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  1. Was looking at using Stealth Device and Delta-7B upgrades on a Delta 7 Aethersprite. Does the point cost of Stealth Device come strictly from the printed value on the pilot card? Or would the -1 green die from the Delta-7B configuration reduce the cost of Stealth Device? My guess is that it is based off of the printed value on the pilot card which seems to be confirmed by the official squad builder.
  2. Yesterday Showcase Comics in Philly ran their store championship. Seventeen players attended and all of the lists are up on List Juggler. It was a great tourney and there were lots of interesting lists. Here are the top four finishers: 1st - Zac Cady (myself): Boba Fett + Inertial Dampeners + Veteran Instincts + Engine Upgrade + Gunner IG-88B + Mangler Cannon + Predator + Autothrusters + Advanced Sensors + Inertial Dampeners 2nd - Jason: Palob Godalhi + Blaster Turret + Calculation + Moldy Crow + Recon Specialist Guri + Inertial Dampeners + Predator + Autothrusters + Sensor Jammer + Virago Binayre Pirate + Feedback Array Binayre Pirate + Feedback Array Top 4 - Mike: Gamma Squadron Pilot + Seismic Charges Gamma Squadron Pilot + Seismic Charges Gamma Squadron Pilot + Seismic Charges Gamma Squadron Pilot + Seismic Charges Gamma Squadron Pilot + Seismic Charges Top 4 - Matt: Kath Scarlet + Push the Limit + Inertial Dampeners + Engine Upgrade + K4 Security Droid Boba Fett + Veteran Instincts + Inertial Dampeners + Ion Cannon + Engine Upgrade + Recon Specialist The rest are here: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=262 Lots of awesome lists, and it was a really well run tournament.
  3. There is a group that plays at the Games Keep (in West Chester) on most Sundays, typically from 2pm until dinner time. I was living in West Philly (aka East coast Portlandia) when I started playing X-wing. Sadly there wasn't much interest in it at the FLGS from the local gamers. Is there a better player base these days? There's a good group of guys who play at Recaps (Lancaster Ave, not Baltimore Ave) on Tuesdays. Redcap's, that's where I got my Core game, like 2 years ago. I use to like just around the corner (at the Tiberino Museum, if you've heard of it), I never saw anyone playing it back then, I guess it's caught on more since. Magic, Pathfinder, and Warmachine seemed to be the main games there. That's good to know, I may move back there eventually. I'm one of the regulars at Red Caps, and am there pretty much every Tuesday. We have a solid group that continues to grow, so you should definitely come out! I also run an RPG style X-Wing campaign there every other Tuesday which takes about an hour or two to complete, We're playing a mission this week actually and then the next one will be in two weeks. We definitely are always looking for new players!
  4. PtL + Outmaneuver is probably my favorite out of those three. But I also like having Veteran Instincts on him as well.
  5. The problem is that this particular question is located deep within the story mathwing can't tell. How often will having two actions on an A-wing dial allow you to slip out of your opponent's firing arcs without losing your ability to modify your attack dice? How much better does the ability to boost and focus improve your range control over focus alone? How flexible are you at the table, and how good are you at planning ahead? Your question is a good one, but it's not really a mathwing question. That's definitely a fair point. So in that case lets open this up further, does anyone have experience running PtL A-Wings vs Z-95s? What are people's experiences with the two ships? Given you have 38-40 points left over in a list which would you prefer to take, 2x PtL Greens or 3x Bandits?
  6. I've read over MJ's mathwinging thread (love it actually), which is one of the things that spawned this debate with my friend and I. In the straight jousting values and efficiency the Bandit has the Green Squadron beat pretty heavily, but Push the Limit should considerably change things. The question is, how considerably? Personally, I prefer the two Greens with PtL, but that's because I think A-Wings are some of the most fun ships to fly in the game. This leads me to lean towards using them. This is more of a theoretical discussion though. My thoughts have always been that the mathwinging numbers are a solid basis for interpretation, but they don't tell the whole story of the ships.
  7. Yeah I know it is difficult to quantify the value of the dial, but have you done a raw jousting value for a PtL Green? Or anyone else for that matter. I assume it will be more survivable, but is it that much more than 2 PtL Greens become better than 3 Bandits? [Edited for spelling, need more coffee this morning...]
  8. What is the difference in efficiency between a vanilla Bandit Squadron Z-95 and a Green Squadron A-Wing with Chaardan Refit and Push the Limit? I know the Bandit is one of the most efficient filler ships in the game, but does the increased maneuverability and action economy of the Green make it a more even contender? A friend and I had this discussion tonight, specifically fitting 3x Bandits as filler in a list compared to 2x PtL/Chaardan Greens, and couldn't come to a consensus. My gut instinct is that the Bandit is still better, but the Green would be a lot more fun to fly. Anyone done the math?
  9. Ooooo a second Decimator! Ooooooooo just need $100 for free shipping! Awwwwwwwwww now I'm broke...
  10. I recently had fairly solid success at a store championship outside of Philly with a two ship Boba Brath list. It's 50 points, but Brath + HLC + Lone Wolf + Engine was the all-star of the day. He notched over 90% of my kills on the day and propelled me to top 8 in a 26 person field. Boba was the big let down of the list in my elimination round when he couldn't hit the broadside of a Decimator from range one...
  11. Thank you all for the compliments. I was quite pleased with how that one turned out. The only downside to it was that particular Lambda model has unfortunately tight wings and scrapes paint off no matter how much I thin it out. I might need to bust it open and see about loosening those wings a bit. Even without the darker grey that turned out quite well! Right on ya mate!
  12. No, the store championship kit costs more than the regular kits. Not sure how much, but the guys running my local tournaments said it was something like double the price.
  13. ExpatSmuggler

    S&V 22/01/15

    My local FLGS just announced this morning on Facebook that ships will be in stock between 2/12 and 2/18. He's never guided me wrong yet.
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