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  1. Embir82

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    For me it is a 50/50 situation. I really liked list building aspect of the game. Also, despite the fact that indeed there were more and more hard counters and outcome was more or less predictable in the battle between evenly matched players, it was still pretty satisfying to build really good, working list or adjust it to the changing meta or patches. For example, despite the fact that Manaroo is universally hated list from 1.0 in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful things in X-Wing, I am still in awe how some dude set up each element of this list so perfectly, making almost unbeatable squad. On the other hand I like the trend set in 2.0 of neutering token stacking and turrets dominance - any change that makes flying relevant is good; but there is a drawback - I love positional play and trying to getting firing arcs but I love doing it with aces, unfortunately from what I saw in 2.0 aces will be mostly dead. Strong lists will be based around swarms or generic ships - and I hate meta like this. The problem with swarms is twofold - first off, more often than not it forces you to fly into formation (which is completely unrealistic and tiresome), and secondly, makes game a lot more fiddly - countless bumps or constant removal of ships to make room for others to move are common situations when playing swarms or generic ships. Those things do not make fun experience in X-Wing. In my opinion this game works best when there are max. 4 ships on each side.
  2. Embir82

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    I like how your post got zero substance but is just ad personam attack. I get it, you are fanboy and will love everything that FFG will ever put out with no regard to quality.
  3. Embir82

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    Everything goes exactly as I thought it would. New edition fix nothing, quite the contrary, it brings new set of problems. Death of list juggler, end of interesting potent card combinations, app requirement, boring starting meta (forget about aces, 3 ships or 2 ships list - ship spamming will be the most potent combo, unfortunately X-Wing works worse when too much ships are on the board). Now you can add badly tested cards that broke the game. And don't even get me started about one of the most idiotic and toxic card mechanics in the game - because it unfortunately stays with us in 2.0 (I'll Show You The Dark Side).
  4. Embir82

    Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

    Can't equip Vader with Engine Upgrade.
  5. Embir82

    2019 Championships - What Ships are Legal?

    Well if that is the case I would be mad, otherwise they should communicate this upfront. I didn't spent a lot of money on three conversion kits just to casually pew-pew with my ships.
  6. Embir82

    2.0 is kind of a mess

    I cannot believe that there are some special snowflakes offended by dude that had the audacity to criticise their beloved game. For them I got one message: Grow up and grow a pair crybabies. Forum is for discussing things, I much more prefer people that are too quick to criticise than too quick to complement - difference in opinions create discussion and discussion fuels forum community. As for X-Wing 2.0 I am not satisfied nor dissapointed with new edition. X-Wing 2.0 is on a way to fix some things (turrets with arcs, no more sick token stacking or overpowered combos) but on the other hand I can't shake off a feeling of dissapointment - everything is neutered, there are no powerful card combos, in my opinion 3 ace list (my favourite archetype) won't be viable in near future, there is a bunch of ships that are still overcosted and unviable (E-Wing). Also I am dissapointed with introduction of bullseye arc - it adds another element of fiddlyness and another thing that will require judge intervention during tournaments.
  7. I have huge collection of ships (all three factions) from 1st edition. Naturally, despite the fact that I never wanted a 2nd edition (1st was perfectly fine, patches would fix anything problematic) I will dive into 2nd edition, given the fact that it is the most popular miniatures game in my area. Now question is - what do I have to buy to have good collection of cards/upgrades available? From what I understand Conversion Kits and Base Game will give me all needed cards - is there something more to it? Should I be prepared for buying 6th X-Wing or 4th Fang just to get card unavailable otherwise? P.S. I would like to focus on Rebels at the start.
  8. Embir82

    Are players in your gaming club staying with 1.0?

    There is nothing in 1.0 that wouldn't be fixed with patches as examples in the past shown. Also, telling it is unbalanced mess is just wrong - it is still great game. If not for the fact that 2.0 is coming it would still be played and enjoyed by many. I don't think 2.0 will be your holy grail - I bet after 1 or 2 waves FFG will "jump the shark" with upgrade or new mechanic that will completely dominate the 2.0 meta. And then you will realize that you bought and payed again for the same ships but you didn't get better game.
  9. Embir82

    Reapers too dang hard to kill (rant)

    No it is not. Card states clearly what ships can take jam tokens and in what timing. Learn the rulebook and stop disinforming yourself and other players.
  10. Embir82

    1.0 Meta - How to beat 5 X-Wings?

    Treat it as any other swarm really - take big obstacles, clutter with them central part of the map and try to break out their formation - then eliminate X-Wing one by one, games like this are won in deployment phase.
  11. Embir82

    What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

    I can't believe no one said this before. TLT. Edit: Looks like it is already mentioned 😀
  12. Seems like a dream to Keyan Farlander.
  13. Embir82

    Lessons Learned From 2e

    I agree with original poster at least in one thing: I hate app requirement. I get involved in unplugged games in the first place beceause of the fact that I didn't want to spend my free time staring at the monitor all the time. App requirement for X-Wing 2.0 would be fine if it would come with removal of card requirement - as it stands FFG restricitons made no sense at all - we have to use app, yet we can't go to tournament without redundand piece of paper that brings no unique information at all. Also worth noting is the fact that with fully unplugged game, like X-Wing 1.0, you will be able to play it long after it stopped being published - with X-Wing 2.0 it won't be possible because sooner or later app will go out of compatibility with operating systems.
  14. Embir82

    Proposed Nerfs for 1.0

    Anyone saying this just straight up admits he does not understand this game at all. Harpoons are a vital part when it comes to deal with formation flying bunkers. Those missiless are needed, in fact make meta a lot healthier.
  15. Embir82

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    2.0 didn't even hit the shelves and bunch of nerf herders already cry about assumed broken cards. Unreal. As I said those people will always be mad at something - game is bad as long it does not cater to their tastes all the time.