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  1. Corran Horn is X-Wing Jesus, only his death and resurrection has happened multiple times. I reckon he'll always have a place in the meta.
  2. O ok. Interesting. Well the UK player did themselves proud, time to Ryder Cup this..... But that does mean rooting for Dengaroo. I'm so torn We're still part of Europe! GO DENGAROO! Yeah thanks alot high court judges, lawyers ruin everything. Politics bomb dropped RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
  3. I think the point is that both R4 Agromech and R3-A2 have to be allowed to work or disallowed since they use the same timing. Or if not then the FAQ section on R3-A2 has to be expanded to explain why one works when the other does not.
  4. Predator is always better than Expose because it doesn't take an action, therefore you can either reposition or focus while having an offensive re-roll and you don't lose an agility for the pleasure. It's also one point cheaper.
  5. With Pattern Analyser you should be able to focus + target lock every turn when you're not barrel rolling and that'll be pretty awesome. I wouldn't recommend running a list of only SFs though. The named pilots are good, but I feel like they need backup to perform well. Perhaps a mini swarm?
  6. Both named pilots that come in the Special Forces TIE can easily be made to fit within 32 points, e.g: "Quickdraw" (29) Rage (1) Electronic Baffle (1) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) Special Ops Training (0) Total: 32 "Backdraft" (27) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) Special Ops Training (0) Total: 31
  7. I played Backdraft last night at my league and I'm a big fan of the dial on this particular ship. The first lesson to learn with the TIE/sf is that you don't fly it like a regular TIE regardless of the dial. This is especially the case with Backdraft because you want to be attacking with the Auxiliary Arc. For that purpose, the dial is great because it allows you to go slowly. Having all the 1-Speed manoeuvres is fantastic for keeping people at Range 1 in that rear arc. It's a bizarre experience learning to essentially fly a ship backwards, but it's rewarding once you get the knack and it's a fairly fresh experience for me (I've hardly ever flown the Firespray, for example). And for everyone moaning about it being 'Dead on Arrival,' at least give it a couple of months. Winning builds aren't usually immediately apparent on release, and it takes a while of it being out in the wild for a ship to come into its own. Except the Scyk.
  8. 1. Bandit Squadron Pilot: Watch Paul's 2015 Worlds matches and you'll know why. 2. Dark Curse: Before Omega Leader there was the original infuriating TIE pilot. 3. Tarn Mison: Paired with R7, he's hilariously unkillable. 4. Guri: Great ability, great ship, but let down by her cost and pilot skill. Possibly the best vehicle for Predator or Lone Wolf. 5. Echo: So unpredictable even the player doesn't know where Echo will end up!
  9. Endman

    R3 Astromech

    It's funny I tried three x7 defenders with SD tonight I faced two t-70 aces and two headhunters, I didn't take a single point of damage, it was nasty he had initiative and ps advantage not to mention he took missiles and ept's but I shrugged it all off. I'd say not all generics are sucking . x7 defenders are what happens when you get a proper r3 astro I have to agree with this. If R3 had the x7 ability and was 1 point, the X-Wing would be fixed. As it stands now, you get two free bookmarks in your ARC-170.
  10. From my experience tonight, TLTs chew through them. No Autothrusters means having at least two TLTs in your list will eat them alive, free Evade or no.
  11. My favourite game from Regionals was the one I played against triple Jumpmasters. The guy playing them had a great attitude and we had a lot of fun, mostly involving him bumping into my Z-95s. I eventually ended up losing that game, but it was sufficiently close that I don't mind. My least favourite game was against a guy running two IGs who spent most of the game scowling at the board, said barely a full sentence in the hour it took to play and didn't smile once all day despite coming second overall. Attitude is far more important than list in regards to my view of other players. Jumpmasters and Palpatine might be damaging to meta variety right now, but that's on the game designers, not the players.
  12. I really should try the generics; 23 points gets you a lot of ship.
  13. I took Zuckuss with VI, Title + Tractor and Dengar crew as part of my list to Regionals yesterday and got completely owned by IGs and TLTs. His lack of manoeuvrability (even with barrel roll) combined with his B-Wing durability meant he was first to be eliminated each game. Funnily enough my PS1 Z-95s were complete heroes. Blocks and Feedback Arrays got me far more points than I probably deserved.
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