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  1. Hyperspace is the worst idea that could happen to this game. It fragmented already small player base and restricted meta at the most common tournaments - namely regionals. X-Wing is not MtG where you have such a big base of cards and players that there is place for many formats. Look at iccv ranking of the best selling collectible miniature games - in past times X-Wing 1.0 was at the top of the list, new edition is nowhere close to that.
  2. Don't worry. With new, stupid points adjustments policy from FFG you will fly against him for about 6-months and then he will be point priced into oblivion.
  3. It is not a problem of competitiveness. X-Wing 1.0 exploded rapidly mainly thanks to countless tournaments and streams. The problem is totally different. FFG introduced formats - Hyperspace and Open. Problem is Hyperspace got a few ships, it is rotating like some CCG standard format (which is terrible idea) and it got terrible meta (Leia bunkers anyone? 5-AWings?). Thus community become fragmented. Also a lot of people in my community stopped playing because they don't like balance changes (Scums get nerfed horribly). In my opinion this game worked best with 2-3 ships, unfortunately new edition works best with 4 ships or more. Games are longer, there are less interesting aspects of list building (because there are less combos and less upgrades on ships). A lot of the time you are just seeing generic ships with minimal number of upgrades. It took its tool when it comes to popularity of this game. I still try to play but I would be lying if I said that is the same passion I had for this game in 1.0.
  4. Yeah, because flying against Rebel brick or the same copy of 4 or 5 generic ships lists is so much fun. I won't lie I liked combo aspect of 1st edition - there were some imbalanced aspects of that (Nym or Miranda with zillions of upgrades) but it was fun. X-Wing lost its magic in 2nd edition, at least in current meta - everywhere I see 4 or 5 ships lists with underpriced Leia, there are no funny big ships lists and aces are sub-optimal.
  5. Forum got nothing interesting to say. I come by just for a cheap troll thrill - love to see how much stupid things a lot of armchair generals write down here. Most people month ago didn't even know how Han works. Now everyone wants to play knowledgeable one, using power of hindsight.
  6. I hate swarm meta. In my opinion this game works best with 2-4 ships on each side. Also, cost efficiency of generics means that more often than not we will see spam of one most cost-effective generic ship (5 Y-Wings, 4 Phantoms, 5 A-Wings). Games filled with swarms are long, are often called to time, also flying with more than 3-4 ships is tiresome.
  7. I think it is quite contrary. Majority of former players in my local playgroup hate the concept of Hyperspace format. It is miniatures game, not MtG clone with fake demand introduced by forced rotation. Also I can't imagine how anyone would want to play Empire where Vader or Soontir get rotated out. Whole selling point of X-Wing 2.0 was its app and possibility of easier fixing balance on the fly. As it stands FFG introduced app but instantly tries to shove down new, terrible format down my throat. I wouldn't mind this if this abomination didn't influence another format and X-Wing community but as it stands Hyperspace is forced on bread'n'butter types of events in X-Wing, namely Regionals.
  8. Embir82

    Sigma Jukes

    I don't understand this whine threads. There always will be a top dog list. When does nerfing should stop? When all ships are unplayable? We are after first point adjustments - old boogeymens gone but new ones emerged. I am just curious what will become next NPE after summer point changes that crybabies will whine about.
  9. FFG's greed knows no bounds. Their products for many years had less and less content for obscenely growing prices. Look at KoW miniatures from Mantic Games - much smaller company, producing on much smaller scale, yet their prices are much lower. Only FFG's biggest apologist can't see how greedy this company has become. Runewars was doomed as soon as they introduced pretty average sculpts for a really high prices - especially Starter Set - you didn't even get enough dice and components to comfortably play 1v1 game with starter set. This is pure, unadultered greed. And it backfired on them - for once I am happy, maybe FFG will learn something from this.
  10. This is where gets you overpricing stuff.
  11. Well, given the fact that most common and popular competitive level of X-Wing events (Regionals) will be played using Hyperspace format, and taking into account aforementioned FFG's quote it looks like old players were blatantly deceived into thinking that buying Conversion Kits will made them able to participate in tournament play. Because let's face it - bread'n'butter tournament level play won't support conversion kits, and things like that should be communicated by FFG upfront. The fact that I said something twice doesn't automatically means that I think all who disagree are illogical. Talking about "mindless".
  12. This is excerpt from FFG's article from May 2018 regarding tournament play in 2.0: So, yeah my interpretation was the most logical. Also don't make a strawman - I didn't say everyone who thinks differently is illogical.
  13. You forget about Resistance A-Wing... and Scum TIE. Oh and new factions are coming - with completely new toys.
  14. Don't overcomplicate things where there is nothing to complicate. I don't care what could be interpreted out of announcement of Conversion Kits at the time. Most logical expectation is as the name suggests - conversion kit into 2nd edition. FFG should be transparent and tell upfront that Conversion Kits' content won't be fully tournament legal. As it stands their actions look scammy. They left some things unclear to easily sell product to excited customers, only to announce few months later that their new converted toys won't be usable in one of the most common rank of X-Wing tournaments i.e - Regionals. Cynical side of me thinks that it was all pre-planned by FFG. They just couldn't risk telling people upfront that they will have to collect the game from scratch (that would kill their established fanbase). Thus they introduced Conversion Kits - this way they could deceive long-time players that their collections will be still usable, only to announce a few months later that indeed you have to collect everything from scratch. FFG well and trully surprassed GW when it comes to skill of skinning their customers.
  15. Not everything got to be spelled literally to be part of social expectations. Thus in law, for example, next to regulations we got something called principles of social coexistence. Selling something officially called"conversion kit" definetly implies that your collection will be usable as fully legal 2.0 stuff - if FFG didn't have plans as such they should communicate it officially and clearly. And don't tell me that I can use my stuff still in casual games, because for that I didnt need Conversion Kits.
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