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  1. These are golden! +1 to all.
  2. A new map that connects with the old one.. So maybe a crossover scenario as well.. New bosses and heroes goes without saying...
  3. Thanks Julia and dbott, I checked Amazon.de out but as you say the prices there are just ridiculous, not considering the shipping cost.. FFG prices are decent, dbott, I agree.. but shipping to my country (non-EU) is way too expensive than Amazon's.. Sigh.. I guess I'll just have to wait for Amazon to sort itself out..
  4. Honestly, I am also very frustrated about this 'out of stock' situation. Especially after biting nails for months and months, finally the expansions are out and immediately they are out of stock.. they didn't even hit Amazon which is my (and many non-US gamers') only source for board games. The new 2 expansions hit the stores and similarly they share the same fate with the first two.. I could expect this kind of failure from a new company.. a company that has no idea about demand & supply and hardships of logistics.. but Fantasy Flight Games.. really??? You guys in FFG have done a great job with Runebound 3rd edition, but ALL community comments shared the same voice "Give us expansions!". And yes you did give them... or rather you tried and failed.. This is a huge disappointment for many a gamer like me who have already played the snot out of the base game scenarios and waiting for these expansions like a hungry pack of wolves.. only to play more of the game that we have come to love so much... I sure do hope you can sort this situation soon enough and we can stop pressing "refresh" every 15 minutes.. We want expansions, not expainsions..
  5. Hello. I hate to seem to be grave digging but could someone clarify if the FAQ is coming or not? Last post dates 4 months prior, and then nothing...
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