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  1. Who did you start with, and who did you swap to?
  2. Having a range-oriented character like Legolas and a stun-focused character like Beravor makes a big difference for my party avoiding counterattacks. I imagine it would be very tough with melee only builds - unless you win all your negates. But when stronger enemy hits (e.g. Wargs) are doing as much as 4 damage plus fear, you are going to take a fair few cards regardless of your negate results.
  3. Just finished Chapter 2 with Legolas and Beravor after breezing through Chapter 1 on normal, and it felt like a massive spike in difficulty. Both had to do last stands, and were near death again at the end. The threat counter was on 25/26, the map was full of enemies, and it was the last action of the last possible hero phase, when the winning blow was struck. I literally needed 2 successes to win the chapter on a final three card agility test, with no inspiration left, and Beravor pulled the two successes on her last two cards. Quite the rush! But man, does it get harder and harder? As I’ll be amazed if I can keep dodging a bullet like that!
  4. Yep. Beravor got it first turn and never fought for about another 6 turns or so. Felt odd her running around, climbing trees and wading through bogs all while “hidden”.
  5. The figures are superb. My only critique is you appear to have spelled your own username wrong in the thread title. 😉
  6. Played the very first adventure solo with Legolas and Beravor and had great fun. Although I never got close to maxing the threat bar (victory at about 36/64) it was still a challenge as Legolas got mauled early by some Hungry Wargs, and was on the verge of a Last Stand for quite a while. As a result I didn’t want to spawn anything else to risk fighting and rushed to the victory leaving behind five or six search tokens, and whatever goodies they might have contained. Oh well, onwards we go!
  7. Probably a dumb question, but if I get a Hidden boon and don’t use it that turn, what happens to it? Can I just keep it in my prepared area until I use it at any later point in the adventure? The rules say nothing about it expiring, so I just have it and use it to become spontaneously hidden at some future juncture?
  8. Those finished walls are astonishingly good.
  9. This guy does it on the Battle Map in his YT playthrough. Looks very nice. Spoilers obvs:
  10. So many options. Mine arrives tomorrow. I have Friday off. Rather excited.
  11. This is a PvP competitive game, so how would solo (small s) play?
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