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  1. I went trough the same panic. I would figure the cards that belonged to the scenario would be with the scenario, like lord of the rings.
  2. Roland has been my go to for me playing one deck. I've only really used the core set suggestions for dual deck solo play. Tried using skid's solo and got wrecked but didn't know his deck through and through. I think it's all about knowing what and when to play.
  3. This is the 3-4th post I've seen this person make with a condescending answer. I don't get why people get on FAQ/Help forums and burn everyone for their questions/comments. The games hardly been out a weekend. As it turned out there was a "discussion" going on about Cover Up, but I guess since you weren't aware of it it doesn't exist. Get off your high horse. Won't read your reply so don't bother.
  4. Once a player has discovered all the clues on a location does the location immediately go into the victory pile? Or do you need to spend clues in order to purchase the card to be placed into the victory pile? I've played through the first scenario and I am sure I do not have all the rules down but that was the first question I had that I couldn't find in the rule book.
  5. I know this post is a bit old but honestly, if you've played LOTR lcg, you'll have no issues with this game. There are subtle differences but still, it's fairly simple and similar.
  6. So sad they are gone already, for the art alone I wish I owned one.
  7. Does the skirmish mission deck consist of every skirmish card I have? Or just the cards that relate to the map that I currently have built. Apologies for the dumb question.
  8. Ah! I found a copy of twin shadows and boba fett. Pretty pumped on it.
  9. SHOULD be. I've called the three (not so) local stores in Southern California and each of which say "not in stock they've been out for a long time". After me attempting to explain that ffg today marked them as 'in stores' I get a "huh" response along with a "next week maybe". Frustrating as a new player looking to get boba fett and paint and play bastard.
  10. I'm a beginner with a good understanding of the game but need to play more to fully get it. I've researched and checked out various stores with no luck finding a group. I've read on here a couple posts of people trying to orginize something but since I cannot PM individuals I figured I would make a post and leave my email. If you would like to get together please let me know! lucienwmoon@gmail.com
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