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  1. /waves Nottingham, the north end
  2. I'm pretty new to playing, and I did concede one of my early games (3 Academey TIE, 2 Black Squadron, Howlrunner) Vs 2 naked defenders when I had the lone Academy TIE with one hull point left against both defenders minus their shields. A couple of games later and I took same list + Saber Squadron + Tetran cowell up against Biggs + headhunter + Han & Chewie in Falcon. By the time I'd got rid of Biggs + Headhunter I was down to Howlie (undamaged) + damaged Saber... I was tempted to concede but we were both having fun so continued. Falcon won with a single hull point left. (if I'd zagged rather than zigged around the final asteroid, he would have been in arc and I would have shot first and may have won). I wont be conceding any more games.
  3. Hi Gadge, I'm also in Nottingham (arnold), I've seen your posts in the UK Xwing FB page (I'm gravitas pilot on FB), but I could always do with xwing games Simon
  4. I feel your pain. Having just got into this hobby, I'd like to support my local gaming stores and have bought some ships, card sleeves etc from a couple (got to spread the love ). I've had to order the basic TIE Expansion from Amazon though, as none of my local games stores had it, nor could they order it from the distributor. My Imperial fleet was missing Howlrunner and I couldn't wait any longer. I've held off buying Xwing expansion until the reprint though...for now
  5. This pretty much sums it up for me. I've never played other miniature nor tabletop games - it's been PC / console games all the way since Galaxians & ZX Spectrum. My wife bought me the Xwing core set for Christmas coz it said Star Wars on the box - I was a little bit bemused at first, but I love the miniatures themselves, nice and collectable...the fact that the rules seem pretty straightforward, the game is actually such good fun is an added bonus
  6. Gravitas

    Wave 4 UK bundle

    yep, I've realised that Eventually I'll have at least 1 of everything, but aiming to do it gradually. Current plan is about £30-£40 per month, though I've spent double that this month next month will probably be 1 x TIE Bomber, 1 x TIE Interceptor, 1x B Wing...possibly a Ywing too
  7. Gravitas

    Wave 4 UK bundle

    thanks for that, as I'm just getting into this game I was trying to restrict my initial spending (second core set + TIE Advanced already on their way to me)....but now have one of each of the wave 4 ships also on their way to me too
  8. Nah, we didn't have time for a real game, with a bit of planning we may be able to do one next time
  9. One of the photo's from this past weekend, behind the scenes at the National Space Centre, UK
  10. I've not played any tourneys, my wife bought me the Core set for Christmas & we've only played a few games of the quick start rules as my wife isn't in to 'complexities' HoweverI was trooping at a large Star Wars event at the weekend and we spotted that Rebel Legion was fielding a X wing pilot, so a couple of us brought some sets for a photo op...time & space was a little tight but I'll stick a couple of pics up when I get a copy...2 TIE pilots Vs 1 X wing pilot, all in full costume... We were winning, obviously The photo op & chatting to the other guys about the game has ended up with me registering here after drooling over expansion sets. Got to find someone local (Nottingham, UK) to play now
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