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  1. Rules question to make sure I'm reading this right. What if...​ your opponent activates first and destroys your ship. You declare General Rieekan's ability, so it stays in play for the rest of the round. When that "dead" ship later activates, it reveals an Engineering Command and repairs itself back to 1 or more Hull Points. So... is it still ultimately destroyed in the Status Phase?​ Or can a timely Engineering Command save itself after-the-fact? Because if it can later save itself... Tantive IV+Princess Leia is going to be an awesome hospital ship lol.
  2. Not every nation/empire/community I listed was necessarily in decline. Plus, an entity can be at the golden age of their power (wealth, peace, etc.) and will often times still be facing several challenges (military, political, economical, cultural, logistical, etc.) and its consequences thereof. Generally speaking, when it comes to war, so-called "experts" throughout modern history have gone on the record for saying that upcoming wars will be "quick and easy", only to be sorely mistaken afterwards. The British thought they'd be done with World War I in just a few weeks, Hitler thought (with his blitzkrieg of France as an example) that he could easily take over Russia before the following Winter in World War II, we (the United States) almost got pushed out of Korea during the Korean War (General MacArthur even suggested all-out nuclear warfare against the Chinese), we embarrassed ourselves at Vietnam, in hindsight the War on Terror has been far more taxing then we originally thought it would be, etc. Unless we're the Barbary States, I don't envision nations going to war with their navies without the intention to eventually bring the war to land. Thus, maybe we can agree to disagree about the military capabilities of North Korea and the hypothetical outcomes of a war with them, conventional or not. Back to Star Wars -- The way I understand it, FFG developers aren't limiting their products at simply the canon Episodes 4-6, and George Lucas didn't stop at just World War II for real world inspiration when he created Star Wars. FFG is pulling material from EU and videogames, and Star Wars draws inspiration across several eras of human history. There's no reason the fluff and development of Armada should be any different. SvN is already established in X-Wing and was drawn from Star Wars: Forces of Corruption. I'm pretty sure the FFG Developers aren't arguing about the authenticity of Zann Consortium capital ships because they're already there with a backstory of why they're legitimate, and the question of whether or not to implement them is more of a business decision than a deliberation of lore and fluff, as some of us early in this thread have already pointed out. I'm glad we can agree that the Core World's aren't the center of all the galaxy's production. Even if it was, there's no reason why SvN can't smuggle materials out of the Core World's to build their ships in the Outer Rim. If the United States CIA can secretly buy titanium (which was extremely low in supply at the time) from the Soviet Union to help develop the SR71 Blackbird, I can believe that SvN factions are secretly buying durasteel and whatnot from the Core World's military industrial complex. Armada is not taking place at an extremely specific, deliberate point in the Star Wars timeline. We can sit here and argue whether the Empire is at their golden age or not, if they could easily crush this guy or that planet, but it doesn't change the fact that on the tabletop, my opponent has the same amount of points as I do. I want to repeat that I don't think we would see a third faction for Armada for a long long long time. But if we do one day, I think SvN absolutely is a legitimate option and fair expectation.
  3. Maybe you should reread my post, because I didn't restrict my analysis to just land forces. "Military personnel" includes those who work across all mediums, Pearl Harbor was a naval conflict, "pirates" mainly like to operate on the ocean, etc. Also, my post was largely about the idea that groups other than developed nations can be relevant in war, naval or otherwise. I also didn't say SvN had to fight in a "professional" manner or on the same terms as the Empire or Rebellion. I also didn't say they were ragtag, uniform, officially organized, centrally located, or ill-equipped. Personally, I don't think of SvN as simply Boko Haram or ISIS by itself. I think of them as Blackbeard the Pirate, Anonymous, Alaric the Visigoth, Blackwater Company, and all of the above combined criminal enterprises vying for the same selfish, common goals (hence the ambiguous name for the faction). You made a lot of great points, but respectfully, I still disagree.
