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  1. I ended up drilling out the holes. a bit of a pain...but it did not take too long.
  2. Always nice to see the faces behind the products we use and enjoy. The guy seems fairly genuine to me.
  3. Have to agree with Ywingscum. I would prefer FFG keep things tight lipped and on a set schedule with some surprise reveals on special occasions. It is better for the community IMO. Watching people rage quit 40K before 8th has even been fully revealed is just sad.
  4. My bases on all three sets fit the trays snugly. The base pegs were a different matter. I ended up drilling out the pegs holes to loosen things up and that seemed to solve the problem nicely.
  5. Very much looking forward to this character. He seems like he will open up a more "traditional" undead playstyle of grinding attrition. I even like the model!
  6. Would you mind posting the actual list contents (upgrades included) Drakonkiss. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have been trying for a while to get more local people into Armada. I will set up a table on X-Wing night to play with a friend (part time Armada guy). Lots of X-Wing players like to look....but no one willing to dive into it without a larger player base. I am probably going to switch back to X-Wing for a while (no problem finding a game of that). It is a pity....i really do prefer Armada.
  8. That was one of the more enjoyable games we have had. My usual tactic of jaming your bomber swarm with A wings was put on its ear. A couple of mistakes were made on both sides.....next game will be even more interesting I think.
  9. We have both been playing since the game was released. We really only get in one...maybe two games a week. I do have one other opponent to play against and I also play several other war games at a competitive level (Jack just plays Armada). Our fairly limited "meta" absolutely impacts our skill levels.....i know this from attending tourneys in other systems on both sides of the U.S/Canada border a few times a year. You just can't get *great* at a game without having a broad player base and the regular pressure cooker experience tourneys put you through. =) We really just play for fun....and I think me running Imps for a couple of months will help shake things up a little.
  10. Ok I need to jump in. =) Full disclosure. I am Jacks main opponent (boooo hissss!!) And of the last four games we have played...I have 2 wins and Jack has 2. I actually think he has turned the corner on tactics and gameplay. I play several different lists using MC-30's, MC-80's, and AF2s while using Garm or Ackbar. And every time I play a sub-optimal list....Jack accuses me of "Sandbagging" LOL. Anyhooo. He and I have been working on different Imp builds to counter Ackbars apparent firepower advantage (and yes we have switched sides). I think the Imps current problems stem from the Reb red dice advantage and the nature of the their main attack arcs (Broadsides). I find the Rebs very easy to fly around at speed and keep enemy ships in Arc. When I fly ISD or VSDs, I need to be planning well ahead and a mistake in maneuvering can easily let the Rebs slip through your powerful front arcs. My Reb lists *always* have at least 5-6 A-Wings and Tycho to counter (or at least tie up) the various Imp squadron balls of doom. Anyway....I think we are going to switch sides for a while (I actually prefer the looks of the Imp fleet) and see if I can figure this out. We do appreciate the forum feedback though.
  11. Corver. In the picture you posted the two AF-B's would have been definitely using Gunnery Teams to great effect against the two ISD's (doubling your firepower). Gunnery teams are the single best upgrade to AF’s you can have (in my opinion).
  12. I find the Rebs have a much steeper learning curve than the Imperials. That Imperial fleet can pretty much just drive straight at you [the list you posted] and you will be crushed. Rebels require a plan and some solid manauvering to counteract the Imperial close range firepower advantage. Avoid any scenario that requires you to stay in one place and keep your ships together in support of each other and at speed. Things will change in Wave 2...but not by a whole lot IMO. Rebs are going to stay as "The Boxer" and Imperials are going to stay as "The Puncher". Again...just my opinion.
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