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  1. Don't worry, Corbin even without his special rule is still a good hero.
  2. More than you would think. Just recently I showed Battlelore to my gaming buddy (we play mainly X-Wing). He is in love with Battlelore now! Measure of the fact if given game is dead or alive is NOT a busy release schedule but the fact that you play the game and can find people to play. I play Batttlelore regularly so it is alive! P.S. Only thing that saddens me is the fact that Latari Elves faction was never released - with them it seems Battlelore would be perfectly complete game.
  3. Also it is not within rules of the game.. Quote, rules reference, page 17: "The players reveal their squads and gather all of the ships, cards, and other components necessary for their squads" So you can't tailor list against your enemy because you both reveal lists at the same time.
  4. And it is fine by me. Even more, I would be happy to challenge myself and try to win against my hard counter. But even if I was against this "tailoring list to enemy" in casual games I would communicate my objections to you, I would not assume that there is some unwritten rule that prohibits this and you are at fault by doing this.
  5. I don't have to communicate and I don't have to waste time on searching for some moot concept of "figuring out what both of us want" because rules of this game already established what BOTH of us should expect from this game. Namely, if we play 100/6 game without additional agreements I should know that it is fully possible that my opponent will bring top meta list. I don't have to compromise, I play fully by the rules. I don't claim a right to dictate how others should play this game.
  6. Now explain to me from where did you get assumption that those people are against playing netlists, and share your point of view? You know thoughts and opinions of all the people that doesn't play netlists?
  7. You just totally missed example for your own argument. Because if you want to describe something with wearing shoes example, in X-Wing it looks more like this: Wearing shoes in house is commonly acceptable, moreover it is legally sanctioned (rules for creating 100/6 squadrons). Also this very same law doesn't prohibits wearing red shoes (netlists by all accounts are legal), so people more often then not wear red shoes (create and play netlists). But there is a bunch of immature, self-righteous crybabies that hate people wearing red shoes. Thus they want force everyone to wear blue shoes (play whatever trash or thematic list), argumenting that there is some kind of unwritten rule forcing people to wear them.
  8. You just proved my point. There are no established social conduct of community regarding netlisting. Quite the contrary - netlists are the most common types of lists I encountered playing during tournaments. This fact alone proves that in fact acceptance of netlisting is more socially acceptable than prohibiting it. Also, apart from this argument attempts to pull netlisting into some kind of socially unacceptable behaviour from "grey area" makes no sense. Because making netlists is totally fine, and totally acceptable by the rules - there are no ambiguities here.
  9. So speaking aobut UFO and little green men on forum proves that they exist? Okeeeeey....
  10. Keeping the game fun for both sides - and you know how do you achieve this thing? By being cultural, polite and by playing by the rules, by not cheating, not insulting and definietly not bragging after defeating your opponent. In short - by being decent human being. This is how you make game fun. And this are well established unwritten rules. Social convention about netlists exists only in your head.
  11. Your argument makes no sense. It is the same as if you said: "Rules don't prohibit me from punching oponent in the face so I will do this." Which is absurd way of thought. And the more absurd thing is pulling netlisting into the same category of immoral behaviour.
  12. People screaming "I HATE PLAYERS USING NETLIST!!!" are the most obnoxious part of the community. Why? Because they think they have the right to force on others their idea of "fun". In this case by forcing others to not use a lists that our all-knowing rightous pricks call "unappropriate netlists". Also they want to force on others their own idea of fun - because heaven forbid if someone finds fun in winning with strongest netlist! No! You can play only using lists that "anti-netlist players" find appropriate by their own subjective criteria. I hate bombs, I hate big base ships - but I would never have a grudge against the player that is using powerful combos of ships and cards - because both of us have a common ground, namely rules of this game. And as long as player is playing by the rules, be it by using fringe thematic list or newest OP netlist it should be fine by me, because by objecitve standards (i.e. rules of this game) he plays in appropriate way.
  13. Arkham and Eldritch are separate games so I don't understand your argument. It's as if you said there is no point in making Eldritch Horror game at all because it's topic has been already covered by Arkham Horror.
  14. I hope it will be big box expansion covering New England and all famous lovecraftian towns and places - Arkham, Innsmouth, Dunwich, etc. - that would be totally awesome.
  15. No. Because in X-Wing you can play still play totally legal list utilizing ships and upgrades exclusively from 1-st wave. Just before holidays some dude played in polish tournament using Jake and Han list, and he went as far as elimination rounds. In MTG standard format it is impossible. In a way in X-Wing there is rotation, "soft rotation" I would call it - and it is known as power creep. I got gaming buddy who fanatically plays pauper format in MtG - it is ALL about constructing decks. This game is strategically deep but tactically "SHALLOW". More than once you end up with one card in hand doing completely nothing, because you have nothing to do. Side decks and mulligans in MtG are not without reason - because it is all about cards that you have, not how you play. And this is where similiarities ends. Because in MtG constructing decks determines in about 90% if u will win or lose. It's tactics are simplified. In X-Wing tactics are much more important. And this is the reason why X-Wing doesn't need rotation - because actual gameplay is much more important than in MtG.