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  1. IMHO the one product FFG failed on was something for the old timers. Sure, we got conversion kits so our models will be useful, and that's a huge plus. But the kits are missing some crucial items... The new damage deck, the new maneuver templates, and rules. So in addition to a conversion kit or 3, we also need to buy an entire 2.0 core set to get those 3 critical items....along with another X-Wing and 2 more Tie Fighters because 12 is not enough. FFG should have made a 2.0 upgrade pack that has the damage deck, rule book, and templates. A quick 15-20 dollars would have been a good price point considering we wouldn't have to buy a whole core set. So the next issue: I was part of the Destiny #2 set fiasco. It was not much fun being 6 months down on the list for my preorder to arrive playing against all the new hotness with a makeshift 1st edition list (because all that stuff sold out PDQ). That pretty much killed that game for me. So FFG...if you are reading this I hope you have figured out that with every current player likely getting a core set and at least 2 Conversion kits (maybe the same faction, maybe different ones) that is going to be a butt-ton of product going out the door on day 1. I really hope you have taken a hard look at the numbers and are going to produce enough. Imagine the hate mail with half your customer base still waiting for their pre-order to ship when the Tourny season starts and they get shut out because of your failure to provide enough.
  2. Considering that the baseline 15 bucks for a standard blister small ship has not changed since the game began, inflation alone would have added a bit over a dollar to the cost of the ship. So FFGs profit margin has been on a steady decline for 5 years by keeping the cost of the product unchanged. Now add in the extra items your getting in the pack along with the cost of making the model more complex with moving parts (kind of a lame change...most of us are here to fly ships around, not play with tiny fiddly wings that open and close) and upgraded scupts....20 bucks is still pretty reasonable. Especially if FFG intends to keep the price point fixed for the next 5+ years. Note the price of the core set is not going up and at some point all the old players will have their conversion kits and the production and sales of that item will start to reduce...coming to an end at some point likely with some amount of product unsalable since new players will have no use for it.
  3. A title to add crew and maybe a system slot. A squad of bomb y’s with sabine would be different.
  4. 2 of my kids also play tourny level...so triple the number of kits and costs. A quick 300-500+ just to stay legal. I feel like Games Workshop just kicked me in the nuts
  5. Except 2 of my kids play at the tourny level so thats 3x each kit...450-500 to keep us all legal. And to think i left Games Workshop because of this kind of reboot$$$$
  6. kellyj


    Nice to see Arizona get a Regional again.
  7. kellyj


    Comic Quest in SoCal? That store can barely fit 20 people IF they are all anorexic and agree to not move once at their table. Does FFG even ask how big a stores footprint is before making a decision??? (EDIT) I note the listing proclaims a capacity of 100. ROTFLMAO. 100 if you put a ton of tables out in the street in front of the store (which they did in the past for a Store Champs). My bet is the Store TO will shift to an off-site venue (increasing the cost to cover the venue fee??).
  8. Could only make 1 event, but pretty happy. Maz, Rocket Launcher, Fast Hands, Air Superiority were my sweet ones. Got some good secondaries like Garbage'll Do, Diversion, Aftermath, and Outmaneuver. 3 Battlefields: Docking Bay, Maz's Castle, Cargo Hold. (EDIT) Nice promo cards too...does FFG ever plan on including Dice with cards so they can be used?
  9. Really!? You maybe need to find nicer people to play with if that's something you can genuinely envisage happening I think. I have no issues with my local group...but major events will bring people far and wide I don't know and likely will never see again. Who would have ever thought someone would palm cards on video at a Major event in the final round? H3ll, just Google "Cheating in MtG" and you are still getting hits of people cheating at their World Championship events.
  10. Not too happy with the draconian rules in the event someone loses a card or dice during the day....automatic expulsion from the event. I can see an unscrupulous person losing the first match in a 3 match per round event...then swiping a card from his opponents deck while cleaning resetting the table. Then if he's losing in the second round calling a judge that you think their is an issue with your opponents deck. Judge counts cards and see's your playing with 29. Immediate loss and since you can't find your card (safely tucked in your opponents pocket) your out. And after the 40K CCG Finals fiasco we all know TFGs are out their willing to win at any cost. If a guys deck is short or dice is lost AFTER the event starts they should be allowed to continue playing...with the handicap. Now, if a person is found with extra cards in their deck (and no else is short) that would be grounds for expulsion.
  11. I've had success with eKylo/Trooper/Raider mostly because I get to bring Blue, Red, and Yellow upgrades and events. Lightsabers on Raiders. Flamethrower on the Trooper. I even put Grenades on Kylo once. Add to it the extra damage a 3 character list can take (21 points vs 26) and the magnitude of damage drop-off when Jango or Veers dies.
  12. My daughter loves her eJango/eVeers...especially when she can play Infamous when Jango auto-activates (assuming we are reading the card right granting her a second action). Then she taps Crime Lord onto him and if you cant stop her from getting resources your doomed PDQ. Veers with a Gaffi stick is just funny...leaning out of the AT-AT window and poking you in the head.
  13. Areas of SoCal were shorted so bad that prepaid orders could not be completely filled...which means nothing for anyone else even thinking of getting into the game. This reminds me of Armada. A really good game with the big ships with a big rollout...then nothing new for months. And it killed the base support for the game. Essentially, if you were able to get in on the pre-release then your golden. The rest of us now are at the decision point of do we wait an unknown period of more weeks (putting us farther behind the experience curve) or just beg off and watch the game die from lack of new players.
  14. My original Thug Life. Scum Thug (Y wing). Autoblaster Turret. Unhinged Mech. Bomb Loadout. Seismic Charge. Extra munitions. 25 points.
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