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  1. Could be anything warpy. A raised melanomic birthmark on your thigh that kind of looks like a symbol of Khorne. Maybe there's a small vestigal human face growing on your back. Or just a hole filled with sharp teeth. Something that resembles a purple octopus tentacle growing on part of your body (and regrows). I wont delve into Slaanesh territory, but for Nurgle, an old wound that keeps getting infected and infested with maggots even though you keep cleaning it and have it covered. I would make it something disturbing like that.


    Something that is disturbing to the average person, but would make a Witchunter fanatic want to purify you in flames for.

  2. Don't try to consolidate physics and core rules, that road leads to insanity and corruption.


    The issue isn't that the rule doesn't comply with physics. The issue is the rule states "and other heat-based attacks". Obviously, there is no common-sense guideline for determining what is a "heat-based attack" when Energy is inexplicably excluded from that category.


    It may as well say "Protects from Fire and Melta, and whatever else, I don't know, just make crap up".

  3. Olifant, you have some good ideas there, but I feel like your response to making Overwatch useless is to instead add enemies which... completely counter overwatch, making it unusable.


    Congratulations, you've both solved the Overwatch issue by effectively removing it from play. :)


    -The Galvanic Rifle doesn't need to be Auto-Stabilized, since that only makes a difference for Heavy weapons.



    When I first posted the stats for the Galvanic Rifle on reddit, I meant to give it Gyro-Stabilized from the RT Tau book, not auto-stabilized.


    "Gyro Stabilized

    The weapon has a small auto-stabilisation unit that is
    typically built towards the end of the barrel. While not
    as powerful as a suspensor, the gyro-stabiliser helps
    keep the weapon levelled at the optimal angle for firing.
    A Gyro-Stabilised weapon never counts its target as
    being further than Long Range (normal maximum
    range still applies)."
    But with the Tech-Use rule I wrote and the Proven that someone added, it probably doesn't need it. Plus you could always get a telescopic sight. And I am still worried that Tech-use is too strong. It is already the strongest sniper rifle in the game if we are talking about DH2, unless we start using daemon weapons anyways,

  5. Would a Power Axe (unbalanced) make you worse at parrying with the shield in your other hand than not carrying the Power Axe ?


    Would a Power Fist (unwieldy) on one hand make you incapable of parrying with the shield in your other hand ?



    Because, if defensive stacks with balanced, I see no reason why those qualities wouldn't stack either.


    Those two rules state specifically that it only applies to using them to parry.

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