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  1. Yeah, a little bitty ship pushing a big one sideways is totally unrealistic. Oh, wait.... :-)
  2. But did you put your stuff up for sale. that's the real question. :-)
  3. I feel the general idea, but Admiral did something really special here lately. That may well be the biggest flip-out I have seen in Armada. Come, he /swore/ he was leaving and then hung around putting up post after post, and wall after wall of text. I would have been disappointed if we had /not/ jumped on him for behaving like that.
  4. I, along with several other local players, have tried various things to get a triple-ISD list to work, without much success. It's a fun, initially scary, list, but not terribly effective.
  5. Outside of organized play announcements and release announcement of wave 2, we haven't had any content previews/teasers/etc since September 30th. Come on, nothing for nearly half a year...that's a bit much.
  6. Dammit...this is my exact list that I've been playing with much success of late. I was hoping the internet would never find out about the wonder of sensor jammers. Most games that prevents 5-15 hits against my ships. Only issue I have found it against Soontir and keeping his ass in arc.
  7. So this statement clearly shows we are aren't reading hate into this, but that you have problems (justified or not) with certain individuals. Again, I wonder how you and your opponent can feel tense in a game where those untouchables are not in your game, but are merely near by. I am guessing that /any/ event you attend with these same people would be 'ruined' So, if you choose to let their mere presence ruin events you attend, either buck up and get over it or find events where this nefarious characters do not attend. To your question: I do not know of a single person that has stopped attending tournaments. In fact, I know of local players that previously never played tourneys in other game systems that are now playing x-wing tournaments.
  8. Unless the TO/player was cheating, making a scene, or doing pairing shenanigans (IIRC the OP mentioned none of these), then the TO/Player was just another player at the tournament. How exactly does a person's mere /presence/ at an event ruin it for you? Oh, and the TO/player actually /practiced/ before a tournament. HOW DARE HE TAKE PERFECTLY REASONABLE ACTIONS TO PREPARE FOR A TOURNAMENT!?!?!!?! He probably did other vile stuff like 'playtest' and 'get enough sleep the night before.' What a jerk. My $0.02 - play your games and enjoy them. Just because you may not like a person at an event should not prevent you from enjoying it.
  9. Round 1 of a local store tournament, playing a 6 TIE swarm w/ Howler. Deploy in the middle, move off the lower PS swarm. Realize I deployed Howler backwards and flew her off the table on turn 1. DOH!
  10. I thought it wonderfully appropriate that I was able to finalize a deal to sell off my decade's worth of 40k on the same day I added Scum to my collection.
  11. Ionic, That very list is my next one to playtest...
  12. well, considering FFG just posted an article saying Scum is available, I'm going with today. :-)
  13. Dual-IG's are my guess for the most common, as it's a pretty easy build. Other people have talked often of mass warthogs (title Y-wings) and Scum Boba with a friend.
  14. You guys are rather particular about allowing 3rd party products, particularly range rulers. I'm been to a number of tournaments with top flight people, and the vast majority are basically 'full acrylic." It's actually kind of uncommon to see cardboard movement/range templates any more.
  15. The R1 ruler is my single most used item when at the table. Worth every penny.
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