removes toughness but doesn't have penetration. All the extra damage of an accurate weapon is given by the accurate trait to show that the shot is really well placed. Is Felling saying that unnatural toughness monsters have weaker weak points?
  8. How many attacks can you really fit into a 3 second round? If you want more hits, there are a few ways: 1. Semi-Auto and Full-Auto firearms. 2. Accurate and Scatter firearms. 3. Dual-wield pistols or one-handed melee weapons. 4. Blast weapons such as grenades and rockets.
  9. That's why after modifying the Hellgun to give it accurate, you modify the power pack to a "hotshot hotshot" power pack, which has fewers lasers in it but they give tearing. Suddenly we have 3 more pen one less damage solo bolt gun I don't see why giving it tearing is any more difficult than giving it accurate.
  10. Lure of the Expanse states the land-ships have macrobatteries with the same stats as Mars-pattern macrobatteries. Therefore, I would say adding autoloaded macrocannons to your ship simply means that the crew usually designated for loading the macrocannons, can now be used for other things, or removed, such as replacing them with armsmen, or replacing their quarters with a ship component. Depressurization could still mess with the components, so I'm not sure about that, but I do tend to agree that you could vent it without morale loss.
  11. After playing and reading some more, I'm going to have to change my answer. My previous answer was "a book on all things large scale", but they covered that as good as they're going to in Battlefleet Koronus. My new answer would be a second expansion like Intro the Storm. More alternate ranks, more items, rules for playing as Eldar, and adventure seeds. Would be amazing! Actually, what Wincet posted above me is almost exactly what I had in mind. Its almost as if, to the player, the next expansion to Rogue Trader is self-evident.
  12. I found the Macharian Handbook: Tools of the Trade! The link I found said it's version 1.0, but it doesn't say the version, so he could have merged the other one into this link. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B37Q13-186-bSTFKQWx2Xy02Tms/edit
  13. Table 8-5: Combat Difficulty Summary states that Standard Attack and Short range are ordinary tests, so fulfilling two can't just become more ordinary, could it? An ordinary attack is an ordinary attack? Or do two ordinaries make an extraordinary (Routine) +20 to BS?
  14. Amazing! Does this contain all of the stuff from Rogue Trader books?
  15. A book on all things large scale as you said in #1.
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