  4. Please read my post above. Why would scum amass large fleets? Because on the Outer Rim, scum cartels are not like organized crime gangs in Western cities. They're more like warlords in failed states. They wield contested violent power in swathes of space and one of the contestants for power in those regions of space is the Empire. They most definitely have an interest in having fleets capable of crushing others - e.g. rival cartels. Also, let's be real about the scale of Armada. The fleets that we simulate in the game are really not all that large. As somebody with a degree in World History, I can say that many ideas and opinions expressed in this thread are indeed supported with factual evidence. Throughout history, disadvantaged criminal/barbaric/warlord/tribal/dictatorial/minority/expansionist communities have banded together in large scale to successfully challenge modern nations. There's no debate that the Empire in Star Wars is spread thin across the galaxy, and being so "spread out" comes with many logistical consequences. The ancient Western Romans were spread thin and let the many independent barbarian tribes overwhelm their European and African frontiers. I think it's very plausible for the SnV to pick-and-chose favorable engagements in the Outer Rim, and Armada can definitely represent that on a table. The feudal Byzantines were spread thin, were in a seemingly unending economic crisis, and (eventually) lost the war of attrition on both sides of Constantinople. The Rebels and Empire are heavily invested in fighting each other, so it's plausible that the SnV black market, backed by the Hutt Cartels, can economically rival the tired and taxed war-economies of the Rebellion and Empire (again, especially if we're fighting in the Outer Rim). Thus, it's not a stretch for the SnV to be able to, fluff wise, match the "points" of another faction's fleet in Armada. As a rule, Attila the Hun didn't have any siege weaponry in his horde, but he brought down castles by using mercenary, stolen, or improvised siege equipment. The SvN faction doesn't necessarily need huge, grand, technologically advanced Super Star Destroyers from industrially developed ship yards from their deeply economically developed planets; they can improvise. Speaking of big ships, there were plenty of pirates in the Caribbean that stole, maintained, improved (and in some rare cases, built) their own battleships. Pirate warfare meant having fast frigates to board and steal huge ships of the line that they could use or sell. SvN can plausibly field Large starships in Armada, and they have every reason to fight and try to steal other large ships in Armada. The American Navy was spread thin in the 1930s, and in anticipation of a war in the Pacific, they rendezvoused most of their fleet at Pearl Harbor (and in hindsight, suffered dearly for it on Dec 7, 1941). Some people in this thread have suggested that the Empire could easily form up and overwhelm the SnV faction(s), and that doesn't make sense to me from a real world perspective, especially with the Empire trying to maintain a front against the Rebels. Real world nations hire mercenaries who fight alongside them in big wars all the time. I don't see a problem with Boba Fett or IG being involved in 400 pt Empire vs Rebel games in Armada. If the price is right, they'd be there. Somebody said something about the United States being able to easily crush North Korea with only a handful of military hardware, and that's simply not true. North Korea has the 4th largest pool of active military personnel in the world. North Korea has the #1 largest military in the world if you combine that with their reserve and paramilitary personnel. Our commanders have said plenty of times on cable news networks that it would take months to raise our "military readiness" to a level that could compete with North Korea, and that's including a draft (again, because the United States military is so spread out). I do indeed think that, in the end, we would eventually win in a 1-on-1 war against North Korea. However, I also think that it would definitively be one of the toughest wars in our nations history, and we wouldn't be able to do it without help from our allies. Mikael Hasselstein's comments about how Middle Eastern warlords control land, collect taxes, and fight wars is sound, correct, and would make sense for SnV in Armada. I completely agree with Killionaire's last comment too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR Version: Star Wars: Forces of Corruption wasn't a stretch by means of real world examples. Star Wars: Armada is my favorite game from FFG, I have a lot of money already invested in both factions, and if they are thinking about bringing SnV to the game someday in the future, they can definitely mark me as an eager customer.
  5. I preordered my first batch of ships for Wave 1, including a Maneuver Tool, off of MM in early April, but my order is still "Processing - Shelf" I'm wondering if the Maneuver Tool is delaying my order. Fantasy Flight Games page says it's printing, but MM says it's "in stock". Am I just being impatient?
  6. I think he might just be confusing the word "ships" with the word "squadrons".
  7. I'm bookmarking this thread for when I paint my squadrons and wash/ink some of my ships. Thanks for all the good advice gentlemen!
  8. I agree, it's a good start! I'll be following your development of this, because as of right now, there aren't very many options available for fleet builders.
  9. EDIT: Can a moderator please move my thread to the Painting and Conversions section of the forum? My apologies. Personally, I don't like that squadrons in this game are unpainted. I know it was probably and ultimately a cost-saving logistical decision by FFG, and that's fine, but I want to do something about it with my stuff. I was a novice-to-intermediate painter in Warhammer 40k and WFB a few years ago, so I'm thinking of buying a fine detail brush and painting my squadrons. However, I've seen some people in my local gaming groups use sharpies instead too, which leads me to my big question: What are the pros and cons of using basic hobby painting techniques (prime, base, wash, detail) versus using sharpies? Do people using sharpies have any regrets about going that route as an alternative? What are some of the popular techniques that everyone is using? Are there any great success stories or cautionary tales with coloring your squadrons? What do you know now about coloring your squadrons that you wish you knew before you got started? etc. I know it sounds like a set of silly questions, but I haven't painted anything since X-Wing came out, so it's been a while. Please and thank you to the helpful discussion in advance. Pictures are welcome too. Fire away gentlemen!
  10. Fantasy Flight Games' News section, Star Wars: Armada category. Specifically, the reference to the Millennium Falcon that everyone in this thread is going nuts about can be found here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/4/6/here-they-come/
  11. At this point in the game, I think collision rules are fine too.
  12. Oops, never mind, a friend found it for me, and I was actually mistaken - It actually holds ship speed dials and defense tokens lol. "Armada Ship Dial" from CorSec Engineering.
  13. A few months ago I saw something that peaked my interest and I'm having trouble finding it again. It was a third-party plastic oversized ship card holder with slots for defense tokens to keep everything organized while playing a game. It looks like a big stencil for an art project, but it's maybe 8 inches long, maybe 4 inches wide, and it has slots for the ship card, with three or four slots above it for defense tokens. Essentially, the purpose of this thing is to make things nice, neat, and organized when playing an Armada game on a table and trying not to have tokens and cards kind of scattered everywhere. Before anyone asks, this is NOT necessarily a storage solution and this is NOT the same thing as a Damage Deck Card holder, although it does almost look like a really really flat damage deck card holder, but it's bigger to fit the oversized ship cards and longer to fit the slots for the defense tokens. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what I'm trying to remember?
  14. To answer your question: No.
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