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  1. The one who manages the monsters in our group is called the "zookeeper," the tile and app reader is the "architect," and the token person is affectionately called the "token monkey."
  2. The investigator cards and monster tiles are in the conversion kit that came in the core box. Hopefully, you didn't discard the kit.
  3. I was just thinking the exact same thing earlier today. Non-monster scenarios would be a great addition to the game to add variety. I would be up for a physical expansion of just human citizen models (I love the riot models). Could call the boxed set "Denizens of Arkham."
  4. I'm going to be highly optimistic about the direction of this game and future content. With the news that FFG will no longer have the license for GW's IP next year, that gives me great hope that FFG will really focus on the rest of their properties. We know Star Wars is their cash cow, but those games are already supported heavily. I'm very hopeful that going forward, the Arkham IP will get a lot of new quality content.
  5. I'm gonna try and not be insulting, but why is there always "that person" who insists on abandoning all logic and common sense to find a loop hole in a game's rule system. Is it to suck the joy out of other's experience or does it help to reassure one's superior intellect over the game's developer?
  6. I agree the tactic cards add more depth to combat by not leaving resolution in just the "luck of the dice." This game can last 3+ hours and I merely suggest eliminating the tactic cards to shave time off the overall time. Sometimes life doesn't allow for long game sessions and this could be a way to squeeze in a 2 hour game and not take away from the experience.
  7. First off, I have to say I really enjoy the game, but I do agree about the combat being wonky. The rest of the gameplay flows smoothly, but once you resolve combat it seems to bog the game down. This, I believe, is due to the tactic cards. There are enough cards in the game to keep track of and the tactic cards seem to be overkill. I will still play the game as intended; however, I wonder if you want to squeeze in a game that runs closer to 2 hours, just eliminate using the tactic cards. Just roll the dice Risk style.
  8. For those of you who watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," there's an episode where the gang makes up a game (Chardeemacdennis). As long as people don't have to nail the table down before you start playing, you can live with some of the poor choices you've made in games.
  9. The difference I see between the 2 game systems using EU content is in X-wing you could have a game of scum syck fighters and a star viper versus a HWK with e-wings and at fist glance wouldn't be recognizable as being from the Star Wars universe. Empire (especially) and rebel fleets have distinct looks. A VSD is still recognizable as a star destroyer. Never said I was quitting X-wing, just devoting time and money more on Armada as I love the mechanics and look of the game.
  10. I absolutely agree these games have to delve into the EU for more material, but with each new wave you start to lose the heart and soul of Star Wars. I'd prefer adding more to the existing products then releasing obscure ships. The tie fighter hasn't been touched since wave 1 and would be great to have an Aces pack. A book of missions would be great. The games called x-wing and barely anyone uses them anymore (aces pack of rogue squadron would be fantastic). Armada fleets will at least have recognizable ships even when EU source material is used. What empire fleet isn't going to have at least some star destroyer variant?
  11. So...just saw the new wave 7 ships for x-wing. I played x-wing from the beginning and the new wave of ships pretty much helped me decide to devote my time and money to Armada. I enjoy both games but leaned more toward Armada and it's play style. X-wing is stretching too far into EU and turning me off. Probably will still buy 1 of each wave 7 ship to collect, but really losing interest in the game. Anyone else feeling this way?
  12. I for one have hope for GW, but not the present day GW. Let's face it, GW has a very rich background for their fantasy and 40k universes that in the gamer world is as profound as Tolkiens. They produce quality figures, have a large range of books, and make some decent video games. This company is not going belly up, however... I have worked in the retail business for 25 years and I see the signs. GW is doing what all retailers do when they are poising themselves to be sold. Close stores. Check. Cut middle management jobs. Check. Increase prices to get a quick margin. Check. Current CEO step down for a new expendable one. Check. I know a lot of you (myself included) have a lot of anger toward GW, but I think it would be a travesty to see GW products disappear into the void. I say, have hope that within a year GW will be under new management (FFG would be great since they already have product licensing) and will put the consumer first.
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