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  1. wargaminng hobby is booming right now. only GW share of market shrinks thank to outrageous prices and god awful rules bloat. IF FFG can deliver rock solid gameplay then tournament players will buy this sorry for bad eng..
  2. i dont care about another SW game btw. warhammer is not a story its seting, so why trying to push it forward ? Runewars look great thumbs up
  3. I'm looking forward to get him for Christmas. will be great for solo play
  4. czech here. we have core set in native language and maybe dwarrowdelf max. I personally prefer the English version cuz i dont trust czech company (blackfire) to translate and deliver new stuff. so stop whine who cares
  5. i just want all armys and races from old world in this great game
  6. That is kind of what I imagine also. Expansions will probably add new cards that get mingled with existing cards. For example, an expansion could come with some new ability cards, and maybe allow the player to swap out one current ability for one of the new ones, or something like that. Likewise, new adventures could easily make use of the core set enemies, etc. i dont think so. some guy from FFG say that they want ZERO deckbuilding new characters will by stand alone with their own cards etc.... and no aditional cards for old chars... imho sorry for my Eng
  7. IF FFG promise me some expansions THEN i buy it ASAP thats for sure
  8. its look great i want that BUT... where is my DISKWARS expansion !!!
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