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  1. In my opinion they should never resign from printing Rune Age. This game has all properieties of evergreen title. With expansion there is great replayability, a ton of game modes and 6 factions, each with unique style of play. Unfortunately FFG drifts more and more into living game territory and license products.
  2. Well. I Played Battlelore again yesterday and it still struck me how great game it is. I must admit in current state game is practically infinetly replayable - combination of scenarios, lore cards and units gives limitless possibilities. Yet I still "feel" that in order to have "final" product we should get two final expansions with Lathari Army - this way this game would be absolutely complete and provide years of fun. Dear FFG, I still hope for a miracle...
  3. It looks like something big showed up... Check the FFG news - boxed expansion for Runebound with cooperative gameplay mode and 2 new heroes
  4. I have a problem with Squadron Benchmark - did a Print Screen during play. In combat phase when I ordered Decimator to fire this phase immadiately ended without resolving any shots from all ships. Tried to play out this game a few more times and the outcome was always the same, when starting shooting with Decimator Combat Phase ended.
  5. Don't want to burst your bubble but I saw this match and Rebel victory was really lucky - Fenn in key turn blanked out on four green dice and get Stunned Pilot critical hit. It set the rest of the game. It doesn't mean Attanni is overpowered - because in my opinion it is fine card. But this final indicates nothing - given how it played out.
  6. Can we agree that Palpatine nerf was overdone? Especially in the wake of bomber-mania for Rebels. Having said that I think saying that Empire is underpowered is just wrong. Defenders are still good, Decimator got a great choices of crew, TIE sf is a good pick in this meta and Inquisitor is still a perfect pocket Ace. Dare to try something new in Squadron Builder. Some changes were needed - for a long, LONG time Rebels were nowhere to be seen at the top tables, with the exception of bombers. I play all three factions, and I must admit I feel current state of things is really good and all three factions are equally playable. The only problems in the game in my opinion currently are Sabine crew card and to a certain extent Biggs. P.S. Personally I would also gladly see the demise of ordnance but it looks like some folks really dig it.
  7. His sentiment doesn't have any truth because you said so? With all respect but you are wrong. Palp is horribly overpriced now. His main strenght was security he provided. You knew that if your fragile 3 hp ship blanks out on green dice you can always resort to Palpatine. Of course Imperials are still playable, but saying that Palp nerf is barely noticable is as wrong as it gets. IF that is indeed and nerf doesn't change anything why is it introduced in the first place?
  8. Could you put a link for the newest version in the first post?
  9. There is no point in buffing those ships - at least for the sake of our sanity. Do you know what will happen? If those ships will ever get buffed properly they will start to show up in tournaments - thus army of whiners will rise up and flood this very forum with another gazilion of threads: "nerf starviper", "nerf kihraxz". Just look how many of those "wannabe game designers" infested this forum already - it is unbearable.
  10. I respect your opinion, nontheless I disagree with some of your points. "They prioritize enjoyment of the game over their tournament success" - it is a false statement; you wrote it as if tournament success wasn't enjoyable. You must realize competitive players are playing for fun, but in their case fun means building optimal list, competing and wining - How is this not fun? You create false division there: fun/competitivness. As for the last two bolded parts - these are just truisms and it in no way relate to casual players only. I don't know how competitve player wouldn't benefit from well made, balanced rules and I don't know any competitive player that doesn't focus on this aspects when picking game. As it is, X-Wing is so succesful, among other things, because it is balanced and well made game, with really good official tournament support. Definition of casual as person who is not "tournament oriented" is also not good, I know many competitive X-Wing players who uses strongest lists, always check the current meta, yet rarely plays in tournaments. What am I trying to say is that only thing that can differentiate causal and competitve player at this point are their goals when playing game - for competitve player it is winning, and player like this finds optimizing, list building and practicing fun, for casual it is just playing the game and living through the experience - thus my description of "fooling around". Believe me, if FFG would publish campaign based mode for X-Wing there would show up competitve players for this kind of play - who would optimize best way to win this kind of game mode.
  11. And for me the very fact that FFG is captured by competitve play is a point of praise, not a point of criticsm. What is the point of official ruling of casual games? In those games anything can be regulated in friendly manner, without competitve tensions, by houseruling - because these games are without point of winning but instead their point is to "fooling around" or whatever. Only casual thing that FFG could seriously attempt is some kind of campaign, similiar to Armada.
  12. Great post! You reminded me that I have this awesome game in my collection. Planning to play one solo scenario today!
  13. What do you mean alive? It is constantly reprinted and sells really well. Also, game is alive when you play it, not when you buy another expansion.
  14. I am not sure if I am seeing titties or ballsack.