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  1. I also see an overemphasis on competition and winning over casual play. The talk about intentional draws, etc. makes it sound more like high-level chess than X-Wing. Part of the issue is that X-Wing has almost entirely competitive events like championships on the local, national, regional, and international levels, with few casual play events such as leagues or prereleases.
  2. I usually use TLT with the Ghost for Triple attack (1 from primary and 2 from TLT). Your thoughts?
  3. I have a Palpatine from my Imperial Raider purchase this Christmas. I also have Imperial Aces, with the TIE Interceptors. I also have Soontir Fel. So, how do I build a Palp Aces build and how does it match up against other meta builds?
  4. Just came back to X-Wing after a 3 month hiatus and I have a few questions: 1. I just go the Star Wars Rebels Ghost ship because I like the show. Is it any good meta-wise? If so, what are some good builds? 2. Any word on Wave 9 or beyond? Last I heard was that there may be a Imperial Veterans pack coming out, but I don't know if it was released yet. I think Wave 8 just came out 3 weeks ago. I'm just a bit concerned because last year and before, we had pretty regular new-Wave announcements. However, we've had none (or maybe one - Imperial Veterans) new Wave announced this year so far. Looks like they may be running out of ships to make, no?
  5. The pegs on my Raider are rather tight, so I just put the pegs in as deep as they would go and let it be.
  6. Yes, I will be getting the Force Awakens core set. The T-70 and FO TIE I'm referring to are the single-ship expansion ones.
  7. Thanks. This is very interesting. I would've thought that the Raider with its regain shields ability and ability to attack twice would be the one who massacres, but apparently it's the other way around. I think I might try the Scenario (e.g. Mission 1, which has Raider + 2 TIE Advanced vs. stuff).
  8. I just got an Imperial Raider. I know there are Epic rules I need to know, such as Energy. However, my gaming buddies and I are wondering how we can best use the Raider so that gameplay most closely matches the regular 100 point standard mode. Would it make sense, for example, for a side to play as Imperials and use the Raider at 100 points and for the other side to play as Rebels and make a 100 point build? Or would that be a massacre for one of the sides? Advice?
  9. I have exactly enough funds remaining in my Christmas budget to get an extra small-based ship. I have narrowed down my decision to the T-70, FO Tie, and TIE Punisher. My collection has at least one of every ship released so far except for Hound's Tooth, Khiraxz Fighter (we don't play scum much), and the Tantive IV. The primary critera is usability. That is, I would prefer to get a ship that is usable in more builds and more situations. Play style wise, I like turrets, followed by groups of 3-4 moderately strong ships (e.g. TIE Interceptors or TIE Phantom + Ints). Swarms are ok. I don't like to play ordinance (except Cannons and Turrets). Your advice on which of the three I should get?
  10. I buy my stuff on Amazon. I doubt they'll cut off Amazon given the sheer size of Amazon's reach and operations.
  11. Are these expansions good, compared to other expansions for the two factions? Also, when's the Ghost coming out?
  12. Wow, the shipping costs are incredible. Put a Force Awakens core set in my cart. Set itself was $20. Shipping was $10+. I like Coolstuffinc, so I'm not a hater, but man is that shipping cost crazy.
  13. I think I will try this sometime. It is similar to the kind of build I was referring to.
  14. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  15. Epsilon Leader's ability reads: "At the start of the Combat phase, remove 1 stress token from each friendly ship at Range 1." Has anyone tried running Epsilon Leader as part of a TIE Swarm, with the TIEs having Push the Limit? Something like this: Epsilon Leader (19 points) 4x Black Squadron Pilot -->Each with Push the Limit 1x Obsidian Squadron Pilot (filler) 100 points exact If so, how was it? Was it fun to play? Was it strong?
  16. Main: Rebel Secondary: Imperials I have a small collection of Scums, but I don't really plan to get any more. I think that Scum are too complicated to play with so many upgrade cards...
  17. IMO Brobots are among the least affected large ship lists. Assuming people's predictions are correct, we'll see more swarms (regular and TLT), and brobots can prevent swarm damage way better than Fat Han/RAC can. I agree. Brobots have good defense. Also, there was one IG-88 that allowed you to recover shields, which would be helpful in avoiding losing 50%+ health.
  18. I just want to make sure I have it correct. Suppose I play Scum against my opponent's fat Han (say ~60 points). Both of us have 100 point builds. We play with standard rules, including today's FAQ. I lose 2 Binayre Pirates (24 points) and nothing else. I did not kill anything but managed to get fat Han down to 5 hull left (i.e. did more than 50% damage to it). Under the new scoring rules, would I win the game as 30>24?
  19. For me (primarily a Rebels and Empire player), I rank them in tiers: Tier 1: Must haves 1x Ghost w/ Phantom - only one that I will get for sure Tier 2: Probably will gets - I will probably get these, but I do have a reservation about each of them. 1x TIE Inquisitor - concern is that it is too similar to other TIEs, such as TIE Fighter, New TIE Fighter, and TIE Advanced 1x Core Set - I don't play competitively, so I will get this provided that the ships inside have been proven to be good for casual play. I also want to see how Episode 7 is received before buying. If Episode 7 is a total dud, I probably won't get this. 1x New X-Wing - see Core Set, I also need to be convinced that this is not too duplicative of existing ships 1x New TIE Fighter - see New X-Wing Tier 3: Probably won't get, unless there's a sale and I somehow grow interested in it 1x Gozanti - I have a Rebel Transport right now that sees 0 play. Not interested in getting another ship that sees 0 play. 1x Jumpmaster - not a fan of Scum 1x Mist Hunter - ditto
  20. Is it true that Gozanti, like Rebel Transport, can't attack?
  21. Is "Cool Hand" a reference to Cool Hand Luke (Skywalker)?
  22. The major counter to BroBots is obstacles because BroBots only have a front arc and have a large base. So, Brobots can't just fly past the obstacles and keep attacking.
  23. So, if they are individual repacks of the new XWing and the new TIE Fighter, will we see new pilots in those repacks? We had new pilots in the individual X-Wing and TIE Fighter packs that did not appear in the old Core Set.
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