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  1. One of the books also has armor from Vaporous with like a 6 non-primitive armor rating. So they at least have good sorcery, armor, and probably at least have mono-weapons.
  2. Just have them fight 10 enemies charging towards their position on the front line, or maybe a few enemies and a vehicle.
  3. You said you wanted to simulate a whole war, but then at the end you said only one attack. So I do not understand which is your question.
  4. I really like these rules, but would have to advise against making Dodge opposed. One reason is that with Opposed dodge, a person firing on full auto may roll a 1 and get 4 hits for example, and even though you rolled a 20 dodge you failed the opposed check and take all the hits. Without opposed dodge you would dodge only some of the bullets, which seems more accurate. The same thing applies to parry and swift/lightning attacks.
  5. The reason why you lose the magazine is explained if you read the "Technical Knock" talent. The Technical Knock talent says your character understands how to clear jams. Every character without that talent has no idea why their gun has stopped working. They simply know that if they eject and replace the magazine, they can begin shooting again. This fits the theme of 40k where technology is understood by only a few. I would recommend that if you don't want to lose the magazine, you take the Technical Knock talent.
  6. Counterpoint: Chainsawing a tank in half is ******* metal and 40k is a ******* metal setting. Also shooting a tank so good the whole thing blows up is action-movie awesome and should definitely be a thing that can happen. Haha! I'm happy with PUNCHING tanks to death, I'm just not clear if sawing them in half is within my ability to suspend disbelief. The eviscerator in DH1 (Inquisitors handbook, pg 187) was described as having a crude version of the disruption field generator more commonly found on power-blades. Pity the DH2 eviscerator dropped that line, reducing it to only being a huge chain weapon. Perhaps it is because that honor now goes to the Zaythian Warbalde, Rogue Trader: Hostile Acquisitions page 56
  7. Since accurate weapons essentially give a +30 to aimed shots (+10 for taking a single shot, +10 for being an accurate weapon +10 for aiming with it), and since firing full-auto gives a -10 to hit, the same roll that would give you 5 DoS with an accurate weapon will only give you 1 DoS with an auto-gun on full auto. To get even on par with the damage a sniper rifle will put out, an autogun user has to roll 2 DoS better[/b] than the Sniper rifle user, and that's considerable. To get the numbers you're talking about they need to roll 4 degrees of success better than the sniper user. You can aim with Full-Auto too, giving a 3 DoS difference. This puts the Full-Auto weapon to be more damaging and less easy to dodge at best case (roll 1), but makes you more likely to hit with your accurate weapon, hence the "Accurate" trait, but they may dodge it. It also appears that, mathematically, Full-Auto scales better with higher BS.
  8. If it's really a problem, then make degrees of success add a 1d5 instead of 1d10, or just 1 or 2 extra damage. Done.
  9. Looking forward to learning more about the Inquisitorial side of the Ordo Xenos. Often we just hear about the Deathwatch blasting away all the aliens.
  10. The rule seems designed to specifically address people using defensive weapons to make attacks with their unwieldy one. So no you have to attack with your shield if you parry with it.
  11. Not really. The closest thing is in Into the Storm. The ship upgrade "Crew Improvements" gives +5 to crew rating at best quality. Its is an average rarity ship component, so this would be a -20 acquisition test. However, in the same book it says you can only buy a ship upgrade one time per ship... so.... EDIT: was only speaking to crew rating upgrades
  12. It's a really good combo. I don't really see the downside, other than that it's impossible to roleplay. You can't be all those things and not be insane. You're still capped by experience though. In practice you probably won't be any more strong or successfully than a more directed approach just due to that.
  13. They seemed balanced, but I am not that familiar with other power in Rogue Trader. Shouldn't Infinity Circuit powers only work on Eldar, though? There s a typo "This power is incredibly training on the Bonesinger" pg 73
  14. I agree with you on most of the points you made, but only after looking at the Dark Eldar classes. I think the only thing I would make different from yours now is to change fellowship to 250xp starting and lower another. I still don't like that Outcasts can do everything a Rogue Trader can do but better from a skill and talent perspective. I mean they don't have a ship and all, but neither do other classes. Similarly I don't like that the Seer has more powers and abilities than Astropaths. Astropaths pay dearly for their power and only have two 100xp cost characteristics, whereas a Seer is looking at getting 3-4 cheap characteristics and more powers. I get that Astropaths have more ship abilities, but you could argue they aren't used often in most campaigns. I feel like the real balancing factor of the Eldar (other than that they're xenos) is that they have 2 fate points. But when you consider that its easy to create humans with only 2 fate points as well, it doesn't actually count. So maybe add 1–6, they begin with 1 Fate Point; on a 7–10, they begin with 2.
