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  1. Geographical spread is a huge issue for attendance in the US. I live in the 3rd most populous state in the country (FL) and there were 2 regionals within 6 hours of me, and the Atlanta regional which is about 6 hours for me is about 10 hours for those in Miami. I know many players that would love to go to an SOS or multiple regionals but the time/cost/travel make it pretty much impossible.
  2. I've been playing since late 2013 and I've seen the X-Wing community wax and wane in my area. Early on it was very strong then after 2014 a number of players dropped out and we had a slump in 2015. That was when decided to start running monthly tournaments at our LGS, and the past year has seen consistent growth. The LGS I TO at is getting 15+ players for our monthly tournament and this has trickled to the other stores in town with players now looking for more play opportunities. One store had 16 players show up for a Wednesday night tournament last week, which was a huge surprise. I've found over the past year of running X-Wing tourneys that the TO and veteran players really set the tone for the community and make a huge difference in getting new players in the door. I make a special effort to talk to people interested in the game, I've lost count of how many times someone has come up to me during an event to ask questions then bought a core set and some expansions then show up for the tournament the next month, usually with a friend that they learned to play with at home. The funny thing to me is that in the midst of all this doom and gloom on the forum I've watched our player base increase and the demand for more events rise. I know it's tough because every area is different and there's a lot of intricacies to player base dynamics, but one or two enthusiastic players who are willing to give a little time and knowledge to new players can go a long way.
  3. I've watched the live stream coverage from worlds the past 3 years and I would say it has become incrementally better over the years, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. I've worked in live television production for 14 years and could give you a hundred different reasons why it's difficult to put on a top notch production for this type of event. It's similar in a lot of ways to the Oylmpics but in microcosm, multiple events happening at the same time with multiple disciplines that require different commentators who are all experts in the particular event they are covering. So lets be understanding of the fact that FFG is not a live production company, and that replicating the kinds of overlays one competent editor can create for a post produced video on Youtube in real time is considerably more work and man power intensive. No slight to the FFG employees that put the stream together because I think they do a good job considering the circumstances, but they don't have the expertise for this type of production. The optimal way to do this would be to hire a production company to do the event, but that would be incredibly expensive and until Worlds garners enough viewership to pay for production costs I doubt FFG will invest in that. Not to say they couldn't open things up to the podcasters and other live streamers to increase the scope of coverage, which did happen to some degree this year. There are a number of other DIY steps they could take as well, maybe bring in an outside consultant to improve what they do with what they have. I really don't think the Disney approval thing is that big a deal, if they really needed all that Youtubers and live streamers would be getting copyright take downs all the time. Plus they would not have let those other live streams pop up or promote the fact that unaffiliated 3rd party groups would be posting videos in the coming weeks like they did at the end of the stream last night. Frankly I think they encourage all the content created by the players and fans, it probably helps their case for keeping the license with Disney. It proves that they are making popular products that market directly to the core Star Wars fan base. Anyways, my two cents.
  4. And I have a buddy that went to the Florida regional in 2013 and there were about 12
  5. I won the Orlando regional in 2014 with 47 players. I went to 2 store championships before that in Jacksonville with 14 and 12 respectively. Went to 2 Imdaar alphas, one in Orlando with about 22 and one in Jacksonville with 16. Other kit tournaments that year were usually around 10.
  6. For some reason we call Etahn A'baht Boat Eater.
  7. For Jacksonville you can contact the following stores, they all run regular events. I TO the tournaments at Cool Stuff. Cool Stuff Jacksonville Jax Game Center D20 Games St. Augustine Big Daddy Games
  8. Not their fault by the sound of things. Sounds like it was. They didn't turn in the paperwork in time. FFG never streams anything outside their own Game Center. I doubt they even thought to do it, it was probably a third party that wanted to and got denied. Doesn't matter if they don't outside of their Game Center usually or not. They built this thing up and had a vote on what we want to "see" fly and we can't even actually see the ships we picked in action. Total failure. I totally agree with you, I just think there's a misconception about how much FFG actually has to do with streaming events in general. They have benefited greatly from a very active community that has done almost all the work for them. When it comes down to it FFG is a board game company that doesn't have the internal resources to support an actual video production department, so they rely on volunteer support like the local shops that host their events and groups like Team Covenant and Stele Enterprises. What I'm saying is this fail goes much deeper than just this event.
  9. Not their fault by the sound of things. Sounds like it was. They didn't turn in the paperwork in time. FFG never streams anything outside their own Game Center. I doubt they even thought to do it, it was probably a third party that wanted to and got denied.
  10. Wave 7 was announced on April 20th last year, almost 2 months after Wave 6 came out. I bet there will be something in the next couple weeks, maybe May the 4th since they seem to like using that as a promotional tool as well now that Worlds for Star Wars games will be around that date every year now.
  11. R2whistler

    How is it Legal?

    not really. I was just at the other Regional that happened on Saturday. Going into the final round, the standings were: 1. 20 points 2. 18 points 3-11: 15 points 12. 11 points 13-21: 10 points 1st and 2nd could draw, but no one else could. that 11-point player could get to 16, and players 9, 10, and 11 can't draw, because they'll still be behind on tiebreakers. Only someone ranked 3-8, with a 201-point MoV advantage over 12th place could have thought about it, and then only if they were paired against someone else with the same situation. There was only one player in that position, so the only draws were the two undefeated players. It depends greatly on the turnout for an event, events that fall near the top of a round structure limit won't have this problem because there will be too many 1 loss players in the final round. Tournaments near the bottom of a round structure limit will have this problem frequently. TO's and Stores could easily alleviate some of this by capping attendance at certain numbers that prevent them from having 8 X-1 or better players in the last round. Not saying this is the ultimate fix, but within the current rules it could be a good way mitigate this. I don't have a problem with the rule itself, I'm just sad to see what it's doing to this community. I think what everyone really wants is a tournament system that feels fair and competitive, whether it's right or wrong it's undeniably deflating to see the top tables empty in the last round of a tournament.
  12. Lyle Hayhurst: Carnor- PTL, Autothrusters Omega Leader- Comm Relay, Juke Wampa Omicron- Palp
  13. Darwin Schafer: 3x Contract Scout- Deadeye, R4 Agro, Plasma Torp, Extra Munitions, Guidance Chips
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