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  1. Why have this arguement when you can just ask the Devs? Last time I asked them something they responded in like 3 days.
  2. Interesting. Do note that clearing a jam does not have a subtype. So if you had technical knock, you could try to unjam it twice in one round. Unfortunately the unjam rules say "can attempt to clear it again next round." but I think that's an oversight that Technical Knock should overrule.
  3. Every thread on here now becomes an anti-GW circlejerk. This is tiresome. Mods can you just start throwing out warnings for people trying to derail every thread with about how sad they are GW has ruined their life or whatever.
  4. Well if Rogue Star is any example, there's Ordo Xenos Inquisitors building fleets to eradicate every last one of them.
  5. Not allowing fulls as extended is a pointless waste of time that will result in players taking much longer to take their turn as they calculate the optimal use of their actions for each turn. Allowing characters to half move around a corner and start charging at an enemy is allowing them to have their cake and eat it too. It's just plain more fun to play that way. Compare it to P1 - "I want to turn the corner and charge at the nearest enemy" GM - "hurr durr you can't because it's a full action to charge" P1 - "I ummm...................................................................................." P2 - "Dude, just make an action, I want to go!" P1 - "Uh okay, I uh just looked at my sheet and I have enough movement to make it in one charge action" PRulesLawyer - "Page x says you have to see your target to be able to charge so you can't do that" P1 - "Okay, fine. I just do a full run right up to the enemy" GM - "Okay the enemy goes next, He melee attacks you with an aimed swift attack since you're already close to him, gaining a bonus because you ran last turn. HAHA! He cuts your arm off." P1 - "Ugh... that's not really what I was trying to do but the rules pidgeonholed me into making that run action... I should have made the much less obvious option of walking to the corner and awkwardly wasting the half turn so the enemy couldn't swift attack me with a bonus. Next time I'm going to spend like 10 minutes thinking of all these edge cases before I make an action"
  6. Only War and Black Crusade are the most unpopular of the line. I would expect Dark Heresy 2 to get more than 5 based on that.
  7. So there's finally a good reason to try to get holy weapons or heavy weapons like the lascannon.
  8. You're the GM so your options are limitless. Here's some: -Create some NPCs that are willing to help the PCs... for a price -Allow the PCs to acquire one-use weapons like a melta-bomb, or a one-use rocket launcher (or make up whatever) -Give the PC's a chance to get a surprise round on the daemonhost if they can outsmart it -Simply weaken the daemonhost -After the players do x damage to the daemonhost, it gives a villainous exposition speech and flees so they can fight it later -Allow the players to gain knowledge of one or more of the Daemon's true names, weakening it by x wounds the more names they know. -Let the other NPC's weaken the daemonhost in battle (but don't let the NPCs kill it...) -Let the Daemonhost kill the players if it can. This is grim-darkness after all.
  9. I'm also interested in this. Have you tried looking on Roll20's forums?
  10. I feel like the combat system becomes really rigid, gamey, and unrealistic if you don't allow most full-actions to be taken as an extended action. It's much more free-form cinematic if you allow it.
  11. It's not a house rule, it's an extended action, which is in the rules.
  12. It seems bad for a tech-priest because you lose out on too much.
  13. Logical steps: 1. You can't use a Full action in the same turn as a Half action. 2. An Extended action is anything that cannot be performed in one turn. 3. Therefore taking a Full action in the same turn as a half-action is an Extended action.
  14. Sometimes head-on isn't the best approach. Try getting him at a distance where his powers are ineffective and shoot him in the head with a sniper rifle. Or get a null rod or something and lure him near it.
  15. That's not completely true, the Errata changes them to "Standard Attacks". One can infer that one is a ranged attack and the other a melee attack.
  16. Can you dual wield Luminen Shock hands? Can you Swift Attack with Luminen? Does it require you to use both hands (why couldn't you send the electricity through one hand twice?)?
  17. You could use the Navigator gaze power rule from Rogue Trader: as long as the party gets a warning in advance, they get a +20 to resist the power.
  18. Any action can be taken as an extended action if it is more than half-turn.
  19. Just save yourself some time and use reddit and roll20 to find online groups.
  20. They removed the Flesh is Weak talent in an effort to eradicate the ability to buy implants with experience. Instead, Tech-Priests are just able to acquisition cybernetics easier than other acolytes, which is far better. NPCs have it because it's easier to do than listing all their cybernetics.
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