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    RoastedRareByte got a reaction from knasserII in Career books are beyond me...   
    I honestly completely disagree. I can find a multitude of ways for Force and Destiny to expand on careers. For example, here's what I can come up with off the top of my head for a consular:


    Mediator: The mediator makes it their goal to work with multiple groups to help promote positive discourse. The empire has made an effort to create divides between species, factions, and groups that once knew peace. The mediator works to re-unite these people together and promote peace.
    Most of the mediator's talents will revolve around promoting interests between outside parties, not themselves and the group. For example, when two groups of farmers on a backwater region threaten to attack one another, the negotiator can pull both groups together to cooperate.

    Jar'Kai Practitioner: While most Consulars emphasize the Niman form of lightsaber combat, some Consulars are much more martial and utilize two blades.

    While the general emphasis is on Niman (thus Jar'Kai will include Niman Technique as a talent), Jar'Kai emphasizes dual wielding lightsabers in combat, and thus has talents that revolve around it.

    Charlatan: Sometimes in order to achieve peace, Consular's must use the force to give themselves the advantage. The Charlatan serves this purpose by clouding the minds of those the Consular is working with.

    A conflict-riddle specialization, the Charlatan's main emphasis is deceit and charm against those who have been mentally weakened through the force. Example talents would be gaining conflict in order to downgrade or decrease the difficulty of a charm or deception check. In-game terms, the idea would be to cloud an individual's mind, almost crippling them, in order to get the better end of the deal.

