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  1. So having to throw out a box that could have been use for storage and then having to go out and buy more storage box is something we should applause them for? We are getting less for our money compare to what we used to get with the previous LCG.
  2. I really need to implement the "no overly strategizing" rule in my next Descent game. My last group game was months and months ago (currently enjoy a better experience of playing solo/co-op variant), and the game was very contentious and end with very bad feeling all around. The alpha gamer constantly dictating to the passive one what to do and even move their figures for them which in turn make the two passive players just sitting there and play with their phones until their turn come around. Then the alpha gamer would take about 15-20 minutes to analyze the move for everyone and when thing don't go as plan ask to take the move back because they didn't realize OL have such and such abilities. I really like the implement of a real party group facing danger and everyone just choose to do what they think is best and will prevent the over analyzing and keep the game play moving. Not to mention it would help keep everyone engage because they need to see what the other players are doing.
  3. I think the figure looks wonderful, and you have inspire me to may be paint my boring grey figures.
  4. I am in love with Forgotten Souls, and only bought it because I spot it on the POD display kiosk at my local gaming store. The store owner had no idea what it is, but I got it anyway because the idea of co-op Descent with dungeon exploring sound fantastic. Play it last night and now I am hoping FFG is planning more or full size co-op expansion that will incorporate the expansions and more flexibility to the monsters. I know that the control deck is tailor to the particular quest but there is no reason for them to not do modular system where the control decks card get add and remove base on what scenario is being used. Our group play Descent a few times but the Overlord is probably the weakest part of the game. Not only it's not very fun to play, it's also very frustrating.
  5. They have so many products out so I am sure some would get put on the back burner. I am still waiting for my X-Wings Miniatures Outrider ... As far as Descent, I am really enjoying the solo/co-op campaign and I am hoping they are pushing that more as an option. In our group no one want to play because the Overlord is just not very fun to play with especially with just the core set.
  6. I agree FFG insert for their box are the worst in the industry. They know that their game are make for expandable why not just make some type of vac-form insert that allow for card expansion and put it in every box. I recently bought several other gamesthat came with inserts that are functioning. (Patfinder, Marvel Legndary and Warmachine games all have nice inserts). As solution you can get the somewhat pricey wooden box divider from place like Broken Token or make your own from foam core divider. I don't have the time so I just shell out money for the Broken Token box and going to make my own divider for all the expansion. Again, I think this could be simple solution and shouldn't add much to the cost as all their LCG are in the same size or even sold as add on by FFG if they feel it would add too much to the cost.
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