  15. Uh, yeah, I read both sections and it doesn't actually make sense at a glance. Reading a little more carefully, I think it is saying you can only create things with Tech-Use or Medicae that you have the designs for ahead of time, while Trade allows your to create things of original design. For Medicae it mentions that you cannot synthesize new compounds, you must buy or harvest them. I would house rule that you can make some basic/common things with Medicae but it may be difficult. On the other hand if you had Trade: Chymist, you could create all kinds of compounds, even ones of original design, with a good lab and a good roll.
  16. Those are really good really good ideas Magnus, I'm on board for RT 2e now.
  17. The Eldar seem way stronger than humans. Is it intended that they are better than humans though their completely min-maxed stat lines and ranks? If so, how to you suggest people use them in a campaign? Changes I would make: 1. Make all of the Rank One 100xp cost talents cost 200xp. They're really good and this is more in line with other classes. 2. They begin with their starting 500 xp already spent. This represents their awesome starting abilities (which is inline with abilities humans would spend in ITS expanded origin path to get similar abilities) 3. Make most Eldar-specific talents start at 750xp as an elite advance only. Most special Eldar abilities come from being a part of a "path" which is really only supported in the lore by spending years training and meditating in a Craftworld. They thusly would require GM approval if your Eldar was able to acquire this specialized training. 4. They should get Rival (Eldar) for helping humans, at odds with Eldar craftworlds. 5. Change Lost Nobility to: remove Rival (Eldar) gain Peer(Eldar), because allowing them to get cheap fellowship works around their main weakness: being bad at interaction with humans. Since I removed their starting XP, just let them go into an xp deficit. Instead it will now let them be better at interacting just with Eldar, which makes way more sense. 6. Change Fellowship to start at 250xp and raise another characteristic for balance. Kroot, Explorators, and Orcs are in the 500xp category. Eldar do not belong in the robots and beasts category with them. That said I do love all the rules you made and would definitely use it with my changes.
  18. I think if anyone were acting as a telemarketer, they'd be breaking some serious Astra Telepathica codes. The response from the Astra Telepathica would be a coordinated telepathy strike against the offender from dozens of astropaths, causing the offender's brain to melt. Of course this is more difficult to enforce in areas like the Koronus Expanse.
  19. No. This was clarified in previous games but the text was removed. "The character gains a +10 bonus to any Tests specifically involving this sense. Thus, Heightened Senses (Sight) would apply to an Awareness Test to see a distant flock of shale crows, but not to something as general as a Ballistic Skill Test with any ranged weapon or a Weapon Skill Test simply because the character is using his eyes."
  20. Wouldn't the inquisitor just give him a good replacement? What's the use of having crippled acolytes?
  21. Well its an old necro but I may as well add that there's a heretical techpriest in the Priests of Mars trilogy that is a machine powered by combining brains of other techpriests in jars into one conciousness. He's not fully mechanical, but the other tech priests consider it AI level tech heresy even though he technically still uses brains.
  22. The mechanicus controls all the technomats and servitors indirectly though overseers who have the mechanicus blessing. I'd say if someone is messing with tech, and a tech-priest can't trace that person to another tech-priest, then the mechanicus will start bringing the hammer down on those people for breaking the Imperial bureaucratic hierarchy. (Adeptus Mechanicus is an official branch of the Imperium that the others must respect). Any persons acting without their blessing will quickly find themselves unable to get supplies or support, and may be investigated for tech heresy if the operation is large enough. If there was a whole planet with no mechanicus presence, it would be very heretical indeed, and might have to be reconquered. Even the Adeptus Astartes and Inquisition's engineers are trained by and are actively members of the Adeptus Mechanicus. That said, there are no rules regarding this.
  23. Defense is already really strong. I second making Leadership the second aptitude. Interchangeable with Psyker though.
  24. Dark Heresy 2 achieves a middle ground. "They all allow the wearer to transport roughly 30 kg of extra weight, but removing an object from the pack requires a Full Action. Only one backpack or combat vest can be worn at a time."
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