    I had a few other ideas for the Sentinel and Mystic. I suppose I can see the challenge with Guardian and to a lesser extent the Seeker, but I definitely think it's possible to expand on them. You just have to look at the overall goal of each career and find an alternative way of how they could fit that goal.
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    RoastedRareByte reacted to OggDude in Another Character Generator   
    The latest release is now ready (or it will be in about 20 minutes).  This release mainly fixes some data errors, adds a bunch of tweaks, and includes a number of minor new features.  Enjoy!
    Release   New/Changed Data:   Beast-Hide Armor had the wrong encumbrance.  It is now correct. "Storm" Charge Suit had the wrong encumbrance.  It is now correct. Flak Vest had the wrong encumbrance.  It is now correct. Protector 1 Combar Armor had the wrong encumbrance.  It is now correct. "Steelskin" Anti-Concussive Armor had the wrong encumbrance.  It is now correct. Padded Armor had the wrong encumbrance.  It is now correct. Added starship profiles for the Syliure-25 Hyperdrive Sled, the Syliure-31 Hyperdrive Docking Ring, the TIE/SH, and TIE/BR.  They were in sidebars and I missed them the first time around. Changed the Vicious quality of the Fusion Cutter to Vicious 3 instead of 1. Changed the sensor range of the Preybird-class Starfighter to Close. Changed the sensor range of the HLAF-500 Starfighter to Short. Changed the sensor range of the Delta-7 Interceptor to Close.   New Features/Enhancements:   Added the speed track to vehicles on encounter sheets, along with an expanded shield panel that lets you keep track of current shield values.  These were actually added in 1.3.7, I just forgot to mention it. Added a new option for printing group sheets.  If a group sheet includes duty, you may now choose whether or not to show zero-sized Duty entries.  This can be useful during play to know the type of duty each PC has, even if it can't be triggered. Added a section on the vehicle sheet for keeping track of active actions, such as Evasive Maneuvers or Stay on Target.  You can check or uncheck these actions as they're performed or expired. To support the above feature, the vehicle action editor has a check box to set an action as lasting for an amount of time after it is performed.  These are the actions that will be displayed in the active action panel on the vehicle sheet. Changed the printed display of some of the larger numbers (such as credit amounts) to include decimal separators.  For US versions of Windows, this means comma-separated numbers, but each locale will have its own standard. Added some text to the bottom of the skill grids on the first page of the character sheet that will inform you of any difficulty increases accrued by using either Cumbersome or Unwieldy items. The printer settings used when printing sheets will now be saved, including all custom printer settings.  This is in addition to page settings and style settings, which have been saved all along. The Characteristics pane in the generator will now inform you if any purchased characteristics goes over your starting XP.   Bug Fixes:   For PC Adversaries in GM Tools, the character's version of the talent will now be transferred, along with skill and Dedication choices, instead of just the base talent without choices.  This means talents that increase characteristics or skills should be properly applied to the PC adversary. When selecting vehicle weapons in the add/upgrade dialog, if you selected the Quad Laser Cannon, then selected another weapon, an exception occurred.  This should no longer happen. In certain Force power trees, the bottom corner abilities would sometimes not become available, depending on the direction in which you arrived at them.  They should now properly become available. Made the same change for signature abilities as well.  Talent trees already worked properly. Made another change to the outside-change feature of the character, adversary, group, and encounter cache lists to help prevent crashes when another application makes changes to a file.  The database connection object is now protected by a mutex, so there should no longer be any access violation errors.
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    RoastedRareByte reacted to BigNorthMxO in Possible Dark Side Supplement?   
    If you are the GM just don't allow them to make dark side characters or what I do is allowed my players in other games them to kill the other players characters if what they want to become gets in the way of the party and the Goals of the group.   
    Some times peoples stories happen to take them in such a way it gets in the way, So they either stop playing and reroll a toon and their old character pops back up as a contact or villain.
    I remember the first time I started playing RT with the group I am with now.  I was just a player not the GM. Joined in after a few other sessions happened.   My first session and half of the other players planned to over throw the ship and take over and become pirates, more or less could change the course of the story the GM wanted to tell.   The players that where in on it told the GM in private so the other players had no clue, but they bloched a few rolls and that allowed the GM to let the other half have a chance to catch on to what was going on. 
    The group wanted to take over made it look my toon planned to take over even tho I just came on board.  So the Leader of the ship came up with an idea to have out minds probed one at a time as he asked questions to find out the truth.  after going over everyone he gathered those of us he felt he could trust told us what was going on and we set up a plan to take of the traitors. 
    Set up a crew meeting, we each had our target.  The first officer(leader of the traitors) during the meeting said he had something to tell everyone and stood up. That is when our captain gave us the order to strike and kill them. one surprise round later the traitors where dead and all that was left was them rolling up new toons.     The GM had the Captain and first officer roll initiative to see who said their order first to kill the rest. So one dice roll and the other side could have just as easily been the ones making new toons.   
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    RoastedRareByte reacted to BigNorthMxO in Possible Dark Side Supplement?   
    See this is my thought also. People say 'just change themes and change a few things and you have imperial/darkside'    My counter was the fact the same could have been said of the 40 line then they released BC(tho I am not a fan of the god tracking that system has such a pain)    But at the end of the day who knows what their contact with Lucas Arts/Disney says. 
    Black Sun... Don't tease me with such a thought... 
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    RoastedRareByte got a reaction from BigNorthMxO in Possible Dark Side Supplement?   
    To add upon what DreadLord mentioned, they can also include information and ideas for GMs who want to create dark side temples and artifacts, as well as planetary information on traditionally dark side planets like Byss, Korriban, Dathomir, Rhen Var, and maybe the darker aspects of Yavin IV.
    I could see there being a lot of information GMs would like to have in a dark side sourcebook (and a light side one too).
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    RoastedRareByte reacted to Robin Graves in Possible Dark Side Supplement?   
    AAAWyeah so awesome!!!
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    RoastedRareByte reacted to DreadLord in Possible Dark Side Supplement?   
    I see a lot of potential for such a book, especially if it is around the times of books for the different Eras of play (probably mostly fluff and different droids and vehicles).  Since three races is the norm I would say the three most connected to the Dark Side.  Pureblood Sith are a natural choice.  The Rataka are also good picks given that they have an even longer and darker history with the Rataka Infinite Empire.  Finally I would pick the Kesh from the Legacy Era as they are a species that have been completely incorporated into a Sith society.
    Ideally this would come out around the same time as a book for Age of Rebellion in playing the Empire.  Other than that it would be nice to see books for different eras of play in all three series.  For example given the topic how many would like to play at the height of the Sith Empire?  Or a Legacy Era campaign where you, as a Sith, are questing to resurrecting the Sith Empire against the combined threat of the Jedi, Galactic Alliance and Galactic Empire.
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    RoastedRareByte reacted to Atraangelis in Possible Dark Side Supplement?   
    Cant ...Unsee...No... AGRHHH!!..
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    RoastedRareByte reacted to Daeglan in Possible Dark Side Supplement?   
    I didn't say darkside only. I said distinctly dark side flavored. Similar to how aggressor is very darkside flavored but not darkside.
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    RoastedRareByte reacted to Yoshiyahu in Possible Dark Side Supplement?   
    So much this.

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    RoastedRareByte reacted to Vixen Icaza in Possible Dark Side Supplement?   
    I do like the idea of conflict talents but I would want talents that would reduce conflict as well. The game is supposed to be balanced if there were only dark leaning trees that would dilute this flavor somewhat.
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