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    FFG's greed knows no bounds. Their products for many years had less and less content for obscenely growing prices. Look at KoW miniatures from Mantic Games - much smaller company, producing on much smaller scale, yet their prices are much lower. Only FFG's biggest apologist can't see how greedy this company has become. Runewars was doomed as soon as they introduced pretty average sculpts for a really high prices - especially Starter Set - you didn't even get enough dice and components to comfortably play 1v1 game with starter set. This is pure, unadultered greed. And it backfired on them - for once I am happy, maybe FFG will learn something from this.
  2. Embir82

    The Land Endures

    This is where gets you overpricing stuff.
  3. Well, given the fact that most common and popular competitive level of X-Wing events (Regionals) will be played using Hyperspace format, and taking into account aforementioned FFG's quote it looks like old players were blatantly deceived into thinking that buying Conversion Kits will made them able to participate in tournament play. Because let's face it - bread'n'butter tournament level play won't support conversion kits, and things like that should be communicated by FFG upfront. The fact that I said something twice doesn't automatically means that I think all who disagree are illogical. Talking about "mindless".
  4. This is excerpt from FFG's article from May 2018 regarding tournament play in 2.0: So, yeah my interpretation was the most logical. Also don't make a strawman - I didn't say everyone who thinks differently is illogical.
  5. You forget about Resistance A-Wing... and Scum TIE. Oh and new factions are coming - with completely new toys.
  6. Don't overcomplicate things where there is nothing to complicate. I don't care what could be interpreted out of announcement of Conversion Kits at the time. Most logical expectation is as the name suggests - conversion kit into 2nd edition. FFG should be transparent and tell upfront that Conversion Kits' content won't be fully tournament legal. As it stands their actions look scammy. They left some things unclear to easily sell product to excited customers, only to announce few months later that their new converted toys won't be usable in one of the most common rank of X-Wing tournaments i.e - Regionals. Cynical side of me thinks that it was all pre-planned by FFG. They just couldn't risk telling people upfront that they will have to collect the game from scratch (that would kill their established fanbase). Thus they introduced Conversion Kits - this way they could deceive long-time players that their collections will be still usable, only to announce a few months later that indeed you have to collect everything from scratch. FFG well and trully surprassed GW when it comes to skill of skinning their customers.
  7. Not everything got to be spelled literally to be part of social expectations. Thus in law, for example, next to regulations we got something called principles of social coexistence. Selling something officially called"conversion kit" definetly implies that your collection will be usable as fully legal 2.0 stuff - if FFG didn't have plans as such they should communicate it officially and clearly. And don't tell me that I can use my stuff still in casual games, because for that I didnt need Conversion Kits.
  8. Because from what we heard part of the official tournaments will be played exclusively in Hyperspace format. There is a ton of players that treat casual games and meetings in gaming clubs or LGS as a way to train before the main events. I doubt people training for Hyperspace events will want to waste time playing Extended format and vice versa. Thus rift will be created.
  9. I always find it hilarious that some snowflakes offended by different opinions have an urge to officialy announce that they are going to ignore some user. As if anyone would care - talk about illusions of grandeur.
  10. Speak for yourself. I am lurking this forums since 2014 and people wanting new X-Wing format were few and far between - mostly small group of eternal malcontents. Majority of hardcore players were too busy playing this game instead of practicing whining here. X-Wing 1.0 with its one, standard format, was definetly doing something right - this game skyrocketed in popularity and was most popular miniatures game for a very long time. Let's see where X-Wing 2.0 ends up with its strategy of fragmenting community by introducing two separate formats (as someone mentioned earlier it is already out of top 5 ranking for the most popular miniatures games).
  11. You do realise FFG introduced APPLICATION specifically for providing good balance and fast way of changing costs of ships that are too good or cheap? You don't need Hyperspace for that. Also Hyperpace is exactly the same game of X-Wing as Extended, only more bland, with less number of ships and laughably one dimensional Empire.
  12. By your "logic" customer who buys product shouldn't assume that it will be working and be perfectly fine. Oh, he expects that he will have some value in bought product - travesty! I don't care what some of those "people" tried to explain. Only official actions and words of FFG counts If you think that 2.0 is only about squadbuilding puzzle game then I guess there is no point in talking with you. I would like to remind you is that the WHOLE point of 2nd edition was to make flying relevant again - and developers mostly succeed in this regard. Also don't delude yourself - in any format (also in your beloved "Hyperspace") sooner or later optimal and most cost effective lists will emerge. The only difference is that in Hyperspace meta will be more bland with less potential for "rouge lists". Look at Empire in Hyperspace - it is big joke - and compare its list building potential with one of Hyperspace Scum. You got to be kidding if you think that Hyperspace is this Holy Grail of X-Wing. It is not. It is literally the worst thing that could happen in X-Wing.
  13. FFG sold Conversion Kits, thus building assumption that old collections will be playable - otherwise I would never step into 2nd edition. As soon as FFG removes Extended format they will be dead for many faithful customers who invested a lot in this game. Hyperspace is boring, Empire is a joke, there are not many ships. Lists are bland and repetitive. If you want rotation crawl back into mtg hellhole. It was not and still isn't part of X-Wing.
  14. Who cares about hyperspace format? I didn't buy conversion kits to see all of my collection goes away because FFG wants to force into this game MTG way of draining players out of their money. Open format or nothing for me.
  15. I wonder how you will react to Quadjumpers shenenigans if Thane Kyrell made you fume.