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  1. Hello fellow GM's: I am running a custom campaign right now wich its played in Averland, This campaign is a sort of tutorial/pre Campaign for my players before that i run the great "Averland’s Disputed Electorship". My Precampaign is based on the players doing stuff in averland and Blackfire pass before the 3rd battle of blackfire pass happens and Marius Leitdorf get killed. So far is straight forward and my players are making their way there as they are getting friendly with some of the powers wich will come to play later on. The problem I do have is how to involve one of my players characters. He rolled for a Elf Swordmaster. In the beggining i tough ofc it was easy, he was there to get some experience killing orcs, but i have really hard to give him side quests, involve him with NPC's that can help him later. My other players chars (all humans) I have created great side adventures and quest, they get involve with NPC's that I will use in the future but i dont have find yet a way to make the same effect for my elf character. Thats why i turn here to get some help in adventure seeds and hook you all could provide in how to make my swordmaster come more into play and not only in combat. I understand the info i am leaving here is quite limited and if you guys have questions about the settings that you need when you are making adventure seeds i am more than welcome to answer them. Ps. Hope my english is enough to understand Danil0
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