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  1. Seems like a dream to Keyan Farlander.
  2. Embir82

    Lessons Learned From 2e

    I agree with original poster at least in one thing: I hate app requirement. I get involved in unplugged games in the first place beceause of the fact that I didn't want to spend my free time staring at the monitor all the time. App requirement for X-Wing 2.0 would be fine if it would come with removal of card requirement - as it stands FFG restricitons made no sense at all - we have to use app, yet we can't go to tournament without redundand piece of paper that brings no unique information at all. Also worth noting is the fact that with fully unplugged game, like X-Wing 1.0, you will be able to play it long after it stopped being published - with X-Wing 2.0 it won't be possible because sooner or later app will go out of compatibility with operating systems.
  3. Embir82

    Proposed Nerfs for 1.0

    Anyone saying this just straight up admits he does not understand this game at all. Harpoons are a vital part when it comes to deal with formation flying bunkers. Those missiless are needed, in fact make meta a lot healthier.
  4. Embir82

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    2.0 didn't even hit the shelves and bunch of nerf herders already cry about assumed broken cards. Unreal. As I said those people will always be mad at something - game is bad as long it does not cater to their tastes all the time.
  5. Embir82

    Solo - first reviews

    Let me tell you one thing. I am not a fan of Star Wars, I play X-Wing thanks to great mechanic, good looking models and competitive scene. But one thing is undeniable: First two Star Wars films from 70's are objectively one of the greatest and most important works of art in cinema history - I watch those movies from time to time and their lasting power is undeniable. The imagination, visuals, talent and heart put in those films is astounding. By comparison all other films from this cinematic universe are just plain bad - prequels are terrible movies, with stupid jokes, incoherent plot and merchandising focus, Disney's new movies are full of forced political correctness, dumb plot and lack of respect for established characters from old trilogy (look what they have done to Luke Skywalker), even ROTJD is terrible movie with stupid Ewoks and silly, cringe inducing scenes at the Jabba Palace. These days there is no heart and passion in Star Wars, only cynical excercise in merchandising.
  6. Embir82

    Good T-65 builds?

    Now you can have Fat Han and pseudo Poe in one list!: Han 64 pts Title Gunner Hotshot Copilot Engine Upgrade Expertise Luke Skywalker 36 pts R2-D2 Engine Upgrade Autothrusters Veteran Instincts Renegade Refit Total Cost: 100
  7. Embir82

    The perfect second crew for Lowhhrick?

    It such a great crew card - frankly in my opinion it will be nuts on a many more rebel ships.
  8. Embir82

    What wing is your wing?

    The funny thing is Miranda was already here when Aces were at the top of the food chain. The problem is Sabine Wren crew card - for 2 pts you get card that makes bombs just too good. But I won't talk anymore because OP clearly forbade talking about balance related things.
  9. Embir82

    What wing is your wing?

    Ace wing. I loved those games with Soontir Fel, each game was on the razor edge. One false move could spelt doom for careless player. Games were exciting and really fun to watch. You were trying to block Aces with some blockers, and Aces were trying to line up good shots. That was the best time of X-Wing in my opinion. Also arcs mattered.
  10. Embir82

    X-Wing a Dead Game?

    Let me just say that this post proved that there is no sense in talking with you. On this forum I've never seen so many ridiculous statements cumulated in one single post in a long time.
  11. Embir82

    X-Wing a Dead Game?

    I got data that are measurable, I am not basing my opinion around hunch or some meaningless anecdotical evidence. Also I suggest to check this out: https://icv2.com/articles/markets/view/39858/top-5-non-collectible-miniature-games-fall-2017 In the light of those things saying that X-Wing is dying is, well, stupid. I think you don't realize how ridiculous your statement is. What is more probable - that I had incredible streak of good luck in the span of one month or that I just flew well? So you basically just stick fingers into your ears and start to scream "I can't hear you!" like a 6 year old kid? Good to know. I am good at X-Wing, not some imaginary game that exists only in your head. And no, my list didn't have Miranda, Nym, Ghost, Fenn, Harpoons, TLT or any bombs. Here it is: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!251:30,229,-1:-1:-1:;277:205,21,69:59:-1:;196:27,-1,3,254:39:15:&sn=Poe %26 Ezra %26 Lowhhrick&obs=coreasteroid0,core2asteroid0,core2asteroid2 And again, what is your point? It is tournament, there will be always people with 1-5 record, despite the meta, it is harsh nature of any competitive event. Also there always will be some unhappy people - anecdotical evidence is not an evidence.
  12. Embir82

    X-Wing a Dead Game?

    Learn to read with comprehension - I didn't say i hate forum, I said it is full of irritating idiots - those are two separate statements. Still there are plenty of funny and intelligent people whose posts I like to read and interact with.
  13. Embir82

    Are Rebels Any Good?

    People still dont understand that Miranda would be completely fine if TLT and Sabine crew cards were balanced. Those 2 cards are the problem, not Miranda herself. Also look at meta from a few years ago - back when cancer known as bombs and ordnance was not as imbalanced as it is now. Miranda was there but Aces and other arc based ships were in the good spot. Unfortunately cries of nerf-herders: "OMG bruh Soontir OP!!!" or "We need ordnance NOW, because bombs are such a fun bro!!!" prevailed.
  14. Embir82

    X-Wing a Dead Game?

    Haha, man as it stands it should be told to people who maintain that X-Wing is dead. Because they as far from adapting, improving or enjoying this game as they could be. X-Wing is in a fine spot and people have a blast playing it, which is proven by main events' attendance.
  15. Embir82

    X-Wing a Dead Game?

    What is your point here? Data is available everywhere. Just check events sites which informed you how many places or tickets were left for players to buy. And on the contrary there is a lot of respectable, talented players for which X-Wing is in completely fine place and who don't even bother to check this forum, because let's face it, it is infested with balance whine and inept balance ideas made by people who got no idea about how to play and win in this game. Major Juggler, with all respect, is not an arbiter when it comes to X-Wing - he is just a guy who dislikes X-Wing and tries to promote his house rules under the invalid name of "community mod". Also I don't need to hear opinions of other people to have opinion if X-Wing is in fine place or not. Don't want to brag or anything but in last regional tournament and SOS I ended up in top 16 and top 8 respectively, with 5-1 result in swiss in both tournaments. I think I know sufficiently enough about this game to form my own opinion if it is in fine place or not. Then I suggest to you to participate in at least one competitve event, because your opinion is just completely unreasonable. Because people in events, even more competitve ones, more often than not are one of the most friendly, funny and nice people to share time with. This opinion shows how much of an armchair expert you are, and frankly it shows you got no idea about competitve side of X-Wing.