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  1. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/124823-desperado-two-weapon-wielder-3-attacks-a-turn/?p=1322875
  2. Oh my god, that's hilarious, you updated it to specify that the Flail of Chastisement does actually produce shreds of material which bind enemies. FYI there's a typo/grammar error on page 6 of the errata, chapter I: playIng the game answer 1 "He can though can spend a Fate point...". May I suggest "However, the player can spend a Fate point..."
  3. Its been revealed in books that the Space Marines can be attracted to humans, but I'm 100% sure it isn't sexual. That was removed to make it easier for them to wage endless war. I'd imagine they'd be a wet noodle in a sexual encounter, if they ever accidentally stumbled into one. TLDR they don't get hard, and don't care
  4. I answered your question in an edit to my response. In short, per RAW, no, they couldn't evade the shot.
  5. I see what you mean. Doing multiple tests can represent the character doing different things. Say three Trade(Armor) tests for creating a weapon: One to design it, one to build it, one to find the quality (2 DoS = more quality). Or you could just use one roll to represent an abstracted, slightly more narrative span of time associated with an action. "Build the weapon. You need 5 degrees of success to succeed (equivalent to a -40 roll), each extra success increasing the quality". Ultimately it is up to the GM to decide which works best for them in any given situation. (Note that these are not statistically equal. There is a 12.5% chance to roll target of 50 three times in a row, and there there is only a 10% chance to roll 5 degrees of success on one 50 target roll. Additionally, its impossible to increase the quality to Best in the single dice roll scenario). I personally like the first approach, but I've had GM's who just want one roll. One roll seems to understate the length of time and skill required, IMO. Alternatively, the GM could describe these three stages to add a little more gravitas, instead of having them rolled separately
  6. EDIT: Sorry, I misunderstood the question. My real answer: You seem to be able to use a Reaction, which can only be done during another person's turn. The advantage of this is they can not dodge or parry the attack, since its a reaction, and its their turn, so they can't use a reaction to react to a reaction. I hope that makes sense. So you would laser an enemy during their turn, and if you hit, it would be unavoidable (except by power shield). Alternatively, you can assume that the writers meant to say that you can spend your reaction to make a standard attack with the mechadendrite as a free action during your turn. I feel this was their intention.
  7. I'm pretty sure the auto mode on a lasgun fires weaker lasers. If a player asked me if they could do auto on the regular lasgun, I would say yes it is auto 6 but does 1d5 damage instead of 1d10.
  8. I would house rule that the desperado can make an additional pistol weapon attack in addition to the MIU attack. If you have Hip Shooting, I would allow you to Aim (+10) even if you took a full action move. Now it doesn't invalidate the talents. If aiming with MIU is too powerful, add the rule that a Good Quality weapon interface allows you to benefit from half-action aiming, while a Best quality one would allow you to do a full-action aim. That is a fine degree of control over an interfaced tech, dare I say princeps level accuracy. So it makes since it would be rarer.
  9. I may have to get this. Whats the chance for a Rogue Trader version?
  10. I think human DNA would give Yévalinda all the benefits of mental retardation and gross disfigurement, being a disgusting interbred mutant who is a disgrace to both her races. She would also have a small level of psychic power as an Eldar. The AdMech is way more powerful than the Inquisition in number of troops, but a fight between AdMech and Inquisition would quickly turn into Admech vs. Imperium if Inquisition had time to rally support and call in favors. That's debatable too since the AdMech is embedded in every other imperial branch to some extent. How does one fight the AdMech when all your stuff stops working?
