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  1. So how are X-Wings working for everybody currently? In our local league I've run a couple of builds using 2-T70s and 2-T65s with wonderful results! Forgot to mention, I was running all PS2. Am I seeing something unique?
  2. I run 5 Strikers sparingly as this list has demolished everything I've flown against! I don't want to scare ppl away. Another awesome build has been 2-T-70s and 2T-65s all at PS 2!! It rocks almost as well!
  3. STRIKERS! Give me 5 Strikers with Lightweight Frame and Adaptive Ailerons and look out!!! Fly and shoot, that's my game!
  4. I think of the Raider as the escort ship! Its there to tackle fighters and support the smalls! Where are yout bombers/Punishers? Those are the ships with the ordnance to bring down a Tantive! We play EPIC epic, where I have a Raider, THREE Gozantis and waves of smalls. One Gozanti is usually loaded with four bombers and is tasked with the mission of taking out the Tantives rear. The Raider hangs back and delivers range 4-5 shots. I let the smalls get in close and mix it up.
  5. We often play 150 v 150, 5 Interceptors are nasty! I have wanted to run all four IG-2000's with their titles, 144 pts leaving a bit for upgrading.
  6. Fix??? I didn't know it was broke! I haven't lost with a Firespary, ever... I don't play them often, but when I do, I win...
  7. FIVE Strikers are MONSTERS! I flew 5 Scariffs with AA and LWF. They were crazy good!
  8. I have SEVEN! I was running SIX at 150pts and then Imp Vets came out! LOL!
  9. These are good points! Id like to see more of the classic ships usable. I try to build squads foe league to have fun. But know I have to use mostly newer ships to last more than two turns of combat!
  10. I'm surprised to see it took two replies before the Gunboat was mentioned!
  11. Quick question, a Striker with adaptive ailerons is ioned. We played it that the Striker still must perform one of the three boosts then reveal the dial for a one forward. Is this the correct interpretation? I couldn't find any previous references to this situation. Thank you!
  12. I agree with the idea that it has to be a larger two card warship!!!
  13. Will we see either A Dragon Pearl or a Star Jewel with a Z-95 as the next Scum Epic? Either would be about the same size as the CR-90 or Raider and either could include a Z-95...Thoughts!
  14. I love your thinking! I would use any of these given a chance!