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  1. Who cares about hyperspace format? I didn't buy conversion kits to see all of my collection goes away because FFG wants to force into this game MTG way of draining players out of their money. Open format or nothing for me.
  2. I wonder how you will react to Quadjumpers shenenigans if Thane Kyrell made you fume.
  3. Embir82

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    Who said having similiar categories of ships means factions are identical? It is logical fallacy. P.S. Empire and Scum got ships that are in the same categories as Rebel ships yet they got they own flavour. There are upgrades and pilots that can differentiate factions.
  4. Embir82

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    I don't understand one thing. Why does Rebel can not have one arc dodger with 3 dice attack? All other factions got ships that mimic most common types of ships in Rebel fleet (turrets, jousters), yet Rebel still don't have 3 dice agile attacker - I dont understand this logic. I tried to do some new lists recently and I feel that Rebels are the most boring of all factions.
  5. Instead of pricing good stuff out of usability (because it is stupid) I much more prefer point reduction approach to promote stuff that is too weak. Having said that I think E-Wing named pilots will see some kind of point cost reduction. Corran is just horribly overpriced. I am after polish team national championship tournament and meta really is varied - almost everything flies. If any, points adjustments should be minimal. So please, nerf brigade, instead of crying start playing, game is in great spot right now!
  6. I am still waiting for my polish publisher to respond. As it stands 2 weeks passed and no info about changing my misprinted Scum Conversion Kit's elements. It looks more and more with each passing day as scam.
  7. Embir82

    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    It is really simple - this ships is HUGELY overcosted, around 8-10 points. Also it got the worst linked action in the game - borderline useless. Unless it gets major overhaul or drastic point reduction there is no point fielding it. The only saving grace in current form could be some new system slot and astromech upgrade card.
  8. Embir82

    What is Tomax Bren good for?

    Inititiative 5 merchant.
  9. Embir82

    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    I hope so. I love this ship and Corran special ability. Unfortunately with current upgrades this ship is horrendously overpriced. Also E-Wing (with Corran as a pilot) is one of the most unique ships in a way that his strategy resembles "zoom & boom" tactics of american fighters from past century.
  10. Embir82

    I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats

    Where do people get this stupid ideas from? Conversion Kits are great because my old collection is still viable and I can still use it in new game and official tournaments. In a way FFG shows that they appreciate old, faithful players and already exisiting fanbase. It means I will still play this game and I will still buy coming waves, knowing perfectly well that my collection will be always playable at tournament level (because I am interested only in this kind of play) and FFG respects me as a customer. On the contrary if FFG would never publish Conversion Kits they would probably kill exisitng player base and had to build it from the ground up. "Hard restart" is inane concept. The fact that there is extended format in no way makes obstacles for new players any different then they were since inception of X-Wing - they can buy conversion kits and they can buy ships from 1.0 almost everywhere. It is in no way different than starting to play X-Wing during later waves - you still have to catch up with others one way or the other. Also, new stuff is completely playable against stuff from Conversion Kits. P.S. It should be mentioned that there will be tournaments for new players with 2.0 only stuff, so I don't see where is the problem for "hard restart" brigade.
  11. Embir82

    best loadouts on the firespray?

    I concur. Played this list 2 times and it is nasty.
  12. Embir82

    I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats

    Maybe instead of patronising tone you would point out specifically which quotes were such a horrible dumpster fire that grown-up man voluntarily engaging in on-line discussion wouldn't handle? Because now I can say that someone is showing special snowflake "being offended" mentality. Also, I love how disrespecting you are towards veteran players - you know, guys that made this game as popular and financially successful as it is now.
  13. Embir82

    I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats

    Yeah you are making the same point over and over and it is wrong over and over. Saying that Homing Missiles are bad design because they are good only against aces is wrong, because Homing Missiles are actually much more than that. It doesn't matter? To have 1 guaranteed damage? Man then why Crackshot was such a hot stuff in 1.0? Also, shooting at range 3 through rocks, against token stacked defender is one of the most common things in X-Wing.
  14. Embir82

    I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats

    Explain to me how Homing Missiles are not useful when ship with 2 dice attack wants to shoot at 1 Agi ship with focus, through the rock at range 3?
  15. Embir82

    I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats

    No, I exactly asked about bad design on the level of TLT or Sabine, here is my original question: Also, Homing Missiles are completely fine design - it is useful tool for 2 dice attack ships that can make them relevant against high agility, token stacking ships. In no way it warps meta or makes certain ships or strategies obsolete. Saying that Homing Missiles are bad design only shows how shortsighted is your view when it comes to X-Wing 2.0.