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  1. Yep, I just finished reading the entire write up on the product page (always a good idea when doing research is to do all of your research) and this is what it says about where to go after playing the beginner game "The Force Awakens Beginner Game makes for an excellent first step into the Star Wars universe, whether you’re a new or veteran roleplayer. You'll find the game's core mechanics presented in a fashion that's easy to learn as you go and that serve to carry you smoothly through the adventure Discovery on Jakku. Still, these are only your first steps, and there is a whole galaxy that you can enjoy. In fact, there are so many ways to enjoy the Star Wars galaxy, that Fantasy Flight Games has created three separate systems, all of which are fully compatible, but that each pursue a different experience within the Star Wars universe". ​So, just like Chimpy said, the seems to be a stand alone product. Still fun though
  2. I completely agree. I think we will have a book that includes all the setting, races, vehicles, ships, weapons, and equipment from The Force Awakens with an amalgam of already established careers and specializations.
  3. I had my players in a situation where an old Hutt advisory had captured them, stripped them of their weapons and gear, and made them fight in an area for his amusement. When they refused to fight each other, the Hutt lord decided to loose a Rathtar at them. So, far, this i the only thing from The Force Awakens that has made it onto my Original Trilogy era campaign.
  4. Thanks guys. This really helps. It makes perfect sense because it never states to "spend" the focus. All I have to do is have it active. Got it!
  5. Hey all, I just picked up the Force Awakens X-Wing Core Set and am loving it. However, possibly (probably) because of my naivety, I am a bit confused about Poe Dameron's special ability. It reads as follows: - "While attacking or defending, if you have a focus token, you may change 1 of your focus results to a hit, or evade result." Am I missing something? Isn't this exactly what a focus token does by default? It allows you to spend it to gain an extra hit or evade?
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