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  1. Only lists that will increase your skill level are meta dominant lists. Don't be fooled by a myth that in order to play good you need to start with crap lists - quite the contrary; at the begining it is the best to take straightforward, powerful list and play with it a lot. After a while you will get results at the tournaments, but what is more important you will have a chance to play at the top tables against best players, and this experience is invaluable.
  2. Judging the Importance of Pilot Skill

  3. 2017 Regionals Live Streams Threads

    I don't think Swarm Leader list got any chance - probably Vessery will get Fenned into uselessness
  4. Git Gud- The Skill Plateau

    Don't get me wrong, there are games in X-Wing where luck plays huge part, especially where there are equal opponents. Also I don't deny that there is rock-paper-scissor dynamic between lists and sometimes one single roll for initiative can ruin your whole gameplan. For example I know my favourite list, that I have the most success with is easily counterable by bombs and harpoons. But even taking those things into account it is better to search for own mistakes than blame luck - because as original poster pointed out it is the best way to overcome the plateau.
  5. Git Gud- The Skill Plateau

    So much this. I don't want to brag or anything but I am one of the better players in my local community - I heard so many times how unlucky my opponents rolls were, or how overpowered my dice are. But the truth is more often than not my enemies lose because of their decisions, sometimes even before dials were set (it should be noted that obstacle placement and proper list building are one of the most important things in this game and those things greatly shapes the way you will play the game). I never point this out to them because I don't want to be condescending.
  6. Git Gud- The Skill Plateau

    @MasterShake2 Your piece of advice is one of the best written on this forum about proper mindset in learning how to play this game. I would definetly suggest new players or those willing to get better to read this. I geniuenly think your original post should be included in this list: Index of useful links
  7. FFG where the **** are this Hangar Bay rules?

    Ok, but as soon I got answers another important questions pop-up. So, does my squads have to be from the same faction or not? What about obstacles, do I share them between squads or not? There are plenty of things yet there are no f***ing official document which says explicitly about rules. And it really drives me mad. Negligence of this kind shown by FFG just get on my nerves.
  8. FFG where the **** are this Hangar Bay rules?

    Well I read this article and only information about two other SOS formats is this: So as I understand Hangar Bay is a format in which I take two lists and only restriction is that in each one of them printed PS must be different from list to list (so I can have to PS 9 pilots in one list but can't have them in other one). But how do I pick given list before game? Is it hidden process of picking? Do I have to declare it for my enemy? There are a lot of questions here. Also as I understand Hyperspace Qualifiers are just played with normal rules, don't they?
  9. FFG where the **** are this Hangar Bay rules?

    Got any link? I checked news for this year SOS event and there were no rules - I don't know, it is completely outrageous, I pay a pretty hefty price and yet tournament organizer can't provide rules in a clear, concise manner.
  10. No, seriously, where are they? I searched news for 2018 SOS and there is nothing, zero, no official document about Hangar Bay for this year - is it too hard to give a link to tournament rules right below the article?
  11. Those people are few and far between and you shouldn't care about what they are thinking because they are scrubs. Believe me constant whining of nerd herders on this forum got nothing to do with "real" X-Wing in material world - in my LGS for example we have explosion of new players, all of us play competetively, try meta lists and no one whines about some silly things that local forum nerd-herders whine. Vocal whining minority consists more often than not from armchair experts, they don't find the pleasure in this game, only satisfaction for them comes through constant whining.
  12. Good Methods to Nerf Harpoons

    No. Do you know what is the best methods to nerf Harpoons? Learn to fly against them and adjust your list. Harpoons are completely manageable by good play and good list building.
  13. Twin Laser Turret: Is It Fine, Or Is It Not?

    Short answer: It is fine.
  14. FAQ Predictions

    Ridiculous idea. Welcome to the TIE Phantom Miniatures Game! This is the problem I have with those threads. Nerf herders just want to nerf everything that is popular, without giving second thought is it balanced or not. As for myself I am very pleased with current game state - X-Wing is in healthy place, our local base of players grow rapidly, I would even say that game is at its best currently; only thing I hope for is a small change for Scum allowing Jumpmaster equipped with Punishing One title to take astromech and ordnance - otherwise we have expansion with ship that can't use cards it comes up with.
  15. Let’s think of ways to help the Rebels.

    Paragoomba is that you?