  11. Besides all of the above, I want to mention another obstacle to innovation - the lack of reliable communications. Imagine that some Magos invented just only a new lasgun: with increased long range, more efficient energy consumption, etc. And he wants to spread these improvements across the Imperium, to the glory of Omnissiah. However, Magos cannot send blueprints to all his colleagues on other Forge-worlds via "e-mail". Astropaths can only transmit indistinct images and verbal messages, and radio waves are so slow, which means blueprints can be sent only via courier ship. But there is no regular flights between forge-worlds, and blueprints are likely to exist only in the mind of the Magos. So there is a need to hold a meeting with his colleagues. A considerable time will be spent trying to convince others high level techpriests that such meeting is required. More time will be required for the preparation of the meeting. And then, because of the huge size of the Imperium and bizarre flows of the warp, decades (or century) will go on the road to the rendezvous (to which many never will reach, let Omnissiah save their souls). Finally, at the meeting it became clear that some Forge-worlds doesn't have the necessary equipment for the production of new parts of improved lasgun, on other worlds already produced their own improvements, which are incompatible with the proposed model, and third so loaded with orders that they cannot restructure the production lines for the new model, avoiding supply disruptions, etc. After long debates and discussions, checks for traces of techno heresy, identified deficiencies, it may be decided on the adoption of this model for mass production. Now tech-priests are sent on a long journey through the warp to their home worlds. Those who manage to get home after decades begin to rebuild the factories for the production of a new model (if in the years of absence have not lost their influence, of course), adapting it to the available technology and equipment. And when the mass production reaching full capacity, astropaths receiving a message from another Magos, that he invented a new, more perfect lasgun ... P.S. Sorry for my English In my mind, the highest ranked Magi who would have both the authority and audacity to commit virtual tech heresy and improve the standard pattern lasgun, also have the resources required to spread any messages to the important forge worlds. Any change of such scale would have to be signed off on by a majority of the Fabricator Generals on Mars, who would only do it begrudgingly, slightly upset they didn't think of the improvement first. They may even wait a good 100 years to to make sure no new improvements are around the corner. so they don't lose precious efficiency in swapping over to the next pattern, assuming the changes are a mechanically noticeable departure from the previous model.
  12. The two half action one reaction system is not complicated at all, and is balanced well. Let's be honest, who wants to keep track of action points and the AP cost of every ability? Not me. The range of variation it would actually add to the game would be extremely minimal in practice.
  13. From what I read, it seems as though each organizational branch of the Imperium has a level of access to the Adeptus Administratum official database on top of their own. The inquisition has the highest authority and removes anything they want from the offical Imperial database and places it their own protected archives. Whereas the Imperial Navy would have data on everything about naval personell, records of void conflict and wars, etc. I'd imagine each rogue trader has their own database as well as a relatively high level access to Adeptus Administratum database . Rogue Traders have also been described as an arm of the Imperium as well, so there may be a special database just for Rogue Traders to use, maintained by the top RT Dynasties, with esoteric information such as fringe xenos and expanses. Given Rogue Trader's freedom, I'd say their level of (relevant) knowledge is rivaled only by the Inquisition and Adeptus Mechanicus (although still dwarfed by them).
  14. Rules for Colonization and conquest. Rules for raising armies and building ships Rebalanced void combat Give each Trade skill a well-defined use I like the class system and think it should stay. What I listed isn't even worthy as a whole new book. That's probably why they haven't made one.
  15. The new AdMech Codex? Not really, apart from what little I picked up on the internets. It is probably part jealousy, but I also don't really dig their looks (too much steampunk, not enough 40k), and it seems that the current edition of the tabletop has in general veered away from the aesthetics and narrative style I had appreciated for almost 20 years, which makes me a sour grognard. If you're saying the AdMech look too human in the new codices, I agree. Not sure why they're prettifying the style. Reminds me of how Elder Scrolls Online looks or acts nothing like Elder Scrolls. So basically I subscribe to the "Titanicus" and "Priests of Mars" visions of Skiitari.
  16. Utherix


    Black Crusade - Core Rulebook
  17. Servitors are just like Lobomized humans, except they are only allowed to do what they are programmed to do. They might dream or have feelings, but they are suppressed, The book Priest of Mars features a servitor that regains free will and suggests that what remains of the human is, on some level, awake, and, if not agony, is at least aware and unhappy at what has been done to them. They are simply unable to do anything about it, but would if they could. This is demonstrated when they rebel and kill their taskmaster, then form what is essentially a servitor/rating labor union.
  18. I don't know about Cognizar's, but you can find rules for almost any race you can think of here http://lodgeblackmangames.jigsy.com/rogue-trader-guides
  19. When you ignore the Eldar warnings to try and gain more profit, but maybe you should have listened to them because they were right.
  20. We just started up again a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the artist is no longer playing, so we won't likely be getting any follow ups.
  21. Try search techpriest (or mechanicus) this way:techpriest female techpriest cute techpriest fap mechanicus female and etc Thaaat's disturbing.
  22. One of the players drew these character portraits during our Lure of the Expanse run last year. Navigator with attuned Witchblade and Void Weave Cloak Missionary: Stubjack Explorator: Bonus: Skyfather Emmissary
  23. I ran into the same thing, especially since our ship has a Ghost Field. I believe the Ork ships are mainly for ramming and boarding, though. It kind of makes sense that they aren't the best at making shooty spaceships. Maybe giving each one some torpedo would fit theme but buff their damage potential.
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