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  1. i'm just hype for the possibility of generic mandos. gonna paint em up like me and my friends costumes.
  2. Asking for 5 full conversions means you need 5 full damage decks, my dude.
  3. i appreciate that this guy isn't smart enough to realize he's asking that FFG include 5 full epic damage decks per conversion.
  4. i went through this thread to advise that you're insane to reduce torrent costs, those things are eating everything in the southeast alive en masse.
  5. yeah, the defender, yt-2400 and striker are improperly labeled.
  6. This is WILD considering literally every game has a winner and loser. seems pretty settled to me.
  7. I do need to point out that for the first 4 waves of 1.0, tournament rounds were 60 minutes.
  8. sounds like your problem is less about going to time and more about how you dont play lists that can win in 5 activations.
  9. lol. "scissors op, rock is fine" - paper.
  10. your win conditions should always have the clock in mind. if you don't think you can win a game in the allotted time, then you have to step back and figure out why that is.
  11. 'unsatisfied' is WILDLY subjective though. If i enter a system open and go 9-0 and all my games go to time, do you know what i wont be?
  12. That's the thing. the game did resolve. all games resolve. if you needed a few more turns to win, you should analyze your play and figure out why you couldnt meet your win conditions in under an hour and fifteen minutes.
  13. when you enter into a game of x-wing, you commit to playing a game that will take an hour and fifteen minutes. That you use it all or don't or play for 3 hours instead is irrelevant.
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