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  1. To me this was a very enjoyable movie. I really enjoyed it.
  2. I decided with 2.0 I would cull down my collection to just three factions. 1. Rebel - Love playing them B-wings will always be my favorite ship. 2. Republic - Jedi...yes please 3. Resistance - Love the t70 and the Black One paint scheme. So I'm still happy with this decision and am loving experimenting with Republic right now.
  3. 5 Y's with Ion/Proton is better than 5 y's with vet turret gunner.
  4. I ran this at a local tourney this weekend and placed 2nd. It was a lot of fun. BTL-S8 K-wing - •Miranda Doni - 60 •Miranda Doni - Heavy Hitter (48) Barrage Rockets (6) Proximity Mines (6) Sheathipede-class Shuttle - •AP-5 - 30 •AP-5 - Escaped Analyst Droid (30) A/SF-01 B-wing - •Braylen Stramm - 54 •Braylen Stramm - Blade Leader (50) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) A/SF-01 B-wing - •Ten Numb - 56 •Ten Numb - Blue Five (50) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (3) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder The list falls prey to dice variance, as most do in 2nd ed. Only lost my 1st game vs Imp aces...barely. Tried the HLC on Braylen...not very impressed, probably going to switch it out for some other upgrades for the next play.
  5. We did not have any swarms at ours, but I did fly against 2 bomber barrage rockets lists. (I was the only rebel player)
  6. I like this, I am definitely going to try it out at our X-wing night this week.
  7. I have given away all my 1.0 upgrade cards to some new players locally who aren't ready to convert to 2.0 yet. The other stuff has been dumped in a big cardboard box addressed to my fire pit.
  8. Nope...already traded/sold all my empire and scum. Going full Rebel. I am keeping First Order and Resistance for now. I will probably drop one of them when the CW factions are released.
  9. Played a few games of 2.0. I am just sticking to unnamed pilots right now and trying to get the feel of each ship. I am a Rebel player so I can only comment mostly on them. - A-wings are very good. Been using a phoenix as a filler with cluster missiles - B-wings are ok...I have found they do not need many upgrades. Keep them cheap, because they still blow up fast. - Z95's with a missile of your choice is a good cheap threat - Fielding Inferno Squad with Howlrunner is very good..... - X-wings pretty much function as they do now with S-foils (minus Flight assist) - HWK with title...maybe the best improvement for rebel ships in general - Rules are less muddy. - Ordinance feels right to me now - Bombs w/trajectory will still be a pain to deal with - More emphasis on flying and turn 0 in particular...you will pay if you make a bad decision. No more combo-ing out of it (looking at you Imp aces). Been sticking to small bases for the most part. Going to throw down some medium bases this week and get a feel for the ARC, K-wing, and U-Wing.
  10. Been focusing on non-turret ships. Will probably get stomped during store championship though....
  11. I am IN!!! Looking forward to it actually
  12. Small game convention in Kentucky. Tournament took place during an open bar event...so we were all lit...beer may have been spilled at some point. Ok...maybe it wasn't so bad
  13. Same issues today. Missing a head from a biker scout.
  14. His list was: Rey - Expertise, Finn, Kanan, and TFA Title (58) Nym - VI, Autoblaster Turret, Harpoons, Bomblet, T. Simulator, Genius, G.Chips, Title (41)
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