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  1. There is usually a couple people on Wednesdays at Game Cafe with Armada stuff, and usually most Friday's also. https://www.facebook.com/groups/726522747385308/
  2. 99% certain this was FFG dropping the ball. Last year we had the Game Cafe Store Championship right after Worlds, and Geekery was a month or so later. Maybe they're already redoing their Spring/Fall schedules again after just rolling them out last year.
  3. Glad to see you had better luck with the Double ISD Motti than I did on Day 1! Looking back between last year and this year, the choice of being in the Radisson was tops. I didn't feel like I had to scream at my opponents for them to hear me, and it felt much less cramped in there than it did two years ago when I didn't play, but spent part of the day watching a bud play in that much smaller space. Seemed like they even had plenty of extra space that could have been utilized, for more games, not sure why they keep cutting Armada down to such a small number of participants (see: Gen Con), maybe next year with X-Wing out of the May Worlds they will open up more numbers for Armada.
  4. Yeah Jon, we didn't partner in teams though, he teamed up with another of the guys we drove with, and I teamed with another KC guy.
  5. For what I wanted, which was a list simple to play, it performed well enough. My first game not withstanding, as I was up against one of the guys I drove up with, that I bounced the idea of the list off of, and who is a far better player than I (did I mention he's a former World Champion?), I think the list held it's own fairly well. It got out activated in every game, which I accepted as the consequence of being someone that wanted to run 3 triangles. And while I pretty much ended a majority of games with the Interdictor and a Star Destroyer alive, my opponents generally had lost less than 159 points. The Interdictor itself did exactly what it was supposed to do, which is a positive, I just don't know that what it does is enough. Points: 396/400 Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Assault Objective: Targeting Beacons Defense Objective: Fleet Ambush Navigation Objective: Superior Positions [ flagship ] Interdictor-class Suppression Refit (90 points) - Moff Jerjerrod ( 23 points) - Interdictor ( 3 points) - Projection Experts ( 6 points) - Targeting Scrambler ( 5 points) = 127 total ship cost Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer (110 points) = 110 total ship cost Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer (110 points) = 110 total ship cost 4 TIE Fighter Squadrons ( 32 points) 1 Ciena Ree ( 17 points)
  6. I ran an Interdictor, and unsurprisingly spent the day near the bottom tables.
  7. FFG was only running their stream for post cut matches this year, I believe. Pretty sure you could have told whatever podcast was streaming Swiss rounds (was not paying attention, too busy scrubbing out with Y-Wings) you didn't want to play on stream.
  8. twitch.tv/facesofderek We're again streaming live for Regionals, come tell us how much we suck, how bad midwest players are, etc.
  9. The play was fantastic. I was glad that I was able to get you on camera more than once. Adam Diephouse was Top 8, and had: 2x Contracted Scout w/Deadeye, Plasma Torpedo, Extra Munitions, R4 Agromech, Guidance Chips 1x Contracted Scout w/Deadeye, Proton Torpedo, Extra Munitions, R4 Agromech, Guidance Chips
  10. just watching this finals match. 1:45, Zuckus 5 dice with target lock on echo and gets one 2 hits. that was unlucky break for scum. I was so sure I had it at that point 5v3 and it was echos time to die! Dice games right : ) I was really hoping you had it too. I made sure the videos all got highlighted on Twitch so that they will stay up. I may try to edit them for Youtube posting, but probably not. The way that last match played out really took the wind out of my sails and brought a downer to what otherwise was a pretty good near 18 hours of X-Wing.
  11. We are getting under way with round 1 at Game Cafe in Independence, MO. Come be offended by swearing and meta lists, and maybe if we're lucky intentional draws. twitch.tv/facesofderek
  12. So when someone misses out on the cut because their final game went to time with the same number of points destroyed per side and they just happened to not be the lucky random winner of initiative, we're going to get another 40+ page thread with wild speculation, outright falsehoods, and white knighting on behalf of people that have stated how little they care right?
  13. Small Based Ship Only Enhanced Shield Generators At the start of the end phase, if you have no shields remaining, you may recover one shield. 3 points. Stab in the dark mostly, but it seems like it would help a few of them with their survivability problems. Could even remove the "if you have no shields remaining" part but I think that would increase the points by 1.
  14. Zev Senesca was Rogue 2. If we keep dipping into the expanded universe as well, I'd really like to see Shira Brie (Lumiya) in an X-Wing. Though I doubt that ever happens.
  15. I have two local stores that do a LOT to support the X-Wing community here in Kansas City, so I went ahead and pre-ordered a full assortment of Wave 8 from one, and will do so again from the other once they start. Plus the relevant LCG packs that hit in March (or at least AGoT, I have yet to figure out Conquest).
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