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  1. What wave do you live in? It amazes me that in the age of Quickdraw and Dengar there are actually people that beat to the drum of "Corran is too good to benefit from any kind of E-Wing fix cuz double tap is so OP". No, he is not - he is solid ship at best, and against certain things he is just outright terrible - in no way he is top tier pick now.
  2. Hi guys, Here is the situation we had in the game yesterday. Unit A charges in a straight line against unit B. It ends its movement touching friendly unit C. Now, my opponent argued that charge should be successful because according to the rules, if movement would not end on a friendly unit, you can move through it. As he claimed engagement and lining up is a part of the movement, thus after lining up his unit would end up clear of position of unit C. I argued opposite – saying that engagement and lining up are not a part of the movement. What is the proper ruling on this case? Should charge be successful or not?
  3. The problem with Runewars is that, in a way, it is direct competitor to X-Wing. Looking at this from simplistic point of view both games uses the same mechanic of "hidden commands" and similiar marketing model (buy units for upgrade cards). Now, what Runewars provides that X-Wing doesn't? 1) Fantasy setting (a lot of people prefer it to space opera theme) 2) Mass battles (again, some people prefer a lot of units on the table) 3) More advanced system of hidden orders 4) Scenarios 5) Bigger accent on painting & modelling Those things really distinguish Runewars from X-Wing, and I must admit when this game was announced I was excited - also if not for the fact that I started collecting X-Wing earlier I would probably chose Runewars over it. As it is now I collect both games. Unfortunately all Runewars features I mentoned earlier come with the price: 1) Game is much more harder to transport and safely pack 2) It takes a lot more time to field a fully painted list 3) Game is fiddlier and slower, units moves at a much slower rate - actual static combat takes a lot more time. In X-Wing you maneuver your ships constantly, in Runewars after initital engagement units don't move that much - also there are only 8 rounds of game. 4) It takes a LOT more space - in X-Wing I can play almost everywhere, to play Runewars I need dedicated space - I was participating in X-Wing tournaments organized by really small hobby shops. Given how much space there were, Runewars tournament would be impossible to arrange. In my opinion, taking into account features mentioned earlier, Runewars will never be as popular as X-Wing is. And it is not a Runewars fault - it is just the fact that skirmish with pre-painted models will always have a much broader appeal than fully fledged miniature wargame.
  4. What is your point?
  5. You don't understand. I just wanted to play dogfights in space - not some lame bombing simulator. New expansion is another kick in the groin of nimble fighters - infinite bombs? You got to be kidding me. I am not happy when instead of agile, true dogfigther in the form of TIE Interceptor I will have to play some brick known as TIE Punisher, just to be competitive.
  6. You don't need books to play Warhammer tournaments. You need only figures and printed list. In Runewars there are certain combinations that are forcing you to buy superfluous models only to get cards. In this regard it is very similiar to X-Wing model. I had an easier time with this marketing model because I was playing X-Wing before. But many miniature gamers think it is unfair marketing model - especially given the fact that many producers provides unit and equipment cards for free, charging only for models.
  7. Ok, which one of those can realistically share the same fate as Palpatine and become obsolete? I don't want to invest huge money to get essential cards for standard play, only to recieve nerf in a year. Rob me once - shame on you, rob me twice - shame on me.
  8. Game is good. Problem is it is miniatures game, yet it uses marketing model of X-Wing. In WH 40k or AoS you don't need to buy boxes just to buy upgrade cards - and it scares people off - believe me, I tried to draw some people into this game and it scared them off. FFG really does a great games when it comes to rules and playability, yet they are as greedy as old GW, if not more. Look at prices of small expansions of Runebound, they are absurd.
  9. Well, I am not a native speaker, but second paragraph of this card in my opinion suggests that while you are using this card you have to reveal your dial to prove that you have chosen attack action. Anyways, I think wording on this card is very poor and not as clear as it could be.
  10. Ok, so the question is: Does unit having File Leader in it's ranks can attack second time (in it's normal initiative) after using File Leader card rule?
  11. In my opinion because of Sweeping Strikes option there is really high chance that Lord Hawthorn will survive in a lot of his games. All you have to do is use him as flanking force, carefully closing in but never going into full hand to hand combat with enemy troops. This way you can slaughter enemy units without risking retaliation.
  12. Zoo Wars?
  13. Because I am against stupid, bad nerfs - doesn't matter if I used nerfed thing or not.
  14. Oh, so now you are able to read in minds of Imperial X-Wing players? How nice of you. You see I was not using Palpatine too much - given that my favourite archetypes for Imperials are 3 Aces or Deci + wingman. And when I really wanted to win things I just took to tournaments two toilet seats and partybus. I played against Palpatine in tournaments countless times and I never felt he was too strong or overpowered - even more, tournament data showed that he was not a problem at all. The real problem were Defenders. Unfortunately constant whining probably made FFG to do one of the worst balancing decisions ever - to nerf perfectly fine card.
  15. Without needless Palpatine nerf recent patch would be perfect. Unfortunately Palp nerf is infuriating.